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Addiction Treatment Center in Arcadia

Best Detox and Rehab Center for Addiction in Arcadia, CA

Muse is the best Arcadia addiction treatment center for several reasons. We are a California-based drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation center, accredited by the Joint Commission and offering a wide variety of treatments in a customizable program. We integrate a wide range of treatments in a holistic program that helps the body, mind, and spirit heal from the effects of addiction.

Our evidence-based treatments have been scientifically proven to be effective, while behavioral health care, group therapy, family therapy, educational programs, mindfulness practices, art therapy, life skill programs, dual diagnosis treatments, and twelve-step integration provide each patient with a variety of treatment options. This combination of mental health care, counseling, holistic healing, community support, and medical care will help each person to regain their sense of self, their sense of community, and their spiritual and emotional health.

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Why Choose Muse?

Choosing Muse will provide you with the entire continuum of care, leading from detox through your customized inpatient and/or outpatient rehabilitation program near Arcadia and onward into long-term aftercare. This means that once you join us and our caring team of doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other addiction treatment professionals, you will be cared for and never left alone with your addiction again. We are here to help you 24/7, for as long as you need, with caring and non-judgmental support tailored to match your individual needs. We can help you stop using drugs and alcohol, heal the underlying causes of addiction, and return to your life stronger, healthier, and more confident in yourself than ever before.

Alcohol Detox Program

Detoxing from alcohol is an important first step for anybody who has been drinking for a long time, drinking in large amounts, or who has experienced withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit or cut back. At Muse Treatment, we have a safe, effective medical detox program for addiction that will help you stay safe and comfortable as your body rebalances itself and purges the toxins from your system. We incorporate 24-hour medical care, prescription medications, mental health care, counseling, and holistic treatments into alcohol detox to give you the best possible outcome without having to endure painful or distressing withdrawal symptoms. Our team will work together to get you through this sometimes-difficult part of addiction treatment, helping you rest and regain your health so you can begin your rehabilitation program clear-headed and unburdened by anxiety, discomfort, or cravings.

Drug Detox Program

Like our alcohol detox program at our addiction treatment center near Arcadia, our drug detox program incorporates medications, therapy, holistic treatment, mental health care, and more in a 24-hour inpatient facility designed for your comfort and safety. We customize each person’s detox program to suit their needs best because everybody is unique, and each type of drug also produces its own set of withdrawal symptoms and health challenges that need to be met individually. Our team aims to ensure you feel secure, supported, and safe without discomfort or drug cravings.

For some substances including opioid drugs and prescription painkiller medications, we offer a medication-assisted treatment plan which provides FDA-approved maintenance doses of medications that do not produce a high but mimic the effects of opioids in the body to remove painful and distressing withdrawal symptoms. These medications may include methadone, suboxone, or naltrexone and are provided regularly by a doctor, with the dose gradually tapering down over a long period, often months or even years. MAT programs are much more effective than a cold-turkey method, especially for opioid drugs that can have serious effects on a person’s brain chemistry. This method has been proven very effective in helping patients achieve their recovery goals as they slowly taper off their physical dependence on the substance.

Alcohol Rehab in Arcadia, CA

Our alcohol rehab program at Muse is customized to each patient. Some people who have completed their alcohol detox may still require medical care or psychological treatments, while others will feel clear-headed and ready to begin taking the next steps toward sober living. There are different types of rehab, depending on your comfort level, practical needs, and the levels of care your doctors recommend.

Starting treatment with a stay in our inpatient residential rehab program is often recommended, as it will give you a safe, sober environment with structured living that will start you out on the right foot. You will stay inside the treatment center, learn healthy habits, eat wholesome foods, begin an exercise program, and have full days of therapy, groups, educational programming, and holistic treatments like mindfulness or art therapy. Staying in an inpatient setting will give you the opportunity to re-learn who you are as a person, take back control over your own life, and rebuild your physical and mental strength before returning home.

