Josh Chandler | September 26, 2022

Can Benzo Withdrawal Be Fatal?

Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms From Mild to Severe

One of the confounding things about the detox process is the fact that symptoms of benzodiazepine withdrawal impact every person differently. It’s impossible to tell exactly which symptoms you will experience as well as the length and severity of them. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to partner with a medical detox center such as the one available through Muse Treatment Center to oversee your withdrawal from benzodiazepines. Examples of mild and severe withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Muscle pain
  • Seizures
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Panic attacks

To avoid these adverse effects from withdrawal, it’s strongly recommended that you connect with a drug detox specialist who can walk you through the detox process. Remember, you must disclose the full extent of your addiction so our team can work quickly and efficiently to get you the help you need through detox and during your formal treatment program.

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Can You Die From Benzo Withdrawal?

One of the questions we commonly receive from loved ones is whether or not withdrawal can be fatal. The reality is that there is always the possibility that withdrawal can be fatal, which is why it’s never recommended that you attempt to go through the detox process on your own. Since it’s impossible to predict the withdrawal symptoms you may experience at this stage of your recovery, reaching out to one of the local detox centers is your best option.

can Benzo withdrawal be fatal

When Do Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms Start?

On average, you can expect benzos to set in within just a few hours from the last time you took your benzo of choice. Therefore, you must connect with an addiction treatment center as soon as possible to ensure you get the immediate help and care you need. Overall, you will need to spend at least one week in a drug detox program, with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms peaking within the first three days of your time in detox. After that point, you will be able to follow up and take advantage of an addiction treatment program which will help you to identify the root cause of your addiction and begin to recover from it.

The Safest Way to Quit Benzos

It would help if you never went through the benzodiazepine withdrawal process alone. The safest way to work through your benzodiazepine addiction and withdrawal syndrome is to go to drug detox and engage in the around-the-clock help that their treatment team will offer. If you decide to work with Muse Treatment Center, you can take comfort in the fact that our Benzo and Xanax detox team will closely monitor the signs of benzodiazepine withdrawal. We will also provide you with the care and treatment that you need so that you don’t experience serious adverse effects and possibilities of withdrawal syndrome.

How Muse Can Help

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