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Drug Addiction Help Oakland

Help Is Available for Oakland Residents

Substance use disorders have become a growing concern for California residents with 2.7 million people living with drug addiction – including residents of Oakland. The criteria for a substance use disorder is characterized by an inability to stop engaging in drug or alcohol use even after expressing a desire to stop. The chemicals within substances significantly impact the brain, the body, and emotionally– resulting in physical and psychological dependency, which needs drug addiction help in Oakland to overcome.

At Muse Treatment Center, help is available for Oakland residents to treat their substance use disorder. Patients within our recovery center are offered a full continuum of care – Detox, Inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and aftercare programs. Our team takes the time to get to know you and your goals for treatment and recovery to develop a meaningful addiction treatment plan in Oakland that is catered to your specific healing needs. Our experienced staff can answer any of your questions, explore your insurance coverage, and explain the costs associated with your treatment program.

Click here to call Muse Addiction Center today. Our staff is available 24/7 to provide answers and begin the admissions process. Call (800) 426-1818.

15 Signs of Drug Addiction

Substance use disorders have different impacts on each person. However, there are common signs to be aware of that can indicate a substance use disorder.

  1. Expressing a desire to quit or reduce your substance use but experiencing an inability to do so
  2. Isolating from loved ones
  3. Lying about or hiding your substance use from others
  4. Disengaging or losing interest in activities or hobbies that once brought you joy
  5. Developing a tolerance to your substance of choice results in you needing to increase your use to reach the desired effects
  6. Issues within your relationships with others due to your substance use
  7. Exhibiting health concerns as a result of your substance use-although health impacts are identified, substance use continues
  8. Presenting legal concerns – engagement in illegal behavior may increase while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  9. Participating in high-risk behaviors while under the influence of drugs or alcohol such as driving while impaired or increased hostile behaviors or responses in social situations
  10. A decline in performance at work or motivation to maintain academic studies
  11. Change in social circles to surround yourself with others that are engaging in substance use
  12. Physical appearance changes
  13. Substance use consumes the majority of your life- thinking about, planning for, engaging in, and recovering from substance use
  14. Experiencing the onset of withdrawal symptoms when you’re no longer using substances
  15. Strong cravings or urges for substances when you’re not using substances

Drug Addiction Help in Oakland CA

How to Pay for Drug Addiction Help

At Muse Treatment Center, we want to break down any financial barriers to your addiction treatment and recovery success. The cost of your treatment program varies depending on the specific medical, traditional, and alternative treatments that are provided during detox and rehab. Our experienced team will inform you of the costs associated with your treatment plan and explore payment options so you can begin your addiction treatment program when ready.

Most major insurance companies include coverage for addiction and mental health treatment. Muse Treatment offers specialists who can verify your insurance with a few simple steps if you have insurance coverage. After identifying the percentage of your covered treatment cost, an affordable payment option can be offered for the remaining amount of your treatment cost.

7 Benefits of Traveling for Drug Addiction Help

Oakland residents can access addiction treatment near Oakland. Both options offer several benefits that can support your success in recovery.–Traveling can be the preferred method for various reasons.

  1. Offers a fresh start within a new environment
  2. Allows you to heal within a safe space that is free of any environmental distractions or triggers often present within your home environment
  3. Ability to choose a rehab center that offers the services, amenities, and luxury facilities that you desire.– Each recovery center is different in treatment programs offered.
  4. Access to specific therapy methods that are exclusive to that treatment facility
  5. Avoid any temptation to leave as it is further away from home. This provides you with the time to process any challenging emotions that are arising with a counselor to continue with your treatment program
  6. Added sense of privacy. Attending a rehab program outside of your home environment can increase feelings of safety by reducing the likelihood of seeing others that you know
  7. Enables you to have full attention on your recovery process as you’re removed from any commitments or responsibilities that you have at home.

What to Look for in a Drug Addiction Treatment Facility

Addiction treatment is offered within a multifaceted approach that targets physical and psychological healing. When looking for drug rehab, you want to ensure that you can access a full continuum of care that supports you in every phase of your recovery journey. An effective treatment facility offers medical detox, inpatient rehab, outpatient treatment, and aftercare services to ensure you achieve your overarching goals of long-term recovery.

Your substance abuse began for unique reasons that need to be addressed through specific forms of addiction therapy. When seeking drug addiction help for Oakland residents, you’ll want to explore the forms of treatment offered – ensuring that your specific healing and personal growth needs are being met. To address the physical and psychological impacts of substance use, there are forms of traditional talk therapy, dual diagnosis for mental health concerns, trauma therapy, holistic treatments, and medical detox that will foster full body and mind healing.

Is Detox Necessary Before Drug Rehab?

Detox is an essential step in your recovery process. It allows you to safely remove any traces from substances within your body with ongoing medical supervision and treatments. As you stop using substances, your body will go through a detox process that is characterized by withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Detox programs provide a safe environment to move through your withdrawal symptoms with appropriate levels of care, medical treatments, and therapies that reduce or eliminate the severity of symptoms and maintain comfort. After you’ve released any influences from drugs or alcohol, you can begin the next phase of your recovery process within a drug rehab program.

Muse Offers Drug Addiction Help for Oakland Residents

Muse Treatment Centers offers Oakland residents a comprehensive treatment program that provides them with a personalized treatment plan catered to their needs and goals for recovery. Through our 4 phase recovery programs, you’re provided with appropriate levels of care, therapy methods, and skill development that will enable you to achieve long-lasting recovery.

Our treatment programs are based on a scientifically validated approach that has contributed to developing our principles of practice– Support, Transition, Action, Resolve, and Transformation. Healing is a journey and our team of accredited clinicians and counselors is prepared to walk alongside you to empower you to achieve your recovery goals.

Recovery is possible and you have what it takes to achieve long-term sobriety. Call Muse Treatment Center today at (800) 426-1818 to hear more about the personalized treatment programs, therapies available, and the affordable costs offered for the help you deserve. The road to recovery is right outside your door.

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Josh Chandler
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