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Chemical Dependency Treatment Sacramento

Addiction Treatment in Sacramento

When it comes to drug or alcohol addiction, people often use various terms interchangeably to describe addiction. Although many drug rehab centers will use the term substance use disorder to describe an addiction to substances like opioids or alcohol, others might use terms like chemical dependency or substance addiction to imply the same thing. There are some differences, however, that are important to note when it comes to using these terms and when enrolling in chemical dependency treatment in Sacramento.

Chemical dependency refers to the physical dependence a person can develop in association with alcohol or a prescription or illicit drug. This dependency may or may not involve psychological or behavioral dependencies. If the individual is psychologically and behaviorally dependent on drugs or alcohol, they can be diagnosed with an addiction, also referred to as a substance use disorder.

Clinicians at Muse Treatment make these important distinctions to provide clients with individualized drug and alcohol treatment that’s tailored to each client’s needs. Dependence on a drug at any level is treatable and important to treat. If you find that you can’t stop using drugs or alcohol, you can get help at Muse Treatment.

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Overcome Addiction in California

Musement Treatment is a leading California addiction rehab that offers chemical dependency treatment in Sacramento. We are a Joint Commission-accredited treatment center staffed by credentialed clinicians whose expertise is matched only by their empathetic care and dedication to providing individualized care to each client. Today, fortunately, various treatment paths lead to addiction recovery. Whether you need/prefer inpatient or outpatient treatment, Muse can help.

In addition to our residential and outpatient rehab programs near Sacramento, Muse features highly integrated treatments and therapies. What does this mean? It means that our programs are based on scientifically validated treatments supported by the medical community as safe and effective for treating substance use disorders. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is an evidence-based therapy that promotes long-term addiction recovery.

We enhance our conventional addiction therapies with holistic treatments that are known to support recovery as well. Together, our therapies treat the mind, body, and spirit. This interdisciplinary approach allows clients to build a strong recovery foundation designed to support their healthier, alcohol and drug-free life.

How Does Chemical Dependency Treatment Work?

At Muse, the chemical dependency treatment and addiction treatment are individualized. For example, Muse features clinically supervised detox, but not every client who enrolls in our treatment programs needs medical drug detox near Sacramento. Similarly, not all patients will need dual diagnosis treatment to address a co-occurring mental health problem, but some will. Some clients can benefit from medication-assisted treatment, but others may not.

We begin our treatment process with a careful evaluation to determine the best treatment course for each person. Whether enrolled in an inpatient or outpatient drug rehab, clients can expect an individualized experience throughout their program. They can also expect to participate in individual treatment sessions and group therapies associated with various treatment approaches.

Clients will work with our clinicians during addiction treatment to reach their recovery milestones. As they progress through their program, they’ll begin to grow in stability and their ability to manage their triggers to use drugs or alcohol. Our treatments have a strong relapse prevention component, but they also address the many different ways that addiction impacts a person’s mental and physical health, family, relationships, and other important elements of their life. Our treatment programs focus on repairing the damage addiction has caused and helping clients achieve their long-term recovery goals.

Chemical Dependency Treatment in Sacramento CA

Inpatient vs Outpatient Rehab for Chemical Dependency Treatment in Sacramento

Our rehab center is often asked, what’s better–inpatient or outpatient treatment? Generally, the answer depends on where a person is in their recovery journey and how much support they need. Inpatient treatment provides the highest degree of support. At Muse, clients can expect 24-hour support, nutritious chef-prepared meals, and access to many other amenities. Inpatient treatment is ideal for many clients just beginning their recovery journey. It also allows them to focus on their treatments without distractions.

Outpatient rehab treatment is ideal for clients who are stable enough to attend their rehab sessions according to schedule and refrain from using alcohol or drugs. These programs are often ideal for people who want to continue to work or maintain other responsibilities. Although they provide less support than an inpatient program, they’re often a great fit for people who have progressed toward recovery, have a supportive home environment, or need support as they transition from inpatient rehab back to their lives.

What to Look for in a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Center

As you search for a California rehab center that treats Sacramento residents, be sure to choose a reputable rehab like Muse that is:


To achieve accreditation, addiction treatment centers must meet the high standards of the accrediting body, which in our case, is the Joint Commission International Quality Approval. To maintain our accreditation, we are routinely scrutinized by the Joint Commission to ensure we meet and–in our case–exceed basic accreditation requirements.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Alcohol and drug addiction don’t just impact your body. It impacts your family. It affects your job. It impacts how you think about yourself and your future. It touches every important aspect of your life. That’s why Muse offers integrated treatments that address all of these different factors. We help clients build up their health with nutrition. We help them find ways to manage stress whether it stems from home or relationships. We help them address past trauma or practice relapse prevention techniques. We provide well-rounded support through evidence-based and holistic treatments that lead to positive transformation.

Full Continuum of Individualized Care

Finally, look for a rehab that provides a full continuum of care like Muse. Along with our rehab partner network, we can provide inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, medical detox, sober living, and more. Each program is individualized so that clients get the support they need to put their addiction behind them.

Will Insurance Cover Treatment for Chemical Dependency?

Paying for alcohol or drug addiction treatment is a concern for people searching for chemical dependency treatment in Sacramento. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, most medical insurers now provide at least a minimum threshold of substance abuse treatment and mental health treatment coverage. The great news is that many insurance carriers far exceed the minimum requirements for coverage.

How much your insurance plan covers will depend on who your insurance company is and what type of insurance plan you have. Must Treatment is pleased to accept a wide range of insurance plans. If you want to enroll in substance abuse treatment, contact us and we discuss your insurance coverage. Our enrollment team includes insurance specialists who can quickly help you determine how much coverage you can expect from your insurance carrier. Along with our network rehab partners, we’ve streamlined our enrollment process to ensure clients can enter treatment as soon as possible to begin their recovery.

Muse Offers the Best Chemical Dependency Treatment for Sacramento Residents

If you need chemical dependency treatment in Sacramento, contact Muse to begin our enrollment process or to learn more about our rehab programs. We’re proud to feature many treatment options to help clients with different budgets afford rehab or their out-of-pocket treatment portion. Our rehab is safe, ultra-comfortable, and staffed by addiction specialists who care about helping each client achieve recovery success. Our treatment principles include support, transition, action, resolve, and transformation. Visit us or call (800) 426-1818 to learn how these principles can help you build a framework for lasting addiction recovery.

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