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Best Alcohol Detox in Beverly Hills

Best Beverly Hills Alcohol Detox Program

If you’ve been struggling with a drinking problem, you’ve probably tried to stop drinking on your own. Maybe you even succeeded for a day or two, only to succumb to the pain of the withdrawal symptoms that inevitably followed. The difficulty of alcohol detox is well known, which makes finding an excellent alcohol detox in Beverly Hills imperative.

For Beverly Hills residents who are ready to reclaim their sobriety, there is a gentler and more comfortable type of alcohol detox, one that prioritizes safety and provides ongoing medical support. If you’re ready to seek alcohol detox in Beverly Hills to be successful, there are options at your disposal.

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The Importance of Medical Detox for Alcohol Addiction

If you want to get sober and stay that way, quality alcohol detox in Beverly Hills is a vital first step on the road to a better life. Detox cleanses your body of its toxins, setting you up for success in everything that follows.

When you work with Muse Treatment, your alcohol detox in Beverly Hills does not have to be painful, and you will have our full support throughout the entire process. Our medical team will be there to monitor you from the moment you walk through our doors to the moment you move on and move back home to Beverly Hills.

What to Expect in Alcohol Detox

Not knowing what to expect during alcohol detox in Beverly Hills can always be difficult, and we want you to be prepared for your alcohol detox experience. When you work with Muse Treatment to reclaim your sobriety, we will evaluate your carefully, using the results of our medical examination to design an alcohol rehab program tailored to your needs.

If you are ready to tackle addiction and get sober, we are here to help, and all it takes is a simple phone call. So pick up the phone and give us a call today – a better and more profound life is available today.

How Long Does Alcohol Detox Last?

Alcohol detox can be difficult at times, but the actual process is relatively short. You can expect the peak of your withdrawal symptoms to happen within a few days of your last drink, and you will have the full support of the medical team when that happens.

Over the next few days, the remaining withdrawal symptoms you feel should slowly begin to subside, allowing your body to start to heal and set you up for the next step on your road to sobriety. Whether you have tried to detox from alcohol on your own before or not, we will provide the tools you need to succeed this time.

What Medications Are Used in Alcohol Detox?

Making detox more comfortable is one of the things Muse Treatment does best, and we accomplish that vital goal in several different ways. During your detox journey, we may use medications like benzodiazepines to ease the pain you feel and reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms, giving your body the time it needs to heal and allowing you to be successful in your quest for a sober life.

What Happens After Alcohol Detox?

Getting sober is one thing, but staying sober can be even more difficult. What happens after alcohol detox will be just as critical, if not more so, than what happened while you were in active withdrawal.

When you work with the staff at Muse Treatment, we will provide ongoing support and aftercare. Our patients have access to our exclusive alumni association, connections with 12-step programs throughout the Beverly Hills area, and everything else you need to take your life back and be successful in your sobriety. Call us today at (800) 426-1818 to learn more about how our alcohol detox in Beverly Hills can provide the recovery you need.

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Josh Chandler
Josh Chandler
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