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The Dangers of Nang Addiction

If you’re experiencing a nang addiction, there are steps you can take to end your dependence on this drug. Nang is also known by other common terms such as laughing gas, whippets, and N2O. Formally known as nitrous oxide, nang is employed in dental offices to sedate patients in need of minor dental procedures. However, this drug is also abused because of the pleasurable but short-lived high it produces when inhaled. 

A nang addiction can prove serious with its health risks and potentially adverse effects. You can get help managing an addiction to nitrous oxide by contacting Muse Treatment for help. Our rehab center is known for its high-quality rehab treatment programs. We treat all forms of substance abuse and addiction. Our licensed clinicians rely on multiple treatment approaches to help clients manage their substance addiction. 

At Muse Treatment, clients will find a welcoming rehab center designed with recovery and comfort in mind. We feature many amenities and a relaxing environment where clients can focus on their recovery journey. Muse Treatment offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment with programs that include inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, aftercare, and clinically supervised detox. We can provide dual diagnosis treatment for people who have a mental illness along with a substance use disorder. We also offer medication-assisted treatment for clients who can benefit from this type of therapy. 

Our Los Angeles drug rehab center is known for its individualized treatment programs and focus on whole-person health. Substance addiction can affect many different aspects of a person’s life and health. Our treatment programs include evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, alternative treatment like art therapy, and holistic therapies like mindfulness and nutrition. Combined, these treatments help each client build a strong recovery foundation. 

Inhalants like nitrous oxide can harm your health, and it’s even more dangerous when combined with alcohol or other drugs. If you are engaged in abusing nang or other substances, you should contact us to get the help you need to end your pattern of substance abuse for good. 


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What Are Nangs?

Sometimes known as hippie crack, nangs refer to balloons filled with nitrous oxide often found at music festivals. Nitrous oxide delivers a euphoric high, but it’s very short-lived. It is medically classified as a dissociative anesthetic most commonly used by dentists when performing minor dental procedures. Its euphoric effects have resulted in its nickname: laughing gas.

Nang is dangerous for several reasons. First, inhaling too much can cause adverse health effects — even death. Nang is particularly risky when inhaled straight from tanks. Users often fill balloons from the tank and then inhale from the balloon so that the gas is warmer and features more normalized pressure. Faulty tanks can also cause injuries to users, too. Using too much of this drug or taking it habitually can cause adverse health effects like memory loss and lung injury. 

How Nang Addiction Develops

An addiction to nang can develop when a person first creates tolerance to the drug and then increases their dose. Taking high doses over a period of time can pave the path to addiction. A nang addiction can be serious. Trying to quit cold turkey can result in discomforting withdrawal symptoms. The best way to manage an addiction to nitrous oxide is to visit a rehab center like Muse Treatment, where you can undergo medical detox in a safe and clinically supervised setting. This addiction will not resolve itself. To manage this condition, you must develop strategies for preventing relapse and transforming your lifestyle habits to support optimum mental and physical health. We can help. 

Short-Term Effects of Nangs

The short-term effects of nitrous oxide are apt to depend on many variables, such as the user’s age, weight, dose, current health conditions, and whether other substances are also involved. Common short-term effects of nang include:

  • Euphoria
  • Giddiness
  • Confusion
  • Blurred vision
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling tired
  • Sedation
  • Reduced coordination

Large amounts can cause a person to faint, experience a heart attack, or even die. Using any amount is not a harmless pastime as the risks to health can be significant.

Long-Term Health Risks of Nang Addiction

The long-term effects of a nang addiction also vary between individuals because of factors such as weight, age, and current state of health. A person who is addicted to nitrous oxide typically uses the drug regularly, and this can lead to serious long-term health risks that include:

  • Incontinence
  • Memory loss
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency
  • Limb spasms
  • Depression
  • Psychosis
  • Weakened immune system
  • Ringing in the ears

If you are addicted to nang, you need help. Muse Treatment can carefully evaluate your condition to recommend the ideal course of treatment. Rehab treatment can help you end your dependence on nitrous oxide. 

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Signs and Symptoms of Nang Addiction

If you are worried that you’ve developed a nang addiction, there are some signs and symptoms to look out for. People who have an addiction to nitrous oxide may exhibit signs and symptoms such as:

  • Being secretive about drug use.
  • Thinking about using or procuring the drug routinely.
  • Using the drug at unusual times — not just weekends.
  • Keeping a supply of the drug on hand.
  • Mood swings.
  • Increased risk-taking behaviors.
  • Continuing to use the drug regardless of unwanted effects.
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop using the drug.

If you experience these symptoms, get checked out by clinicians at Muse Treatment. You can put your addiction in the past and safeguard your future. 

The Impact of Nang Addiction on Daily Life

A nitrous oxide addiction can disrupt your life just as it impedes your health. The method of using nang — balloons — makes it difficult for users to transport the drug and use it elsewhere. Inhaling the drug from the tank can be extremely risky and even cause sudden death. Someone who has a drug addiction is likely to experience problems in their relationships, work, and finances. Some people may even experience legal consequences as a result of their drug use. To protect your daily life and get your life back on track, enroll for drug addiction treatment at Muse Treatment.

Treatment Options for Nang Addiction

Muse Treatment individualizes treatment for each client. Depending on the severity of your nang addiction, you may opt for inpatient or outpatient treatment. Many clients begin their recovery journey with medical detox, where they can be monitored and supported with therapeutic interventions around the clock. Our clinicians can treat withdrawal symptoms to reduce their severity. After completing their rehab program, many clients continue to attend aftercare, achieve lasting recovery, and prevent relapse.


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Muse Treatment’s Approach to Nang Addiction

Call Muse Treatment today at 800-426-1818 or contact us online, and stop risking your health by abusing drugs like nang. We can address all the triggers that lead you to abuse drugs and help you develop reliable strategies for managing your condition effectively. Our treatment center accepts many different forms of insurance. When you call, we can discuss our financial options and answer your questions about enrollment and recovery programs. The sooner you call, the quicker you can get the help you need to end your dependence on nitrous oxide.

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