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Beverly Hills Top Rated Drug Rehab

Find the Best Drug Rehab in Beverly Hills

With top industry accreditation and enthusiastic testimonials from clients, Muse Treatment offers top-rated drug rehab in Beverly Hills. Muse uses leading-edge treatment programs to help people find new lives after struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. If you are seeking such help for yourself or a loved one, take the opportunity to educate yourself about the different kinds of care available.

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A visit to Muse Treatment will show you that it’s the best drug rehab in Beverly Hills. Programs are customized to the individual because each person experiences addiction in their own individual way. Treatment doesn’t stop at the initial recovery but continues with follow-up and after-care, because true sobriety requires lifetime vigilance. Muse is certified by the Joint Commission, a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 organization that accredits more than 22,000 U.S. health care organizations and programs. 

How to Find a Drug Rehab with Lasting Results

Many different addiction treatment programs are available, so it’s important to carefully sort through your options. Look at these elements to decide if the center is a good fit:

  • Type of substances treated: Can the center address your substance issue?
  • Insurance: The center should be able to tell you if your policy covers the treatment you need.
  • Certifications and credentials: Is the center recognized by any healthcare organizations? What are the staff’s credentials?
  • Mission: Ask for the facility’s philosophy of care. Does it line up with your needs and values
  • After-care: Does the center offer continuing care to help you live a sober life, or will you just be cut loose to fend for yourself?
  • Mental and physical health: Current thinking holds that addiction may be just a symptom of a deeper emotional or psychological condition. Ask if the center makes that a treatment option.
  • Location: Once you leave residential care, will you be able to attend outpatient sessions if they are recommended?
  • Amenities: Drug rehab is not a punishment and you do not deserve to undergo treatment in a shabby environment. It doesn’t have to be luxurious, but it should be comfortable and welcoming.

Outpatient Drug Rehab in Beverly Hills

Outpatient rehab is a non-residential option for people in recovery who have completed residential care or cannot take the time for live-in treatment. It allows them to continue going to work or school while undergoing treatment. In addition, Muse offers an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that helps clients withstand the stress that can lead them back to substance abuse when they leave the center.

IOP Drug Rehab Beverly Hills

The Muse IOP Rehab Center’s mental health and addiction treatment is designed to maintain long-term recovery. The goal is to equip clients to live successfully in the world beyond treatment. Sessions focus on helping the client build positive coping skills for when stress threatens to derail their recovery. Topics explored in educational groups include anger management, communication skill, stress reduction and relapse prevention.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Beverly Hills

At the Muse Los Angeles Inpatient Rehab Center, clients can focus on their recovery without the stress of the outside world, so they become stronger before they have to face it and live in it again. Programs have two main facets: therapy and discovery, and relapse prevention and education.

MAT Drug Rehab Beverly Hills

Drug and alcohol detox, the initial cleansing period that prepares the body for treatment, can be a physically brutal process. Muse offers several medically supervised therapies to ease the process of detoxing from drugs, including opioids, anxiety medications, painkillers and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Supervision is crucial because the medications used in treatment can be highly addictive themselves.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Beverly Hills

Alcohol or drug dependence isn’t always an addict’s only disorder. Often, the addiction is just a symptom of an underlying emotional or mental condition, which itself may be the result of physical or psychological trauma earlier in life. This is called a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder, often overlooked when it could be the condition that most needs to be addressed. Otherwise, even when the addiction is resolved, the depression or anxiety remains.

Addiction Therapist in Beverly Hills

Your addiction therapist at Muse Treatment will assess your needs to determine whether you need dual-diagnosis treatment and what other kinds of therapy could benefit you. But you will take an active role in your recovery. Treatment at Muse is a collaboration between you and your addiction therapist, who will look at your complete experience and recommend strategies for addiction recovery and relapse prevention. Whether you need special support during rehab or couples drug rehab is the right option for you, we will help you get into the right program.  

Prescription Drug Rehab Beverly Hills

The list of addictive substances has expanded far beyond illicit recreational drugs like cocaine and heroin. It now includes medications prescribed for pain, like Oxycodone and Oxycontin; and depression and anxiety drugs such as Xanax, Ativan and Ambien. Eliminating dependence on these substances often requires medical supervision and cognitive therapy that addresses the client’s thinking and behavior while helping them build positive coping mechanisms. Getting help for prescription drug addiction is so important for full, lasting recovery.

After Care for Drug Rehab

After-care is essential; addiction may go away, but life’s challenges remain. Muse’s tools for maintaining long-term sobriety include follow-up therapy sessions, 12 Step meetings, maintenance treatments and post-recovery treatment plans. In addition, clients can connect in a supportive alumni network and affiliated sober living homes.

Drug Rehab Beverly Hills at Muse Treatment

The customized, evidence-based programs at Muse Treatment have succeeded for many who enroll after years of struggle. Muse has had tremendous success in achieving long-lasting sobriety. Customization means treatment plans are designed to fit your past experiences and future goals, as well as your current lifestyle. The highly experienced, compassionate staff provides emotional support and expert help.

To find help with addiction for yourself or a loved one, contact Muse at (800) 426-1818.

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