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Drug Rehab That Takes Couples in Los Angeles

Can Couples Go To Drug Rehab Together?

Addiction is an individual disease that affects each person differently. A common theme for those experiencing a drug or alcohol addiction is feeling alone when you are in the depths of your substance abuse. When you are struggling with addiction, you need someone to love and support you; it can feel as though no one understands how you are feeling and what you need to get support to overcome your drug abuse. When you and your partner are both entrenched in substance abuse, the person you need most cannot provide you with the love and support you need to overcome addiction as they are facing the same barriers and challenges you are. The good news is if you and your loved one are ready to embark on the healing journey of drug rehab, there are options for you at a drug rehab that takes couples in Los Angeles.

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Drug Addiction in Relationships

No matter the relationship, there will be moments where there are disagreements and opportunities to learn and grow together as a couple. When drug or alcohol addiction is added to the relationship, it creates additional barriers and challenges between the two partners, adding strain and discord. When your relationship began, it was centered around your love and affection for each other. The impact of drug use often clouds the love you feel for one another as your focus shifts from your relationship to fuel your drug or alcohol addiction. 

As substance abuse progresses within the relationship, it is common for couples to engage in more arguments, and difficulty in effective anger management can cause conflict. Drug use affects one’s ability to regulate emotions and create aggressive or combative behaviors within an individual. As a couple engages in substance abuse together, there is a higher risk of violent or high-risk behaviors occurring within the relationship, including a greater risk of couples experiencing domestic violence. The longer your relationship progresses and your drug or alcohol use increases, the risk for domestic violence and conflict within the relationship will increase at an alarming rate if you both do not receive the necessary help of drug abuse counseling from drug rehab. Taking the courageous step to get aid together through drug rehab will help couples end the cycle of drug abuse and emotional discord and assist you both in reestablishing the love and trust you have for one another while sober living. 

Signs a Couple Is Abusing Drugs

Common signs or indicators that a couple is abusing drugs and struggling with substance abuse are:

  • Isolating from friends and family to avoid having your loved ones witness the seriousness of your drug or alcohol addiction 
  • Experiencing financial problems due to your drug addiction such as inability to pay bills or rent, borrowing or stealing money to fund a drug habit, or having conflict with each other about finances 
  • Lying or excusing your partner’s behavior in an attempt to cover up your partner’s drug use. Compromising your needs and wants in the relationship to accommodate your drug use. Continuing to stay in the relationship even when your substance abuse has caused significant concerns between the two of you 
  • Both of you are experiencing difficulties maintaining employment or school responsibilities due to drug use. 
  • Engaging in high-risk behaviors together during drug use while showing a lack of concern about the negative consequences 
  • Hiding or lying about drug use from others 
  • Loss of interest in activities or hobbies that you enjoyed as a couple 
  • Increase in angry outbursts or violence within the relationship showing a lack of anger management skills 

Drug Rehab Treatment Options for Couples

At a drug rehab that takes couples in Los Angeles, you and your partner will have the opportunity to participate in couples therapy, family therapy, and individual counseling sessions. This comprehensive approach to treatment programs provides Los Angeles, California residents with the chance to fully heal from substance abuse and rekindle the love between each other and for themselves. 

Patients within Los Angeles county have benefited from cognitive behavioral therapy to understand the emotions, thoughts, and behaviors linked to substance abuse and mental health disorders. Often, patients will have negative responses to certain feelings or situations. Cognitive-behavioral therapy provides patients with the opportunity to shift those responses to support their life in sober living. Patients will be invited to participate in dialectical behavior therapy to help you and your partner change their thought processes to support a healthy life in addiction recovery. 

As a couple, you will be encouraged to participate in behavioral couples therapy (BCT) similar to cognitive behavioral therapy but geared towards supporting both of you to identify how drug abuse has impacted your relationship. Couples will learn to develop healthy communication and listening skills to understand how drug abuse has affected the relationship while learning the life skills to foster a healthy life free of substance use disorders. 

It is common for Los Angeles, California residents to experience drug abuse and mental health disorders paired together. When individuals feel the side effects of their mental health disorders, it is easy to look for a way to escape through drug or alcohol use. To effectively treat these disorders, patients will be invited to participate in a dual diagnosis treatment program that will assist in treating both concerns individually and as a whole to provide balance and stability within their life. 

What to Expect in Drug Rehab for Couples

Couples ready to take the bold step to enter into a residential inpatient treatment program will have the opportunity to heal within a safe, supportive environment at a drug rehab that takes couples in Los Angeles. Couples will safely remove the influences of substance abuse through a medically supervised detox center before entering into drug treatment. 

Once you have your medically assisted detox, you will be ready to look within your relationship to understand the depths of your drug addiction and its impacts on your relationship and life. Patients will work alongside counselors who are addiction specialists with the latest in addiction treatment methods that will support them to move towards sober living. The days in residential treatment are structured with individual substance abuse counseling, group therapy sessions, and couples counseling that will help you and your partner heal from the pains of addiction to move towards a life together in long-term recovery. 

After you have completed inpatient rehab, you and your partner will have the option of continuing drug or alcohol counseling through outpatient drug rehab. This process will allow you and your loved one to stay connected with your recovery goals while receiving support as you solidify your newfound way in recovery. 

Benefits of Going to Drug Rehab As a Couple

Attending a drug treatment program has many benefits for each individual person that attends. It is an opportunity for personal growth and development. When you and your loved one attend rehab together, it not only is a time for you to rediscover who you are, but it is an opportunity to flourish as a couple and heal together. It strengthens communication skills and styles to become open and transparent about your emotions and thoughts with one another.

Couples who engage in substance abuse together are at a higher risk for domestic violence. Once you and your loved one have gone through drug rehab and live in sobriety, your chances of experiencing domestic violence will dramatically decrease. 

It builds a stronger relationship with your children. As your children see that their parents are sober living and are healthy again, trust and love increase within the family unit. Living within a stable financial means eliminates the use of drugs and alcohol and reckless spending associated with drug use. You are reconnecting with activities and hobbies that have historically brought you joy as a couple and individually—increasing the chance for a long-lasting relationship through developing a healthy lifestyle together that will assist in avoiding breakup or divorce. It will strengthen the bond you have together as you can understand and honor the level of support you both are looking for from one another in addiction recovery and all aspects of your relationship. It increases the intimacy and affection between each other as you can effectively demonstrate your love for one another without the negative influences of drugs. 

Muse Drug Rehab for Couples

Muse Treatment offers drug rehab that takes couples in Los Angeles. We provide inclusive support for couples to heal individually and as a couple through comprehensive, evidence-based addiction treatment methods. We believe that your story with drug addiction is unique and should be honored through individualized treatment and care. While you and your loved one heal from the burdens of addiction, our team of addiction specialists will support you and your partner in finding the joy in your relationship again while allowing space to breathe life into your connection again. Call us at (800) 426-1818 today to speak with one of your compassionate counselors to get you and your partner on the right track towards life in sobriety at our drug rehab that takes couples in Los Angeles. 

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Josh Chandler
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