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Detox Santa Ana

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Santa Ana

The journey toward sobriety begins with a single step, and that step usually is detox. This process is a cleansing period during which the drugs or alcohol you’ve been consuming are removed from your system, and you prepare yourself for long-term treatment of your drug or alcohol addiction. Detox in Santa Ana can be uncomfortable and challenging, but it will be easier to get through it successfully if you understand the process.

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What Is Detox From Drugs Like?

Drug detox in Santa Ana is often the most challenging phase of treatment, but it is the most critical. The drugs you’ve been ingesting will be cleansed from your body, preparing it for the next step of treatment. Your brain still must learn how to live without the artificial stimulation of drugs, which is what ongoing treatment is about. Drug detox brings many different withdrawal symptoms, depending on your addiction’s nature, length, and intensity.

You should know that detox is merely a cleansing period; later, treatment focuses on relieving your withdrawal symptoms, not your addiction. Treating withdrawal and treating addiction are two different things; the first prepares you for the second. This is why we recommend that you not quit “cold turkey” or even with the help of a trusted friend. You need experienced professionals to be available to help you through your physical symptoms, which can quickly deteriorate until you really do need medical care.

What Is Detox from Alcohol Like?

Alcohol detox in Santa Ana takes about a week. During this time, you will probably experience many withdrawal symptoms as your body rids itself of alcohol. These can include physical effects like excessive sweating, nausea, headaches and convulsions and emotional or psychological symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and nervousness.

Can Medications Be Used to Help With Detox?

If medical detox is recommended for you, you will receive appropriate medications to get you through the ordeal. Some medications may be used only to control your withdrawal symptoms, such as pain relievers and nutritional supplements. Others may be controlled substances that help to wean you off the drugs you’ve become dependent on. Whatever you are given, it will be dispensed only by a trained professional, such as a physician authorized to prescribe medication.

The Importance of Medical Detox

We encourage patients to undergo medically supervised detox rather than going it alone. No one will force you to stay, but you will be in safer hands with medically supervised detox. The detox process can be physically dangerous because of the risk of dehydration from the excessive sweating and vomiting that typically occur.

What to Expect at Detox in Santa Ana at Muse Treatment

All detox at Muse Treatment starts with a medical assessment when a counselor will review your medical history and your addiction experience. This is the time to ask questions, so you thoroughly understand the program you’re enrolling in.

During the detox period, you will experience withdrawal symptoms but will be under close supervision to make sure the withdrawal effects don’t become dangerous. They might last for several days, but the emotional toll will be felt for weeks. That’s why detox is followed by ongoing treatment.

Why Choose Muse Treatment in Santa Ana?

Muse Treatment’s drug and alcohol rehab in Santa Ana is a safe haven where you can begin your recovery with a community of compassionate supporters. You will get the emotional and medical support you need to work toward ending your addiction once and for all. Whether you are coping with alcohol or drug addiction, contact us today at (800) 426-1818 to learn how we can start you or a loved one on the path of recovery.

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Josh Chandler
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