Josh Chandler | August 22, 2022

Debunking the Myth That Wine Is Good for You

The “Wine Is Good For You” Myth Debunked

For decades, across several generations, it has been espoused that the red wine drinker among us is participating in a heart-healthy activity every time they raise a glass to their lips. The idea is that if you start drinking red wine as opposed to other alcoholic beverages, there will be a health benefits. Wine and health statements have been made in advertising for travel, dining, and other industries for quite some time, too. These wine and health statements have some truth, but they do not discuss the other side of the coin regarding wine consumption. 

A glass of wine can be a better choice than other types of alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you should start drinking glasses of wine every night as part of a heart-healthy diet. Excessive wine consumption over time will negatively affect many areas of the body, even with the antioxidant benefits a red wine drinker may be getting. Recent studies show that the red wine drinker benefits more than the white wine drinker due to the resveratrol in red wine. The health benefits of wine are said to include heart health and the lowering of inflammation. Still, these can be accomplished with other dietary adjustments without any of the downside effects of drinking alcohol. 

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Risks of Drinking Too Much Wine

There are many risks involved in drinking alcohol. Many people underestimate the number of drinks per day it takes for the negative effects to pile up. Research suggests that moderate amounts of alcohol each week can be part of a healthy lifestyle, but again, many people without a medical education do not understand how any of that is defined. The health benefits of wine can easily be outweighed by heavy drinking or binge drinking. The amount of alcohol defined as binge drinking is four or more drinks for a woman or five or more drinks for a man over a short period. Alcohol consumption at this level once in a great while will probably not result in any adverse health effects but should never be encouraged. People who binge drink or consider themselves moderate drinkers but have alcoholic drinks regularly are at risk of developing alcohol use disorder. 

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How Wine Affects Men and Women Differently

Recent studies show that women metabolize alcohol differently than men. Even one glass of red wine on an empty stomach for a woman can cause impairment, like when driving, but men will not experience the same effect. One drink a day can increase the risks of breast cancer for a woman, and heart disease is another issue for women who are even moderate drinkers. Alcohol consumption in the United States and other places worldwide has been and will most likely always be part of the culture. The critical thing to remember is that no matter whether it’s beer, spirits, white wine, or red wine, the alcoholic drinks you consume should be monitored.

How to Get Help for Alcohol Addiction

If you think you may have developed alcohol use disorder based on the number of drinks per day you regularly have, you start drinking early in the day, it is vital to seek professional help immediately. If you feel like you’ve advanced past being one of the moderate drinkers in your social group or need more help with addiction treatment, call us at Muse Addiction Treatment Center by calling (800) 426-1818 and request an appointment today.

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