Josh Chandler | August 10, 2022

3 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab

When to Consider a Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab

Deciding to go to drug or alcohol rehab is an important decision in any person’s life. Many people recognize pretty quickly that they need help when it comes to working through their substance abuse issues. However, many more take years to come to this point. Here are some signs that you should consider working through an alcohol rehab: 

  • Once you start drinking, you cannot stop. 
  • Your health is suffering as a result of your drinking 
  • You have put your job at risk, or you have lost your job due to your substance abuse 
  • You have lost relationships with friends and family members 

If you are a loved one concerned about a friend or family member, it’s important to remember that you can never force that person into a substance abuse program. Keep in mind that there are certain things that you can do to help them. For instance, you can reach out to Muse Treatment Center and learn what you can do to put together an intervention for your loved one. 

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What to Ask When Choosing an Alcohol Rehab

Regardless of whether you have worked through an addiction treatment program at a different rehab facility or this is your first time attempting an alcohol or drug treatment program, there are many questions you or your loved ones may have regarding detox and residential treatment. Here are just a few examples of questions that you may have regarding treatment in Los Angeles: 

Do you offer detox residential treatment programs? 

Although not every rehab facility provides the options for detox residential treatment, Muse Treatment Center provides this necessary form of treatment. Whether you live in Los Angeles, California, or San Bernardino, we will work quickly to coordinate your treatment plan when you reach out to our treatment team for help. 

Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment? 

In some cases, issues with substance abuse and drug addiction or alcohol addiction go hand in hand with some form of mental illness. If you’re suffering from a mental health issue, a dual diagnosis treatment plan can provide you with the addiction resources you need to work through the factors of both your mental health and addiction.

Do you offer any outpatient treatment in Los Angeles? 

At Muse, we strive to develop options for a drug rehab in Los Angeles that suits the needs of any individual. Therefore, we offer outpatient treatment for clients that may have work or school responsibilities and may simply not feel comfortable with committing to an inpatient rehab plan. Similar to inpatient treatment programs, outpatient programs can last anywhere between 30 and 90 days. If your work or school schedule changes during your treatment plan, our team will help you adjust your recovery program accordingly. 

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Muse Treatment Center’s Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab

At one of the best addiction treatment centers in Los Angeles, California, we offer specialized substance abuse treatment program options that will provide you with the unique level of care needed when you’re ready to work through your drug or alcohol addiction. Whether you work through inpatient rehab or an intensive outpatient program, you can take comfort in the fact that we will provide you with customized treatment plans to help you enjoy life sober. For more information about the options you have for alcohol or drug treatment and what Muse Addiction Treatment Center provides, please contact us at (800) 426-1818

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