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Finding Drug Detox in Arcadia

Drug detox Arcadia residents can use could be the first step to a new and healthier life if they have an addiction to drugs. A drug use disorder such as meth addiction, opioid addiction, or other addictions can be life-threatening. A substance use disorder will cause your mental and physical health to erode over time and, in the case of an overdose, could lead to a medical disaster like organ or respiratory system failure. There are no safeguards when it comes to drug abuse. If you have developed an addiction to an illicit drug or prescription drug, you need professional drug addiction help from an accredited rehab center near Arcadia

Muse Treatment is a leading Arcadia drug detox and rehab center that offers comprehensive treatment plans for people addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many people who have a substance use disorder must first complete detox before addressing the other aspects of their condition. Muse features drug detox staffed by licensed clinicians who provide 24-hour monitoring and care of clients. We provide compassionate care, treating drug withdrawal symptoms and helping clients get the rest they need to begin their healing process.

Medical detox for addiction near Arcadia is a safe process that typically begins the substance addiction recovery journey. Most people who are beginning their recovery will need to detox. Some people may opt to detox at home, which isn’t typically safe, or at a hospital. At our rehab, we offer drug detox in a safe medical setting. Clients can get the support they need each step of the way. 

Muse Treatment offers a full lineup of addiction treatment programs that include medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare. Our programs for drug addiction detox near Arcadia are based on medically traditional, alternative, and holistic therapies. Taken together, these therapeutic approaches target all aspects of substance abuse treatment. Don’t wait to start detox and rehab treatment when our Arcadia addiction treatment center is here to help.

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The Importance of Professional Drug Detox Arcadia

Professional detox from drug addiction offers people a safe medical setting where they can undergo this necessary process, the first step toward substance addiction recovery. If possible, people should always undergo detox in a medical setting like a rehab center or hospital. Stopping the use of an addictive drug abruptly can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms, if left untreated, could possibly trigger a medical emergency such as seizures or irregular heartbeat. A medical detox center at a rehab or hospital features clinical staff who can treat withdrawal symptoms as they arise and prevent them from escalating in severity. In this way, they reduce the risk of a health emergency. Enrolling in a qualified detox center is important to undergo this process safely.

What Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox is the process by which the body rids itself of chemical toxins. A chemical toxin, in this case, is the substance the individual is addicted to. Detox addresses the physical dependence a person has on a drug or drugs. Detox cannot cure a substance addiction, but it does propel the recovery process. Once medical detox is complete, clients can head to the next phase of their recovery process. When conducted by an accredited addiction rehab or hospital, medical detox is a safe process. 

The Benefits of Choosing Arcadia Drug Detox Centers

When choosing an Arcadia drug detox center like Muse Treatment, you can expect several benefits. First, attending a local rehab center means that your family has easy access to you and that you aren’t far from home. Muse is an accredited rehab center, which is an important consideration when selecting a detox setting. Our clinicians are not only licensed, but are also experienced addiction specialists. They treat all clients with dignity and respect. During your detox process, clinicians will treat any withdrawal symptoms you may experience, helping you remain as comfortable as possible during your stay. 

What to Expect During Drug Detox in Arcadia

When you enroll in a drug detox program at Muse, you can expect to receive support each step of the way. First, you should expect to experience some withdrawal symptoms as your body is weaned of the substance it’s addicted to. Expect these symptoms to peak between 24 and 72 hours from your last use of the drug. Also, expect our clinicians to treat those symptoms in order to reduce or, when possible, to eliminate them. We want clients to be as comfortable as possible. Powerful withdrawal symptoms can prevent rest and lead to considerable discomfort, so we do our utmost to combat them with multiple therapeutic options. The detox process is usually completed after about a week. At that point, clients are ready for the next phase of their recovery journey. 

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Types of Detox Programs Available in Arcadia

At Muse, we offer medical detox. This means that no matter what substance you are addicted to, you can get support throughout the detox process. Our drug and alcohol detox programs are staffed by clinicians who offer 24-hour support and monitoring. We are able to treat any withdrawal symptoms that arise. If you are searching for an Arcadia detox center, choosing a facility that offers appropriate staffing and care for your needs is important. Muse customizes treatment to ensure we meet the needs of each client. 

Support Services and Therapies Offered Alongside Detox in Arcadia

Muse Treatment offers a wide array of support services, therapies, and amenities. Medical detox is only one aspect of our comprehensive recovery plan offerings. Medical detox targets the physical aspect of drug addiction, but we also offer treatment that addresses the psychological and social-behavioral aspects of substance addiction. Our programs have a strong relapse prevention component while our therapeutic offerings cover traditional, holistic, and alternative treatment modalities. In short, our services and therapies are designed to help clients achieve their recovery milestones at an ideally suited pace. 

Preparing for Drug Detox: Steps to Take Before Entering a Program

In order to prepare for drug detox, it’s best to contact Muse for a list of items to bring with you as well as a list of items you should not bring to rehab. Be sure to prep your home for your rehab stay. You may need to request a friend or family member to care for a pet, for instance, or to pick up your mail and water your plants. It’s also important to prepare mentally for your detox plan. Try not to be apprehensive. Yes, you may experience withdrawal symptoms, but we will treat them in order to support your comfort. Be hopeful because addiction treatment is about building a better future for you and your loved ones. 

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Choosing the Right Drug Detox Center in Arcadia

Now is the ideal time to enroll in medical detox and rehab treatment if you have an addiction to drugs. The sooner you do, the sooner you can protect your health from the destructive power of drugs. Our Arcadia drug detox center can help you begin your recovery journey. Our rehab facility features a healing environment and is filled with enjoyable amenities that will complement your rehab stay. After completing medical detox, you’ll be ready to transition to the next phase of your addiction treatment plan. When you choose Muse, you can rely on our rehab for comprehensive treatment and care. Contact Muse Treatment today by calling 800-426-1818.

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