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What to Know About Alcohol Rehab: Los Angeles Addiction Treatment

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles: When It’s Time to Get Help

Alcohol consumption can often feel like a normal part of American culture as it is present in many traditions, celebrations, and in mainstream media. However, the truth is that approximately 14.4 million adults in the United States currently live with an active addiction to alcohol. Although many will have thoughts about quitting their alcohol consumption, there are often questions about whether you need the support of an addiction treatment program to address and heal from your alcoholism. If your use of alcohol has begun to impact your day-to-day lifestyle often resulting in negative consequences within your work, school, family, and personal life, it is a good indicator that your use of alcohol has become a concern and could benefit from the support of a Los Angeles alcohol rehab program.

Alcohol is a powerful substance that can create strong physical dependencies within its users. This physical dependence can make it challenging for individuals to quit alcohol on their own as it results in severe withdrawal symptoms that should be monitored by healthcare professionals to ensure their overall health and safety. An addiction treatment program will offer you comprehensive treatment options that will support you in healing from your alcohol addiction within your body, mind, and spirit.

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Does Insurance Cover Alcohol Rehab in Los Angeles?

Before beginning alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, there are often questions about the cost of rehab and if insurance can cover the costs of your addiction treatment program. Most treatment centers will accept major insurance providers and before you prepare to begin your recovery program, you can contact the treatment facility to inquire about insurance coverage to identify how much of the cost of your recovery program will be covered. At Muse treatment centers, our team will support you in exploring the coverage that is offered by your insurance provider and offers payment options for any remaining costs to ensure that you can start your recovery process when you are ready to do so without having to worry about your financial stability.

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles vs. Outpatient Alcohol Rehab

You can choose to participate in different levels of care for alcohol rehab, offering varying levels of intensive support and supervision. Patients can choose to participate in an inpatient rehab program inviting them to reside within the treatment center to complete their individualized treatment program. An inpatient treatment program offers patients a safe environment that is free of any outside distractions or temptations allowing them to fully engage in their recovery process and begin establishing a new way of life in addiction recovery with the support of addiction therapists. Patients in an inpatient rehab program will have a structured daily routine of individual or group therapy sessions, physical exercise, holistic treatments, and social or recreational activities that will all work to foster healing, personal growth, and developing a new lifestyle in addiction recovery.

An outpatient rehab program is often a great stepping stone for individuals that are completing inpatient rehab as it allows for continued therapeutic support as you navigate your new life in addiction recovery. Outpatient is also an opportunity for patients seeking support within a treatment program but unable to put their life on hold to enter into an inpatient rehab program for an extended period of time as it allows a flexible treatment plan that works within your current schedule. Patients can choose between an intensive outpatient program (IOP) or a partial hospitalization program (PHP) that offers varying levels of care and treatment schedules. During outpatient treatment, patients will visit the recovery center to undergo addiction therapy sessions while having the ability to return home each night to their loved ones. There are benefits to outpatient rehab such as maintaining work or school commitments and having ongoing therapeutic support as you establish a life in addiction recovery and continue to develop the tools for relapse prevention and overcoming triggers with the ongoing support of addiction therapists.

How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Take?

Each person that is living with alcoholism will have their own unique history of alcohol abuse and addiction that will require a personalized approach to addiction treatment and healing. Often, the first step in alcohol rehab will be to undergo alcohol detox first to rid your body of the physical dependency that has been established on alcohol over the course of your alcohol addiction. After completing alcohol detox which will typically take 7 to 10 days depending on your specific history with alcohol abuse, you will be ready to begin your alcohol rehab program. Patients will have the opportunity to choose from a short-term rehab program of 30 days or long-term alcohol rehab programs for a period of 60 or 90 days. You must allow yourself the time you need to safely and thoroughly address your history of addiction and explore the root causes of your addiction to increase your chances of maintaining long-term alcohol addiction recovery.

How Common Is Relapse After Alcohol Rehab?

You may have heard the saying that relapse is part of the recovery process. While it is not the case for every person in addiction recovery, it does happen to individuals after completing alcohol rehab with nearly 30% of people who have completed alcohol rehab facing relapse. It is important to remember that a relapse doesn’t mean that you aren’t serious about your recovery or that you have done something wrong. It is a learning opportunity to explore what tools or supports you can put in place to help you overcome triggers in the future. After experiencing a relapse, reach out for support within a treatment center and attend addiction therapy sessions where you can identify what was going on for you physically, emotionally, or spiritually before your relapse and begin to establish coping skills and strategies that you can put in place that will help you safely overcome triggers in the future.

Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab: What’s the Next Step After Rehab?

After completing your alcohol rehab program, there are continued supports available that will work to increase your chances of success in maintaining addiction recovery. Patients will be encouraged to participate in aftercare programs such as continued addiction therapy, 12-step recovery programs, alumni programs, or other recovery support groups that will help them establish a community of support around them that will be there with them as they navigate early addiction recovery. Aftercare is essential to your recovery process as it helps you evaluate your lifestyle and supports to ensure that they are effective and conducive to maintaining your recovery, health, and wellness. No matter how long you have been in sobriety, life will still have challenges and you must be surrounded by meaningful support and programs that will help you overcome triggers or difficulties while remaining true to your goals of living in alcohol addiction treatment recovery.

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles: Muse Offers a Top Alcohol Rehab Program

At Muse Treatment Center, we believe in your capacity to obtain long-term addiction recovery and understand that your addiction progressed over time which requires long-term support for you to effectively heal while developing a new foundation in life that fosters sobriety. Our whole-person integrated approach to healing offers you the opportunity to explore the impacts that alcohol addiction has had when your life and provide you with leading evidence-based therapy methods to help you heal from your past addiction and embark on a new path towards healing, personal growth, and long-term sobriety. Call our compassionate team at (800) 426-1818 today to explore our various levels of care for alcohol rehab and begin your road to recovery.

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