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Culver City Top Rated Alcohol Detox

The Best Culver City Alcohol Detox

The first step when treating alcohol addiction is to quit drinking. Every treatment regimen to do with alcohol should be supervised by a qualified alcohol detox specialist to ensure you remain safe and avoid as much discomfort as possible.

Withdrawal symptoms can become severe with alcohol detox, depending on several factors, including:

  • How long you have been drinking
  • The quantity and the frequency of the drinking
  • If you were mixing the alcohol with other drugs

During our medical detox program, you will be monitored by our team of clinical staff to ensure no severe withdrawal symptoms occur, with medication options to ensure you remain as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

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At Muse’s top-rated Culver City alcohol detox center, you will detox in a comfortable home-like environment, with a full-sized bed and a TV in your room. During intake, our team will screen you for medical and mental health problems so we can create the best possible treatment program for your unique needs, including a dual diagnosis if necessary. We will review your history of drug use and your current level of addiction so we can create a realistic long-term recovery plan that will best work for you.

What to Look for in a Top Rated Culver City Alcohol Detox

When entering a detox center, some of the important things to look for include:

  • A medical detox program administered by clinical and mental health professionals
  • Access to dual diagnosis treatment for mental illness
  • A clear transition into a rehab program that is customized to your needs
  • Staff who truly care about helping you, with experience in addiction

Signs of Alcohol Dependence

You may require professional help to stop drinking if you display any of the following signs:

  • Being unable to stop drinking or cut back without withdrawal symptoms occurring
  • Craving alcohol when it’s not around
  • Drinking alone, drinking in the morning, and feeling guilty about your drinking
  • Prioritizing drinking over other activities that you used to enjoy
  • Drinking even when you know it will cause family, health, or financial problems

These are not the only signs of addiction, but they are common issues that come up for people with drinking problems.

Alcohol Detox and Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawing from alcohol can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause many people to give up if they do not have the proper, professional support to go on. General symptoms may include:

  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Heart palpitations
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • High blood pressure
  • Confusion
  • Tremors
  • Excessive sweating

The biggest issue with detoxing is that your symptoms can escalate without warning and can turn into delirium tremens, a group of symptoms including hallucinations, high fever, heart issues, hypersensitivity, agitation, and emotional distress, and seizures. These symptoms may become life-threatening if they are not treated by medical professionals.

At Culver City’s top-rated alcohol detox center, we offer a medical detox program that can get you through detox safely, without needlessly suffering through painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

The Importance of Going to a Medical Alcohol Detox in Culver City

When you enroll in our Culver City alcohol detox program, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that medical professionals will be watching over your progress 24 hours per day and are just outside your door if you need anything, day or night.

Our staff is non-judgmental and empathetic and will treat you with the respect you deserve. Many of our staff members are in recovery from addiction themselves, so they understand what it’s like. We will ensure you do not have severe withdrawal symptoms, and we will keep you safe as you detox from alcohol under our care.

What Happens After Alcohol Detox

At Muse, we begin treatment for mental illness, providing behavioral therapy and counseling while you are still detoxing to get the process of getting to the root of your addiction started as soon as possible.

The therapy and counseling will continue into one of our inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation programs, followed by extended aftercare treatment, sober living, and alumni programs that can last for as long as you need. Our “whole patient” approach has been proven to improve your chances of long-term sustained recovery.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Detox in Culver City

At Muse, we support all levels of care, with every step completed in the same place, so you do not have to change health care providers or transfer to a new location as you move through your program. We will customize your care plan to improve your chances of living a happier, self-directed life without dependence on alcohol. Contact our team today to learn more about medical detox, alcohol rehab, and dual diagnosis programs.  To learn more call (800) 426-1818 to speak with a treatment specialist anytime 24/7.

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