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A Look at the AA Promises

The AA Promises are affirmations outlined by Alcoholics Anonymous, a historic organization that continues to support people who want to stop drinking. Founded during the 1930s, Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA for short, has helped millions of people stop drinking. Today, many rehab programs have incorporated aspects of the AA 12-step program into their treatment plans. The AA Promises help guide participants toward long-term recovery. 

At Muse Treatment, we embrace multiple treatment approaches to help clients who have substance use disorders, including alcoholism. Alcohol addiction is a serious and chronic condition. The only way to achieve recovery is with abstinence. The AA principles can help some individuals, including celebrities in AA, to prevent relapse. Our treatment center offers multiple treatment modalities along with 12-step programming. If you are living with a substance use disorder, you don’t have to. Muse can help. 

Our rehab center is known for its comprehensive care. We offer a full range of substance abuse treatment programs, including inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, medical detox, and aftercare. Our licensed and experienced clinicians also provide medication-assisted treatment and dual diagnosis treatment. Treatment at Muse comes from evidence-based therapies like medically traditional types of psychotherapy (i.e., cognitive behavioral therapy), alternative treatments, and holistic therapies. Our treatment approaches allow us to target each aspect of substance addiction and recovery. 

Many clients respond well to 12-step principles that are similar to those published by AA. We encourage our clients to embrace programming that supports their sobriety goals. If you are living with an alcohol addiction, you can find help at Muse Treatment. Our rehab center is known for its welcoming atmosphere, ultra-comfortable furnishings, and must-have amenities like nutritious meals and fitness equipment. Even though alcoholism is a chronic condition, it can be managed successfully with abstinence. Our programming can help you stop drinking and stay sober for good. 


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Introduction to the AA Promises

AA Promises are the methods outlined by AA that help people stay sober. During their journey to long-term sobriety, participants of the AA program strive to keep these promises as part of their commitment to sober living. The promises or affirmations can help people stick to their recovery journey. The promises promote improved inner peace, which can help build a strong foundation for lasting recovery.  

The Role of the Promises in Recovery

The road to substance addiction is often paved with broken promises. The road to recovery, however, illustrates a return to honesty and integrity. When people commit to sobriety, they commit to improving their lives. AA promises can help them to keep their recovery progress on track. AA has a strong spiritual component that resonates with many. However, many people who are not spiritually inclined still benefit from the program’s tenets. The AA Promises provide a framework people can use for their recovery journey. 

Detailed Exploration of Each AA Promise

There are 12 AA Promises. They include:

  • Promise 1: Know a new freedom and new happiness
  • Promise 2: Do not regret the past or wish to close the door on the past
  • Promise 3: Understand the word serenity
  • Promise 4: Know peace
  • Promise 5: No matter how far down you’ve fallen, see how your experience can benefit others
  • Promise 6: Banish feelings of uselessness and self-pity
  • Promise 7: Lose interest in selfish things while promoting interest in fellow people
  • Promise 8: Cause self-seeking behaviors to slip away
  • Promise 9: Promote change in one’s attitude and outlook
  • Promise 10: Know that fear of people and economic insecurity will disappear
  • Promise 11: Intuitively know how to manage situations that are baffling
  • Promise 12: Realize that God will do what you could not do for yourself

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The Promises and Relapse Prevention

Alcohol addiction is a chronic condition that is often relapsing in nature. Unfortunately, more than 80% of people with an alcohol addiction will relapse at least once. Modern treatment, as well as AA’s 12-step program, targets relapse by employing various strategies to help people safeguard their sobriety. The 12 AA promises are helpful strategies that promote relapse prevention. 

Alcohol relapse is not inevitable. The promises and affirmations above can help recovering individuals remember that they have the power and will to maintain their commitment to sobriety. Many of the pledges support positive mental health strategies. People in recovery can use these affirmations to keep relapse at bay. 

Critiques and Challenges of the AA Promises

AA and its promises are a type of approach to alcoholism recovery. AA has helped some people achieve and maintain sobriety but failed to help others. One of the critiques of the program is its Christian / spiritual aspects that may not resonate with all people who need recovery support. Also, some people have underlying mental health conditions that AA, without a clinical approach, can address. Modern rehab centers employ medically traditional therapies like psychotherapy to treat people with a substance use disorder. AA is a volunteer organization that favors peer group support. While this support can be helpful, it may not encompass the comprehensive support that many people need to overcome and manage their alcohol addiction. At Muse Treatment, we offer 12-step principles along with other therapeutic approaches. Clients can participate in therapeutic modalities that are ideal for them. 

Implementing the AA Promises in Daily Life

Recovering individuals who want to participate in the AA program and use its promises should incorporate them into their daily lives. Implementing these promises into daily life may support your sober living practices. AA offers guidance and peer support for incorporating affirmations into daily life. Participants practice and report back on their progress at meetings. 

At Muse, our 12-step programming is just one aspect of our treatment programming. We offer many different treatment modalities. These treatment approaches include medically traditional therapies like psychotherapy, alternative programs like art therapy, and holistic therapies like nutrition and fitness. Some clients respond to certain therapies better than others. That’s normal. That’s why some people believe strongly in 12-step principles. We implement our program options in both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. If you need support with AA promises or other aspects of your recovery journey, Muse Treatment can help. 


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Muse Treatment’s Integration of the AA Promises in Treatment Programs

Muse Addiction Treatment Center has incorporated AA Promises and aspects of 12-step programming into our treatment plans. When you visit Muse to enroll for treatment, our clinicians will thoroughly evaluate your condition to recommend the ideal treatment plan. We individualize treatment to meet each client’s needs. AA Promises may help you manage your sobriety for the long term. Of course, we offer many different treatment approaches that may help you prevent relapse and keep your recovery on course. 

Contact Muse Treatment or call 800-426-1818 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs. Our rehab center offers a safe and welcoming setting where clients can focus on their recovery process with professional support. Alcoholism is a chronic condition, but it can be managed with abstinence. Our dedicated addiction specialists can help you develop the strategies to get and stay sober. Call us today to learn more about our enrollment process and treatment programs. 

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Josh Chandler
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