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Cocaine and its Effect on the Brain, Heart and Central Nervous System

How Cocaine Affects the Body

Cocaine has always had a reputation as a “party drug,” popularized by Hollywood celebrities who make it seem like harmless fun to snort the white powder. But the effects of cocaine are far from harmless. It can profoundly damage the brain, heart, and central nervous system (CNS), can cause headaches, paralysis, heart attacks, and stroke. Cocaine’s often devastating effects on the body should quickly change your mind about the sexy, glamorous reputation of cocaine in all its forms.

As with all substance use disorders, cocaine users are drawn to the pleasurable feelings they get from ingesting the drug. Users feel a highly enjoyable burst of energy and alertness when consuming the drug, most commonly by snorting, smoking, or injecting it.

The more you use cocaine, the more likely you are to feel several physical and emotional problems. The risk is even more insidious because as use increases, so does the user’s tolerance – so it takes more of the drug to feel good, which increases the risk of physical damage even more.

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Effects of Cocaine on the Brain

Cocaine use can cause mental and emotional health problems, including depression. This is caused by the brain’s production of dopamine, the so-called “feel good” hormone, and it makes the user feel so good they want to keep coming back for more.

When the user cuts off the brain’s supply of dopamine, serious depression can result. Continued use can lead to hallucinations, restlessness, and paranoia. For those already at risk, long-term use increases the likelihood of developing schizophrenia. Habitual use of cocaine also can change the chemistry of the brain, which comes to rely on the artificial stimulation it provides as you continue consuming the drug. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, consider seeking alcohol rehab treatment in Beverly Hills to start the journey to recovery.

Effects of Cocaine on the Heart

Cocaine is a stimulant, which raises blood pressure and reduces blood flow to the brain. At best, the user may suffer severe headaches; at worst, blood clots can form, leading to a stroke. Prolonged use can increase the risk of coronary artery disease, which causes narrowing of blood cells from plaque buildup. Persistent elevation of blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack and stroke; habitual users are more likely to have an irregular heartbeat.

Effects of Cocaine on the Central Nervous System

The brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system, which controls bodily functions like movement and brain activity such as memory, speech, and learning. Habitual cocaine use can impair the nervous system, leading to headaches, muscle weakness, paralysis, and cognitive difficulties, including confusion, speech problems, and impaired vision. The user may experience sleep problems and loss of smell.

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