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Best Alcohol Detox in Beverly Hills

How to Find the Best Alcohol Detox in Beverly Hills

Seeking alcohol detox in Beverly Hills is a monumental first step in reclaiming your life from alcohol addiction. Across the nation, statistics on alcohol abuse are among the highest of any substance. Due to its easy access and social acceptance, alcohol is widely used and present in various situations. We live in a world where drinking is the norm and often encouraged. As a result, its ability to take over our lives can go unnoticed.

At Muse Treatment Center, we are dedicated to helping you find the best alcohol detox in Beverly Hills. We will support you every step of the way and are confident that our team can guide you through the full continuum of care. Alcohol detox allows you to embark on the journey of meeting your favorite version of yourself.

When it comes to finding the best alcohol detox programs in Beverly Hills, you will be met with plenty of options. Though there is no shortage of support, it is important to be informed and selective during this process. As you begin your research, you should consider what you wish to achieve with an alcohol detox and the accommodations you may want or need. Some considerations might include:

  • Cost: Seeking a detox center that is within your price range and will allow for you to be fully committed to the process without the stress of finances.
  • Facility: Looking for facilities that value the comfort and safety of their patients while considering what both of those elements look like for you in particular.
  • Location: This may vary depending on preference. Some individuals prefer to be closer to home—friends, and family- while others prefer to completely remove themselves from their surroundings.
  • Staff: It will be crucial to feel supported by the staff during detox. This does not only refer to comfortability or compatibility with staff members, it also entails proper staff-to-patient ratios and accessibility to consistent care.
  • Specialization: Some detox centers will specialize in specific areas related to various substances and may offer services for pregnant persons or holistic treatment services.

Alcohol detox programs at Muse are not only dedicated to the medical detox itself, we are committed to providing you with a safe space to heal your mind, body, and spirit. We offer affordable treatment plans for individuals and couples, provide a compassionate and comfortable environment, and are pet-friendly too.

Why Do You Need Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox is highly recommended for individuals seeking long-lasting changes to their lifestyle. It not only rids the body of alcohol, but it also builds a foundation for an alcohol-free life. Removing alcohol from one’s life is not only a difficult process but can also be dangerous. Though people can detox from alcohol alone, this is not always possible.

If you are questioning whether alcohol detox is right for you, ask yourself these questions:

What happens to my body when I stop drinking?

Whether it is one night out, a dinner with friends, or a weekend bender, ask yourself how your body feels when you stop drinking. Are you constantly drained of energy, battling headaches, or dehydrated beyond belief? Our bodies are important messengers, and whether it is one drink or ten drinks, it will send you a message.

How frequently do I drink?

When considering the frequency of alcohol consumption, is it only on weekends, a small amount every day, or only on occasion? Many people may not know how frequently they drink because it has become a part of their routine. While it may be okay to have drinks occasionally, how often are the occasions?

How much am I drinking when I do drink?

Alcohol abuse is most often recognized through the frequency of consumption. This is not the only factor to consider. Do you binge drink? When you drink on the weekends is it only 1-2 drinks, or are you drinking until complete intoxication? Do you experience blackouts when you drink? Does this happen every time you drink? Quantity of consumption, even if only once or twice a week, is a major factor when considering alcohol detox.

Am I ready to stop drinking?

This may be the most important question to ask yourself. Alcohol detox is a difficult yet rewarding process and should be pursued if you are truly ready to stop drinking and make a change. You will not only need the motivation and strength to withstand physical withdrawal symptoms, but it will also be essential for psychological symptoms too. Are you ready?

Alcohol is a substance that is present in our everyday lives, it is nearly impossible to avoid and will need to be faced quite often. Alcohol detox programs in Beverly Hills not only recognize its presence, but they also work to provide you with strategies and skills to combat it.

At Muse, we recognize that alcohol detox is merely the Kickstarter to a sober life. With access to the full continuum of care, we not only provide detox to the body, but we also go above and beyond to provide you with the skills and tools you need to be successful on your own.

Click here to call Muse Addiction Center today. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide answers and begin the admissions process. Call (800) 426-1818.

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detox is when alcohol or drugs are removed from the body in a safe, monitored environment. In terms of alcohol detox, experiences will vary based on frequency and quantity of use. Though it is important to note that alcohol detox is among the most life-threatening. Moderate to severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms will be both physical and psychological requiring consistent care and support.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Mood changes
  • Gastrointestinal disturbances
  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased blood pressure or heart rate
  • Hyperthermia
  • Rapid abnormal breathing
  • Hallucinations
  • Seizures
  • Tremors or shakes

By committing to an alcohol detox program at Muse, you will receive attentive, around-the-clock service to ensure your detox is handled with care.

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Will My Insurance Cover Alcohol Detox?

Many people fear the cost of alcohol detox in Beverly Hills. It can be perceived as a barrier to recovery when it doesn’t need to be. Health insurance companies typically cover the cost of alcohol detox—fully or partially.

With growing awareness of alcohol abuse and recognition of the complexities that surround it, insurance companies understand that alcohol detox is a medical service necessary for individuals to heal. If you are unsure how much coverage your insurance plan provides, contact your health insurance company for more information.

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Get Help for Your Alcohol Addiction at Muse Treatment Center

At Muse Treatment Center, we are proud to provide everything you need to address and attack your alcohol addiction. We don’t just want to help you detox from alcohol, we want to welcome you back to yourself and the life you deserve.

We understand that this process can be intimidating and will have moments of doubt and hesitation. The staff at Muse are highly trained and dedicated professionals who want you to succeed. We recognize that every individual’s story is different and believe that with our shared knowledge and experiences we can help you succeed. Regardless of what brought you to Muse, we are happy to have you here. Please call us at (800) 426-1818 to learn more today.

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