Some people will also transition directly into an outpatient treatment plan or move from inpatient into outpatient care as a step down into less-structured care. Outpatient rehab takes place inside the treatment center, but you live at home or in a sober living home and come in for care, therapy, support groups, and more during scheduled appointments or drop-in times. Outpatient rehab is a good place to stay immersed in the sober culture, with strong support from peers and professionals alike. At Muse, we offer different levels of outpatient rehab, with partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and customized outpatient treatment, and long-term aftercare. Your level of care will match your level of need, ensuring you always have sufficient support and somewhere to turn.

Addiction Treatment Center Arcadia

Drug Rehab in Arcadia, CA

Like alcohol rehab, drug rehab can be provided, inpatient or outpatient. During drug rehab, your treatments will be customized not only to work on the physical and mental health issues that the different types of drugs can cause but also to meet your unique needs as a person. We strive to provide person-first care, never treating you as “an addict” but getting to know you as an individual. You will have access to evidence-based therapy, medical care, peer support groups, and a wide variety of treatments designed to address social, behavioral, psychological, emotional, and physical health issues. You will have all the care and support you need to start the next chapter of your life as an individual in recovery.

Click here to call Muse Addiction Treatment Center today. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide answers and begin the admissions process. Call (800) 426-1818.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Treatment costs vary depending on a number of factors, including whether you require inpatient detoxification and prescription medications, whether you stay in our inpatient rehab facilities or opt for outpatient care, how long you are in treatment and the types of therapies you receive. Your out-of-pocket costs will also depend on whether you have health insurance and what your individual insurance plan will cover. Some also have copays or deductibles that must be met before kicking in. If you are trying to figure out how much you will have to pay to go to rehab, please call us at Muse Arcadia addiction treatment center now. After speaking with you, we may be able to give you an idea of how much the treatment plans may cost and what your insurance will or will not cover. We aim to make the process simple and easy to understand so that you can make an informed decision about the next steps you want to take.

How Long Is Detox?

Detox is a process that is unique to every individual. It depends on the types of substances you have been using, as well as how long you were using them, and biological/genetic factors that vary from person to person. Withdrawal symptoms will often start within just a few hours or days after your last use, and they can last between 5 to 14 days on average. Some drugs, like benzodiazepines and opioids, can also have rebound symptoms that can return or remain present for weeks or even months after your initial detox period. In this case, longer-term tapering programs and medication-assisted treatment plans may be offered as you begin your second phase of treatment: rehabilitation.

How Long Is Rehab?

Your time spent in rehab completely depends on your needs. For some, a short stay in inpatient detox followed by a 30-day intensive outpatient treatment may be all that is required. Others who have co-occur mental or physical health issues or a severe long-term addiction may be better off staying in inpatient treatment for 90 days and entering a partial hospitalization program before moving into an intensive outpatient program.

At Muse, your treatment is based on your health care needs, recovery goals, living situation at home, support system, budget, practical requirements, and comfort level. We will work with you to determine which treatment types will best suit your unique situation so you get the best possible treatment and care in an individualized program tailored to your needs.

Short-Term Rehab (30 Days)

Short-term inpatient rehab lasts a few weeks to one month and is often followed by an outpatient treatment plan or aftercare to ensure that your transition back to normal life goes smoothly, with strong support for as long as you need it. Spending a full 30 days away from your usual routines, stresses, and temptations will be long enough to help create healthy habits and give you the space away from things to gain perspective on life. You will have intensive therapy, group sessions, education, and counseling daily while being monitored by medical and mental health professionals. Inpatient treatment, even for just one month can make all the difference in many people’s long-term success in sobriety.

Long-Term Rehab (60-90 Days)

While at an Arcadia addiction treatment center, long-term rehab is considered anywhere from 60 to 90 days, and sometimes longer depending on the individual. A longer treatment plan is often recommended to anyone receiving dual diagnosis treatment for a co-occurring mental health condition, people who have been using more than one substance for a long time, and anyone who does not feel ready to return home after short-term treatment is complete.

In long-term rehab, you will have plenty of time to address the underlying social, emotional, behavioral, and psychological issues that have led to substance abuse. The longer you spend living inside a residential treatment center, the less likely it is that relapse will occur, especially if you remain dedicated to attending support group meetings and outpatient treatments once your time in inpatient care is over.

