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Drug Rehab Center Near San Clemente

Drug Rehab Center Near San Clemente: How to Know When It’s Time to Go to Drug Rehab

If you have been using drugs or drinking for a long period of time or have been consuming a large amount, even for a short period of time, you may notice that you have urges to use more and cannot stop even when it is beginning to cause serious problems in your life. This is a strong indicator of addiction, and it might be time to go to a drug rehab center near San Clemente. San Clemente residents who are wondering if they should consider rehab may wish to check the following list of common signs of addiction. If you notice some or all of these signs in your life, drug detox and rehab may be the right move.
Some of the signs of drug addiction are:

  • Developing a tolerance and needing to take more to get the same high as before
  • Continuously thinking about when you can use the drug again or how to get more
  • Feeling stressed out when your drug supply runs out
  • Losing interest in activities you used to enjoy
  • Feeling detached from life and isolating yourself from friends and family
  • Spending all your money on drugs, or borrowing (or stealing) to pay for drugs
  • Feeling like you cannot get through the day without using drugs
  • Relapsing when you try to quit
  • Developing a pattern of use that increases exposure to dangerous situations, like driving under the influence, getting into legal trouble, or spending time around dangerous individuals
  • Family and friends have tried to talk to you about your drug use
  • Continuing to use drugs even when it is causing problems at work or home
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back or quit
  • Keeping stashes of drugs and paraphernalia around

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What Kinds of Drug Rehabs Are Available Near San Clemente?

There are many types of drug rehab San Clemente residents can look into. Depending on your personal preferences, your physical needs, your mental health needs, and what substance you are quitting, you may wish to try out one or more of these different levels of care:

  • Medical drug detox program – recovery from drug addiction must start with quitting drugs. For many, it is simply too difficult, painful, or dangerous to do alone. Medical detox is provided in a residential facility, where you live day and night as your body detoxifies itself. You will have 24-hour clinical care from doctors and nurses, and depending on the facility they may offer prescription medications to keep you safe and comfortable, as well as therapy, holistic treatment, groups, and more
  • Inpatient (residential) drug rehab – San Clemente citizens can move into an inpatient rehab program for 30 to 90 days, staying in a completely sober facility’s safe and supportive environment. Every day is structured with therapy, recreational activities, exercise, and groups, with healthy food and holistic care offered as well for a whole-patient approach to healing
  • Partial hospitalization program – a day program, with several hours of care per day, 5 to 7 days a week, that allows patients to live at home in the evenings and weekends for the most intensive outpatient treatment that helps transition back into living at home
  • Intensive outpatient program – outpatient treatment that offers therapy, groups, doctor’s care, and other support in the evenings or on weekends to allow patients to live a normal life while receiving treatment. Sessions are often 3 hours, 3 days a week, but this depends on the individual program
  • Customized outpatient rehab/aftercare – after completing a full rehab program, you will stay connected to doctors, therapists, group therapy, 12-step groups, sober living homes, etc. for as long as you want, so you are never alone in your recovery

9 Ways to Prepare for Drug Rehab

Some things you can do to prepare for drug rehab include:

  1. Pack appropriate clothing, medications, and small items, according to the rehab center’s specifications
  2. Take time off work, file for FMLA, and ensure you are covered when you get back
  3. If necessary, notify the court system that you will be going to rehab
  4. Arrange for any child care, pet care, even plant care, or anything else you need taking care of while you are away
  5. Set your bills on autopay or pay them in advance if possible
  6. Tell friends and loved ones where you are going so they don’t worry about where you are
  7. Get rid of all drugs and alcohol in your home, and you may also want to clean the house, take out the garbage, throw out perishable food, etc. so you don’t come home to a mess
  8. Avoid “one last binge” of drugs as at best it will make detox take longer, and at worst it can result in an overdose if you overdo it
  9. Try not to worry. It is normal to feel nervous, but before you go, you can try to set some achievable goals for yourself, spend time with loved ones, and take a breath. Rehab is a positive experience, and you are doing it for your health and your loved ones.

Drug Rehab Center Near San Clemente, CA

7 Tips to Make the Most Out of a Drug Rehab Center Near San Clemente

To make the most out of drug rehab, you can:

  1. Truly try to accept that you need help, and your active and earnest participation in all treatments will give you the best results
  2. Participate in group therapy, even if you feel shy. Sharing your story, being honest, and being active in discussions will not only get you the most out of your time but may also help others
  3. Try to meet other sober people in therapy and develop a supportive sober community as you make personal connections
  4. Trust your addiction therapist, open up, and tell them the truth. The more you try and address your issues early in therapy, the more effective it will be
  5. Do the work. If a therapist assigns you “homework” or gives you something to think about, truly try to do what they asked
  6. Keep an open mind and take suggestions without letting pride get in the way. Learning new and unfamiliar behaviors is what you need to do right now, even if it is uncomfortable
  7. Try to practice mindfulness and stay in the moment
  8. Think about your triggers, and work to address them while you are in rehab. Some trigger examples include: feeling like using drugs during the holidays, using drugs to “feel good” after a difficult day, or using drugs to escape particularly negative feelings of depression

What Can I Expect After Drug Rehab?

Life after rehab will feel a lot different than before, and you will likely need to make some major life changes, including finding a new friend group, distancing yourself from unhealthy relationships, and finding new hobbies as you work to maintain healthy habits. You must always put your sobriety first.

Some ways to set yourself up for success are to keep realistic expectations and plan ahead, communicate strong, clear boundaries to friends and family, and hold them to it. This can be very difficult for some people, but it is important to continually question whether people, places, and activities still serve you.

You may also wish to:

  • Continue attending meetings and support groups regularly
  • Take your prescriptions regularly and on time
  • Start spending time with other sober and health-conscious peers
  • Create and follow a healthy routine
  • Practice mindfulness, develop a new, positive mindset, and reduce your stress whenever you can
  • Keep up a healthy exercise and sleep schedule

Get the Best Start to Drug Rehab Near San Clemente by Calling Muse Treatment Today

If you have noticed signs of addiction in yourself, even just one or two, speaking to an addiction specialist, your doctor, or a therapist may be a good idea. Even if it doesn’t seem that bad to you, or if you know people who use more than you do, addiction is a progressive disease that will only worsen. It will not go away on its own. The sooner you address the underlying conditions and gain coping skills, the faster you can get your life back on track.

Muse Treatment is the best drug rehab near San Clemente. We provide the entire continuum of care, from medical detox to inpatient and outpatient programs. Each person’s treatment is completely customized to suit their needs, with various treatments and therapies, including behavioral therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, educational programs, art therapy, mindfulness, family therapy, life skills, spirituality, nutrition, and physical fitness counseling.

Each patient will have a tailored treatment plan to help them regain their physical and mental health, overcome addiction, and gain the necessary skills to live a healthy, sober life after rehab. At Muse, our team will do all we can to give you a fresh start to regain control and become the sober individual you want to be. Call us today at (800) 426-1818 to learn more about finding a drug rehab center near San Clemente.

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