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Drug Rehab for Couples in Santa Monica California: 11 Different Benefits

Drug Rehab for Couples in Santa Monica: Getting Better Together

Alcohol and drug abuse can be difficult to overcome when both people in a relationship struggle with substance abuse. It is very easy to fall back into old drug-seeking and using habits when your partner continues using. Drug rehab for couples in Santa Monica allows romantic couples to get the help they need for substance abuse together. Recovery outcomes are much more successful when both partners find recovery simultaneously. Couples drug rehab can allow partners to address their own issues with substance abuse, provide mutual support to one another, and heal their relationship from the effects of addiction.

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How Does Drug Rehab for Couples in Santa Monica Work?

Drug and alcohol rehab allows couples to work through addiction treatment alongside their partner. While treatment plans will include certain therapies together, especially couples therapy to help partners work out any issues in their relationship, learn how better to support one another in sobriety, and break codependency, most of the treatment program will be spent working on their own recovery. Each individual most likely has their own unique root cause of addiction and needs individualized plans to address those imbalances. Each person will receive individual therapy sessions and participate in different group therapy sessions. Codependency issues are often common in addiction, so it is important to help couples break those behaviors and learn more independence.

Like individual rehab, addiction treatment for couples happens in several stages, which are generally:

  • Medically supervised drug and alcohol detox — Couples will usually go through detox separately so each person can focus on their individual needs. During medical detox, a team of doctors and nurses will monitor patients around the clock and administer medications to ease withdrawals and cravings while ensuring their vitals remain stable.
  • Treatment — Drug rehab may allow couples to live with or near one another while receiving treatment. Each person will follow an individualized treatment plan to address the underlying issues of their addiction. Treatment plans can include group counseling, individual therapy, medication-assisted treatment, family therapy, holistic treatments, life skills training, and vocational training. Couples counseling may also be included.
  • Aftercare — Before rehab, each person will complete an aftercare plan addressing the couple’s individual and shared needs. It can include living arrangements, relapse prevention plans, and ways to continue getting therapy

Drug Rehab for Couples in Santa Monica, CA

Drug Rehab for Couples in Santa Monica: 11 Benefits

The benefits of drug rehab for couples in Santa Monica include the following:

  • Helps both partners get sober simultaneously — Couples rehab will allow both partners to achieve sobriety simultaneously, even if one person’s program is longer than the other. When only one person gets sober in a relationship, it can be difficult to maintain the relationship or remain sober.
  • Provides mutual support — Probably the biggest advantage is providing one another with mutual support and motivation to complete the program.
  • Learn from the same effective treatment program — Couples will benefit from effective, evidence-based treatment instead of one person risking entering a scam rehab facility.
  • Improve communication and listening skills — Most rehab treatment programs for couples teach communication and listening skills. However, when couples enter rehab together, they can actively practice these skills together while learning them.
  • Develop healthy conflict resolution skills — Couples with substance use disorders will often fight and argue much more, so it is important to learn better ways to tackle problems in a relationship without excessive fighting.
  • Rebuild trust — Substance abuse can cause people to act in ways they may not have done so soberly. It also causes people to lie and be secretive. Couples need to build back trust to have a healthy relationship.
  • Learn how to be with one another without substance use — When both partners have mostly only been together while under the influence, it can be difficult to figure out their relationship sober, including being intimate. Couples rehab can teach couples how to be in their relationship without using drugs and alcohol.
  • Break codependency or enabling behaviors — Codependency is often seen in couples with substance abuse issues. Couples rehab can teach both individuals how to express their feelings and needs without being controlling and how not to feel responsible for the other’s well-being.
  • Learn more about one another to understand better and develop more tolerance — Through therapy, couples can learn why the other developed substance abuse issues and their triggers. This can help both partners understand why the other behave the way they do and their co-occurring disorders, leading to more tolerance in the relationship.
  • Addresses unique problems — Couples who are struggling with drug and alcohol dependence face unique problems that aren’t present in normal addiction cases. There can be codependency, enabling behaviors, and issues within the relationship contributing to drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Develop healthy routines and relapse prevention plans together — Relapse prevention plans are essential to rehab. Because couples may live together or at least spend a lot of time together, building relapse prevention plans together can help provide mutual support, motivation, and daily routines.

What Do Couples Do After Drug Rehab?

After couples complete rehab, they can manage their recovery as a team. Some couples choose to go to sober living together for an easier transition back to day-to-day life with enough structure. Couples can help one another stay on track, understand each other’s triggers and their own, and serve as sober sponsors to one another. Each partner can lean on the other when they feel more vulnerable to relapse or having a particularly difficult day.

Couples who live together can build healthy routines together and be more motivated to follow through with relapse prevention plans. Having a sober partner who is just as determined for their sobriety can be easier to adapt to real life and reduce loneliness. They can attend peer support meetings together, go to sober events together, and not feel like they are the only ones not drinking among their friends.

Drug Rehab for Couples in Santa Monica: Overcome Addiction Together by Choosing Muse Treatment

Couples looking for effective, evidence-based treatment together can do so at Muse Treatment in Los Angeles. Our couples rehab programs will help couples find sobriety independently and together. We create individualized treatment plans for each person and incorporate several therapies and services to allow couples to grow with and support one another. Couples can go through all levels of care at our treatment facility, including medical detox, inpatient rehab treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare programs in a non-hospital, comfortable setting.

Drug and alcohol detox at Muse will provide each partner with an individualized treatment plan made up of medication-assisted treatment and other therapies to ease withdrawals and cravings. Behavioral therapy programs will focus on addressing the underlying causes of addiction and healing all areas of each person’s life and overall relationship which has been affected by substance abuse. We also offer pet-friendly rehab, allowing you to bring your well-behaved dog, cat, or other pet.

If you and your partner are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, please call Muse Treatment Center today at (800) 426-1818 to learn more about our couples rehab program or to get started on the admissions process.

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