Couples Rehab

When one or both partners in a relationship are actively using drugs or alcohol, it can not only cause health and social problems for each partner on their own, but it can also negatively affect your relationship with one another. A couple’s addiction treatment is a specialized type of treatment plan that can help both partners to overcome addiction and start to heal the underlying issues contributing to substance abuse.

Along with evidence-based therapies and high-quality medical care, couple’s rehab also incorporates couple’s therapy, so you can work on your relationship’s health together and learn to become each other’s support system. You will gain expert knowledge on issues like relapse, codependency, and enabling behaviors, and you will gain new communication skills and healthy habits you can work on together. You will be able to strengthen your relationship as you enter recovery together.

Pet-Friendly Rehab

Deciding to go to inpatient detox and rehab can be difficult, not only because it is an emotionally strenuous time but also because there are many practical considerations to consider. It can feel overwhelming to have to prepay your bills, take time off work, and prepare for weeks or even months away from home. This stress is much more so when you have a pet who counts on you. Some people are fortunate and have a friend or family member who can take their animal in, but not everybody has this option. Rather than having this become an obstacle that gets in the way of your ability to seek drug or alcohol treatment, at Muse, we allow pets on a case-by-case basis. If you are considering rehab but cannot leave your furry friend behind, we may be able to accept your pet into our treatment center and take that worry off of your plate.

Click here to call Muse Addiction Treatment Center today. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide answers and begin the admissions process. Call (800) 426-1818.

Short-term inpatient rehab lasts a few weeks to one month and is often followed by an outpatient treatment plan or aftercare to ensure that your transition back to normal life goes smoothly, with strong support for as long as you need it.

Yes, for many people, insurance will cover some or all of their time spent in our Arcadia addiction treatment center. In the United States, addiction and mental health care are considered essential and covered by health insurance. Each insurance company is unique in what they will and will not pay for, with some covering all costs of inpatient detox and rehab plans, along with long-term outpatient and aftercare, while others only partially cover the costs. Some will pay for medications while others do not, and some will have time limits on how many months they will cover before you have to pay out of pocket.

If you are unsure what your health insurance coverage will pay for rehab, you can speak to an insurance representative to ask them or call our team at Muse. We have plenty of experience with all kinds of insurance questions and are happy to help you figure out your next move. We can also work with your coverage to build a treatment plan that will suit your provider, so more of your treatment will be paid for by insurance. Give us a call to find out more. We are happy to help.

Recovery-Friendly Attractions Near Arcadia

Visit the Los Angeles County Arboretum

301 N Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

Arcadia is a place known for its beautiful neighborhoods and peaceful living, with plenty of green space, so it is no wonder we consider the Arboretum a top pick for places to visit. It is an approximately 40-minute walk to do the entire, moderately challenging route, but the recommended time to spend inside is 3 to 4 hours so that you can take in the wide variety of plants and flowers. If you enjoy nature, gardens, or nice peaceful walks, this is the place for you. They also host concerts, classes, and educational seminars so there is something for everybody.

Take the Best Selfies of Your Life at the PartyWith Museum

400 S Baldwin Ave Store 2005, 400 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

This immersive pop-up museum has over 20 installations to enjoy, offering colorfully-lit dreamscapes and runways, along with a crew of professional photographers to capture your best moments and make you look most photogenic. You can also rent Polaroid cameras to snap your own pics inside the experience. Get creative!

Game like You’ve Never Gamed Before at DreamLab Gaming

1023 S Baldwin Ave, Arcadia, CA 91007

DreamLab Technologies is a LAN center that has been around for over 20 years, offering affordable esports and gaming rental spaces that get you out of the house and into the high-tech lounge of your dreams. It is only $20 for 10 hours or $100 for 65 hours straight of gaming. Go ahead and immerse yourself in the digital world. They also offer 3D printing and scanning services and plenty of learning programs about 3D modeling, live streaming, graphic design, game development, esports, and more.

Arcadia, CA, Neighborhoods We Serve

  • Santa Anita
  • Vista Monte
  • Hope
  • Highland Oaks
  • Northview
  • Baldwin Stocker
  • Lower Rancho

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