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Drug Detox Near Me: Options Around Inglewood

Finding a “drug detox near me” puts you closer to achieving your addiction recovery goals. A drug addiction can derail a person’s dreams, health, and other important aspects of their lives. An addiction to prescription drugs or illicit drugs is a chronic condition that impacts both physical and mental health to the extreme. Drug abuse will erode psychological and physical health — it’s only a matter of time. The only way to get your health back on track is to stop using these harmful substances. Muse Treatment can help with our detox for drug addiction for Inglewood residents.

At Muse Treatment’s center for drug addiction detox, residents can begin their recovery journey by enrolling in our program for drug detox for Inglewood residents. Why is drug detox necessary? When a person develops an addiction, they become dependent on the chemical(s) physically, mentally, and even behaviorally. Medical detox targets the physical part of the addiction. Once detox is completed, clients can enroll in the treatments that target their psychological and behavioral drug dependence.

Medical detox for addiction in Inglewood is a process by which individuals are carefully weaned from the substance of abuse. It is not a cure for drug addiction; it is simply part of an effective condition management process. Drug detox for Inglewood residents lasts for about a week. Still, it may even require additional time for some people who have been addicted for a long period, are addicted to multiple substances, or simply need a few more days to complete the process. Once medical detox is complete, clients can progress to the next phase of treatment that addresses their psychological and behavioral dependencies. 

At Muse Treatment, we offer a full range of addiction treatment programs near Inglewood. Let us help you put substance abuse behind you. Our individualized treatment plans include medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare. Our licensed clinicians can also provide dual diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted addiction treatment. Don’t let drugs ruin another day of your precious life. Muse Treatment will help you achieve the lasting recovery you crave. 

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Introduction to Drug Detox for Inglewood Residents: The First Step to Recovery

Drug detox is step one in the drug addiction recovery process. Drug detox for Inglewood residents helps clients overcome their physical dependence on the substance they’re addicted to. Although rare, some people complete the process in three days; detox often lasts 5 to 10 days. A person’s chemistry, the drug of addiction, and the length of time the person has been addicted all impact the detox process.

At Muse Treatment, we individualize detox treatment to ensure clients get the support they need. Withdrawal symptoms are often an inevitable part of the process, but medication can eliminate or reduce these symptoms. Our clinicians monitor clients throughout the entire detox process to ensure that withdrawal symptoms don’t trigger health emergencies. This is why drug detox for Inglewood residents at a licensed rehab center like Muse Treatment is so important. 

When medical detox is complete, clients can transition to rehab treatment that targets the behavioral and psychological aspects of their substance use disorder. Together, all phases of rehab treatment support long-term recovery. 

Why Choose Muse Treatment for Drug Detox Near Inglewood

If you need a drug detox, choose Muse Treatment. Our Inglewood treatment facility offers an amenity-rich setting where clients can focus on their recovery goals. Our experienced clinicians provide clients with 24/7 monitoring during drug detox for Inglewood residents. We provide treatment that helps reduce clients’ withdrawal symptoms. It’s important to monitor these symptoms so they don’t increase in severity and cause a medical emergency like an irregular heartbeat.

Our medical detox facility near Inglewood provides a comfortable setting that’s conducive to the healing process. Amenities include nutritious meals,big-screen televisions, and fitness equipment. Our clinicians are licensed and provide empathetic care. Clients choose Muse Treatment for our outstanding reputation for innovative drug detox for Inglewood residents, as well as inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment options.

Types of Drug Detox Programs Offered at Muse Treatment Near Inglewood

Muse Treatment offers programs for drug detox for Inglewood residents that support recovery from illicit drugs like cocaine and prescription drugs like opioid narcotics. No matter what drug you’re addicted to, you can undergo medical detox safely at Muse Treatment.

Our rehab center features experienced addiction specialists who can prescribe medications that reduce withdrawal and speed recovery. Clients who have a polydrug addiction can also undergo medical detox at Muse Treatment. Our detox programs are safe and designed to support clients’ comfort. Our treatments are tailored to clients’ symptoms. Clients can rely on our clinicians for their treatment expertise and empathetic care. 

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The Process of Drug Detox at Muse Treatment in the Inglewood Vicinity

How does drug detox for Inglewood residents at Muse Treatment work? The detox process involves 24/7 monitoring and support. Clients may experience mild withdrawal symptoms at the onset of detox, but these symptoms can increase in severity quickly. Our clinicians are on hand to prescribe medications or other helpful treatments to promote clients’ relief and comfort.

During the detox process, clients are weaned off the drug or drugs they’re addicted to. Withdrawal symptoms usually peak between 24-72 hours from the last use of the addictive substance. After that point, clients’ withdrawal symptoms gradually diminish in severity. After the process is complete and clients are no longer chemically dependent, they can transition to rehab treatment. 

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Personalized Care in Drug Detox for Inglewood Residents: The Muse Treatment Approach

Muse Treatment is proud to customize care for our clients who turn to us for detox for Inglewood residents. We have a reputation for personalized treatment at Muse Treatment. Our treatment approach includes medically sanctioned, alternative, and holistic treatments. This blend targets all aspects of a person’s condition.

During detox, clients are likely to experience different types of withdrawal symptoms. For instance, heroin addiction is often accompanied by flu-like symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms associated with stimulant abuse might involve anxiety or increased blood pressure. 

During our detox process, we treat withdrawal symptoms to reduce their severity. With rest and treatment, clients may experience an improvement in comfort. Some medications may also speed up the detox process. 

The Role of Medical Supervision in Drug Detox at Muse Treatment Near Inglewood

Muse Treatment clinicians are available to support clients 24/7. Medical supervision is an important part of our process of drug detox for Inglewood residents because severe withdrawal symptoms could potentially trigger health emergencies. Severe symptoms could trigger heartbeat irregularities, seizures, or thoughts of suicide. Clinicians offer treatment to clients to reduce withdrawal symptoms and support their comfort.  

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Navigating Your Options for Drug Detox for Inglewood Residents: How to Choose the Right Program

If you are addicted to drugs, don’t put off calling Muse Treatment. Our detox center is a licensed facility staffed by certified addiction specialists. Since we offer comprehensive addiction treatment, we can support clients throughout their detox and rehab. Our treatment plans include inpatient, outpatient, aftercare, and medical detox. Our clinical staff can also provide medication-assisted treatment and dual diagnosis therapy for clients who have a substance use disorder and a mental illness such as anxiety or depression. 

Don’t let a drug addiction sabotage your life. Muse Treatment offers comprehensive drug addiction treatment near Inglewood. Expect our clinicians to develop a treatment plan that’s just right for you. Contact Muse Treatment today, and let’s begin your enrollment process. We can help you prepare for your stay for drug detox for Inglewood residents and subsequent rehab treatment. The time to put drug abuse behind you is now. Contact Muse Treatment today by calling 800-426-1818 to learn how we can help.

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