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Beverly Hills Alcohol Rehab Center

Beverly Hills Alcohol Rehab Center: What to Know about Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol is sold seemingly everywhere–from the supermarket to the little corner cafe. It’s so much a part of the culture, that we often forget just how dangerous it can be. There are more than 15 million people who are struggling with alcoholism today. Alcoholism, or alcohol addiction, is a chronic substance use disorder and is often progressive without treatment at a Beverly Hills alcohol rehab center.

Muse Treatment offers top-tier alcohol addiction treatment for residents of Beverly Hills. Our alcohol detox and rehab programs are clinically driven and individualized. Some people struggle with an alcohol use disorder for years. Imagine walking into Muse Treatment and taking your first step toward recovery. We offer inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment programs. Our clinicians also treat dual diagnosis for individuals who also have a mental health disorder in addition to their addiction.

Alcoholism doesn’t get better without help; a mountain of scientific evidence suggests it gets worse. Only you can gauge just how it has affected you–your health, job, relationships, and day-to-day life. If you want to break free from the grip of alcohol, let Muse help you transform your life for the better at our alcohol rehab center Beverly Hills residents can access.

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When Drinking Becomes a Problem

One doesn’t have to be addicted to alcohol to know that drinking can be problematic. A single night of excessive drinking can impact a person’s health and other aspects of their life. Someone with an alcohol use disorder, however, can’t simply say, ‘I better not drink that much next time.’ The condition is fueled by a powerful compulsion to drink despite its negative consequences.

There are, of course, some unmistakable signs that should alert you that your drinking has become a problem:

  • You’ve experienced blackouts after drinking
  • You’ve experienced memory lapses while drinking (you can’t remember what you did while drinking)
  • You’re unable to limit the amount of alcohol you drink
  • You’ve engaged in risky behaviors while drinking such as driving
  • Your drinking has affected your job
  • Your drinking is harming your family
  • You think about drinking every day
  • You lie about your drinking
  • You’ve tried to stop drinking but couldn’t
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink
  • You’re suffering from health problems related to drinking

Many people with problems like these related to their drinking want to stop using alcohol but find it difficult–even impossible. It may feel impossible, but it’s not. We’ve asked thousands of people addicted to alcohol and drugs to put their trust in our alcohol rehab center Beverly Hills residents can access, and they’ve not been disappointed with the result. We can help you manage your addiction too and end your alcohol dependence.

Beverly Hills Alcohol Rehab Centers

Who Is Alcohol Rehab For?

Alcohol rehab treatment is for people from all walks of life. Alcoholism affects people of every socioeconomic class, every race, every religion, and every nationality. It does not discriminate, nor does our Beverly Hills alcohol rehab center. What you’ll find at our rehab is a positive culture of support. We nurture a healthful environment that is conducive to physical and emotional wellness. Everyone who wants help managing their alcoholism is welcome at Muse.

Although many people may think that a person has to be addicted to enroll in alcohol treatment, that’s not always the case. Some people who abuse alcohol but are not addicted enroll in treatment. Alcohol rehab is for anyone who is experiencing problems with drinking. Whether you’re concerned that your drinking is becoming problematic or if you are suffering from alcohol addiction, you can get help from our Beverly Hills alcohol rehab center.

Beverly Hills alcohol rehab center: How to Get Ready for Treatment

To get ready for alcohol addiction rehab, there are a few general tasks that most people find helpful. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Not everyone has a pet that requires care or someone to pick up their mail. The following, however, is a list of tips that may help you get ready for alcohol addiction treatment:

  • Find someone to take care of your pet or water your plants
  • Find someone to pick up your mail
  • Pay your bills for the month or ask someone to send in your payments while you’re away
  • Let a trusted family member know where you’ll be
  • Let your work know that you’re getting treatment for your health problem
  • Pack items that you’ll need in rehab such as comfortable clothes and reading material for downtime
  • Pack identification and insurance cards
  • Pack prescription medications you’re currently taking

Some people prefer to bring along a journal and photos of loved ones. Muse can recommend items that you should and should not bring to rehab. Some items–anything containing alcohol–should not be brought to rehab.

Tips to Make the Most Out of Alcohol Rehab

Alcohol rehab is an investment in your health. To make the most of the experience, use the following tips:

Come with an open mind

Alcohol is a depressant and can very much impact a person’s outlook. Try to come to rehab with an open mind. You may feel like recovery is impossible at the start, but with an open mind, you will find new possibilities awaiting you.


We ask that clients participate as much as possible during their therapy sessions. By sharing with your therapists or your peer group during group therapy sessions, you can get crucial feedback to help you along your recovery journey. By supporting other clients, you contribute to our supportive, healing environment that is so conducive to everyone’s recovery experience.

Be honest

Rehab is a safe place where you can be transparent. Being honest with yourself and our clinicians is an opportunity that you give yourself to grow in a healthier direction. We’re here to help–not to judge.

Leave distractions at home

Entering rehab allows you to immerse yourself in your therapy–and that’s precisely what someone suffering from alcoholism needs to do. Treatment is a top priority. Leave distractions at home. You can contend with them later–and more effectively–when you have grown in stability and can better manage your alcohol addiction.

Set goals

Rehab involves a lot of therapy–but there is also downtime, time to rest, relax, and contemplate. Use your downtime to make goals for your new, sober life. Goal setting is a healthful part of rehab; your therapists can help you create actionable plans to achieve those goals.

Don’t give up

Make a promise to yourself that you won’t give up. Even if you get angry, frustrated, or sad, continue your recovery journey. Obstacles and negative emotions are part of the recovery path. Contending them without alcohol is the key to successfully managing your addiction.

Call Muse Treatment Today to Find the Best Alcohol Rehab Center Near Beverly Hills

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