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How Dalmane is a Part of Medication-Assisted Treatment

Dalmane is a brand-name drug that’s used to treat insomnia. Like the generic form, flurazepam, it is a benzodiazepine that is frequently featured as part of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) during the clinically supervised detox process. During detox, withdrawal symptoms can be powerful and unpleasant, so clinicians at Muse Treatment often prescribe medications to eliminate (when possible) or reduce these unpleasant symptoms so that clients can get rest as their bodies get rid of drug or alcohol toxins. 

The detox process is necessary for people who have developed a dependency or addiction to a substance like a prescription drug, illicit drug, or alcohol. Muse Treatment offers a comprehensive range of rehab programs, including medical detox. Our programs include residential/inpatient treatment, outpatient rehab, and aftercare. We also provide medication-assisted treatment (both short and long-term) and dual diagnosis treatment. 

At Muse Treatment, clients can expect personalized treatment plans based on the most effective treatment modalities, including evidence-based therapies (those sanctioned and clinically studied by the medical community), alternative therapies, and holistic addiction therapy. Together, these therapeutic approaches help clients build a solid foundation for their recovery. 

If you are struggling to rest during the medical detox process or suffering from insomnia, you might be prescribed Dalmane, a drug that supports sleep. Our Los Angeles drug rehab center offers a recovery-friendly environment where we promote comfort and healing. Substance addiction may be a chronic condition, but it can be managed successfully with abstinence. We can help you get and stay sober with our innovative treatment solutions and comprehensive recovery programming. 

Too often, people put off treatment. Making major lifestyle changes can feel overwhelming, and the discomfort associated with early recovery can be daunting. At Muse Treatment, we prioritize our clients’ comfort. We can treat drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms to greatly reduce the discomfort so that clients can safely complete detox and move their recovery process forward. Let us help you take that all-important recovery journey to protect your health, future, and everything important to you. 


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What is Dalmane?

Dalmane is a prescription benzodiazepine medication. A sedative-hypnotic, it produces a calming effect on the brain that is primarily prescribed to treat insomnia. Because of the addictive potential of benzodiazepines, this medication is typically intended for short-term use — about two weeks. However, for a situation like medical detox, which lasts between four and ten days (usually), the medication can be extremely useful for patients who have insomnia, which can be a common symptom of withdrawal.


Role of Dalmane in Medication-Assisted Treatment

Dalmane can play an important role in medication-assisted treatment for many people who are recovering from a substance use disorder. Common withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, restlessness, and anxiety can cause considerable discomfort. It is a long-acting benzo that can relieve these symptoms so patients feel calm, more relaxed, and able to rest. Rest is important for the detox recovery process. The mind and body can begin to heal as the alcohol or drug toxins are removed from the body. Rest enhances the healing process. At Muse Treatment, our clinicians may prescribe this medication for clients who have symptoms for which it’s appropriate. 


How Dalmane Helps with Withdrawal Symptoms

Dalmane can relieve withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, restlessness, agitation, and anxiety. Because it is a benzodiazepine, it is not usually prescribed to people in rehab for more than two weeks. Benzodiazepine drugs are associated with a risk for dependence and addiction. However, in the short term, when taken as directed, patients are less likely to develop a dependence on the medication. As a long-acting central nervous system depressant, this medication can help patients feel calmer so they can get the rest they need to support their early recovery journey. 


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Dalmane and Dual Diagnosis

About one-third of people who have substance use disorder like an alcohol addiction also have a mental health disorder such as anxiety. Dalmane may be prescribed as part of dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles, particularly at the beginning of treatment when patients tend to be at their most unstable. It isn’t usually prescribed beyond two weeks, but it can help clients rest and develop a healthy sleep pattern during that time. It can calm agitation and anxiety, too. If you have a dual diagnosis, your clinicians may find that this treatment is ideal for you if you are struggling to sleep and feel nervous or anxious. Expect it to help you relax. 


Potential Risks and Side Effects

Dalmane, like other benzodiazepines, is not without risks. It can cause side effects, and it can be abused. Common side effects of its use include:

  • Dry mouth.
  • Headache.
  • Lightheadedness.
  • Nausea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Constipation.

Because Dalmane can cause drowsiness, users may be unable to drive or operate equipment safely. Elderly patients may feel impaired when using this medication and have trouble with their daily activities. 

There is also a risk of developing a dependency on this medication. Clients in rehab are vulnerable to addictive substances, so clinicians will monitor this drug’s use closely and, typically, avoid prescribing it beyond a week or two. A person can develop a full-blown addiction to Dalmane, too. If you begin to build a tolerance to it and your dose no longer works as well as previously, don’t increase it. Consult with your clinician, who may choose to change your medication rather than increase the dose. 


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Combining Dalmane with Other Therapies

Dalmane is not a cure for detox or substance addiction. It can merely treat symptoms associated with withdrawal and dual diagnosis, but such treatment can make a tremendous difference to patients when they’re in extreme discomfort because of agitation or insomnia.

Medication-assisted treatment with drugs like Dalmane is most effective when combined with other substance abuse treatments. Of course, during medical detox, patients may not feel up to attending therapy sessions, but holistic treatments may enhance their detox recovery process, especially when they complement medication-assisted treatment. Holistic therapies support whole-person health — mental and physical health. Treatments like mindfulness and nutrition can help the recovery process. Medication-assisted treatment may also be prescribed during other phases of the recovery process, depending on the person’s needs. 


Muse Treatment’s Approach to Using Dalmane in MAT

Muse Treatment is well known for its comprehensive treatment programs. We can meet you at any place in your recovery journey. If you need medical detox, you can rely on us. We also feature inpatient and outpatient rehab programs and aftercare programming. No matter what level of support you need, you can find it at Muse Treatment.

Our rehab center features a caring, welcoming, and safe environment. We treat people from all walks of life, and clients can expect to be treated with dignity and respect throughout their treatment process. 

Call Muse Treatment at 800-426-1818 or contact us online to discuss our treatment programs, medication-assisted treatment, and the enrollment process. We accept many different insurance plans and offer various financial options that we can discuss when you call. Don’t wait to get help. Substance addiction can erode your mental and physical health. Few people can manage an addiction without treatment. By enrolling in an inpatient or outpatient program, you can get the professional support you need to achieve lasting recovery. Call today.


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