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Art Therapy for Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Art therapy is a type of alternative treatment modality that has been employed to enhance the recovery process for many different behavioral health and mental health conditions, including substance use disorders. Although medically traditional therapies like psychotherapy tend to form the core of the best substance abuse programs, alternative therapies can greatly complement the recovery process at a California drug rehab. For many people who are uncomfortable with talk therapy, this can play an important role in their treatment plan.

Muse Treatment offers evidence-based (medically traditional) treatments and many alternative, holistic therapies. Collectively, our treatment approaches target each aspect of substance addiction. Some clients respond better to certain medicines, and that’s normal. We’ve developed programming that includes options and customized treatment so that all clients get the support they need to achieve their recovery goals.

Muse Treatment offers comprehensive treatment programs, including inpatient plans, outpatient plans, medical detox, and aftercare. Our highly skilled clinicians can provide medication-assisted treatment and dual diagnosis treatment for those who need it. Muse Treatment clinicians are licensed and experienced. We treat each client with dignity and respect. We put our expertise to work for clients, tailoring treatment and holistic addiction therapy in Los Angeles to suit their needs.

A drug or alcohol addiction is a serious chronic condition. More than 22 million people have a substance use disorder. But these conditions can be managed with abstinence — and treatment. Our clients can use our amenities and healing environment during treatment at Muse Treatment. We can help you develop the skills and strategies to avoid relapse and keep your recovery on track. 


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Understanding Art Therapy in Drug Rehabilitation

Art therapy is an alternative treatment that supports recovery and effective condition management for many disorders, including substance addiction and post-traumatic stress disorder. During this treatment, the focus is on nonverbal expression through various art mediums like painting. The act of creating can promote improved mindfulness, focus, and healing. It isn’t necessarily for art-inclined people. A person doesn’t have to have a certain skill set in art to participate and reap the benefits of this therapeutic approach. 

The Benefits of Art Therapy for Addiction Recovery

There are many benefits associated with this therapy for addiction recovery. The first benefit is that this therapeutic approach provides clients with an alternative to forms of talk therapy. Not all clients feel comfortable or confident with verbal communication. It can be difficult for people to express powerful emotions that govern their addictions, for instance, in words. This therapy allows them to express their feelings and thoughts through art, which can be highly therapeutic.

Another benefit is that it is not reliant on artistic talent or a particular skill level. Anyone can participate in this type of therapy. Other benefits associated with this therapy include reduced stress and anxiety and the release of painful emotions in a stable setting. 

Art Therapy Techniques Used in Drug Rehab

Art therapists employ different techniques to manage therapy settings. Sessions are designed to help clients learn and explore insights about themselves. Therapists help participants make connections to art and its various mediums. Just as cognitive-behavioral therapy, a common form of psychotherapy, helps clients develop improved coping strategies, art therapy can, too. During therapy sessions, participants can expect to view and create art. Although it is not a cure for substance addiction, it can help clients manage their disorder and improve their ability to cope with their triggers to abuse drugs or alcohol as well as their stress.

The Role of Art Therapy in Group and Individual Sessions

Art therapy lends itself well to both group and individual therapy sessions. During group sessions, therapists will encourage peer support while instructing clients on methods of artistic expression and specific aspects of their projects. During individual sessions, therapists can work closely with clients to focus on their individual needs and recovery goals. Both types of sessions can be helpful for the recovery process. Expect to participate in therapies offered individually and in groups at Muse Treatment.

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Combining Art Therapy With Other Rehabilitative Treatments

At Muse Treatment, this offering is often combined with other treatment modalities to provide clients with a robust recovery foundation. Muse Treatment offers clients a wide range of therapeutic options and services. Clients can expect to participate in evidence-based therapies like psychotherapy, alternative therapies, and holistic therapies like mindfulness and nutrition. All of these therapeutic approaches target different aspects of substance addiction and recovery. 

Some clients prefer art therapy, while others prefer evidence-based or holistic therapies. This is typical. However, we’re happy to provide clients with many different treatment modalities to ensure they can access the best treatments suited to their needs and preferences.

Finding Art Therapy Services for Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Since it is an alternative treatment, it’s not offered at all substance abuse treatment centers. Even though the therapy has grown in popularity as a rehab treatment and is supported by evidence denoting its effectiveness, it isn’t an option at many Los Angeles rehab centers. Fortunately, you can access art therapy services in Los Angeles at Muse Treatment. Our experienced professionals treat all clients with empathy and expertise. 

Muse Treatment is renowned for our focus on whole-person health. We don’t just treat substance addiction. We treat the mind, body, and spirit. That’s why we combine medically traditional evidence-based therapies with alternative and holistic treatments. Our rehab center features ultra-comfortable spaces and furnishings. Our amenities complement the rehab program. Whether you require a high degree of support in inpatient therapy or less intensive but helpful support during outpatient therapy, we can help. 


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Muse Treatment’s Integration of Art Therapy in Recovery Programs

Holistic programs like this can enhance substance addiction recovery. You can enroll for this and other substance abuse treatments at Muse Treatment. We know that it can feel daunting to enroll in treatment and end your dependence on drugs and alcohol. However, even if you’ve been addicted for years, you can achieve lasting recovery. 

Contact Muse Treatment to learn more about our recovery plans. We individualize treatment plans to make sure each client gets the support they need. Let our skilled clinicians help you achieve your recovery goals and progress toward greater stability and improved well-being. Our comprehensive treatment programs offer clients support where they need it most. Our inpatient and outpatient drug rehab treatment plans are led by experienced clinicians specializing in addiction treatment. 

Muse Treatment is proud to accept many different insurance plans. Our insurance specialists can help you determine the amount of coverage your plan entitles you to. We can also advise you about other financial options that may be right for you. Muse Treatment clinicians can evaluate your condition carefully to recommend the ideal treatment. Art therapy can be part of your individualized treatment plan. Contact us online or call 800-426-1818 to learn more about our enrollment process and treatment programs. We can help you achieve lasting recovery and put drugs and alcohol behind you for good.

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