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Drug Rehab Thousand Oaks

What Is Drug Rehab Like?

An addiction to drugs can feel as though you’re falling down a hole that seemingly never ends. Although you may wake up every morning with the best intentions of committing to a sober lifestyle, you continuously find yourself under the influence and depressed and frustrated with your decisions. However, once you decide to focus on recovering from your addiction to drugs truly, you will see that your life will turn around in more ways than you could have imagined. You may find that you’re able to redevelop relationships that you may have lost with your family when you were under the influence of addiction. You will focus on regaining some of the standing you may have lost in your job. During drug rehab near Thousand Oaks, you will primarily spend most of your time in therapy. This process is the top way to work through the various contributing factors in the development of your addiction. Some examples of treatment that you will likely experience during the time that you’re in treatment include:

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Behavioral therapy

When you’re in active addiction, you will likely pick up on some negative behavior that can impact your overall well-being and sobriety. Behavioral therapy will help you to identify these negative traits and change them.

Group therapy

It’s not out of the ordinary for a person that has struggled with addiction to feel as though they are entirely alone. Group therapy will help to teach you that you aren’t alone in what you may be thinking or feeling during your recovery journey. You will have the chance to speak with other clients working their way through their own treatment journey, and you may be able to draw strength from their hope and experience. You might also find that you can connect with these other people on an individual level, which can help you develop healthy relationships.

Family therapy

If your relationships with the people close to you have suffered due to addiction, family therapy can go a long way in bringing you all back together. Family therapy takes place in a neutral setting when you have come to a place in your recovery where you are ready to deal with reestablishing these connections. Through open and honest sharing, you can begin to reconnect with the people in your life that may offer you the most support.

Individual therapy

It’s possible that there may be certain aspects of your life that you simply don’t feel comfortable sharing in a group environment which is where individual therapy comes into play. Individual therapy gives you the time to speak with an addiction counselor in a personalized environment so that you can continue to work through the pain that may have caused you to turn to addiction.

The Stages of Drug Rehab

Before you begin drug or alcohol rehab near Thousand Oaks, it’s essential to understand that there are several stages of the program that you will go through. Here are some examples:

The Initial Assessment

This stage is crucial because it provides your treatment team with a baseline of what you may experience as you work through your detox program as well as in your general recovery program. It’s critical that you’re completely transparent regarding the extent of your addiction so that your recovery team can help you begin to put together the framework of a program that will work best for you. Although talking about this may feel uncomfortable or embarrassing at times, you must disclose this information so you will get more value out of your recovery program.


Detox is often the next stage in a recovery plan because it provides you with the opportunity to remove the influence of your drug of choice from your system. In all, detox typically lasts approximately seven days. During this time, you will receive around-the-clock care to address the withdrawal symptoms that you may be experiencing during that period.


During this time, you will have the opportunity to heal and recover both physically and psychologically. Regardless of whether you decide to take advantage of an inpatient program or an outpatient one, you should always have the peace of mind of knowing that you’re in the type of environment that can help you focus on your recovery.


An aftercare program takes place after your initial treatment plan. This type of program is an excellent way to reinforce the tools and lessons you initially learned during the early stages of your recovery program and help you continue to grow your system of support.

Medical Detox – Thousand Oaks

Detox is typically the first step you need to take toward your recovery. The reason for this is that detox allows you to remove the immediate influence of your substance of choice from your body. On average, detox takes approximately seven days, with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms manifesting within the first 72 hours. Many withdrawal symptoms could be potentially deadly, which is why it’s never advisable you attempt to go through this process alone. By committing to medical detox, you will have access to different medication types, which can help offset the severe impact of withdrawal symptoms.

Rehabilitation to Resolve the Root Causes of Addiction

During your treatment, you must address the root cause of your addiction. In many cases, the root cause of your addiction is trauma that you sustained during your life. Unless this trauma is addressed in a psychologically healing way, then it’s possible that this trauma can negatively impact your sobriety going forward. If you decide to partner with Muse Treatment Center for drug rehab in Thousand Oaks, you can take comfort in the fact that we will always do everything we can to create the supportive and structured environment you need to address these traumas in such a way so that you will not be re-traumatized by them.

Aftercare Programs for Relapse Prevention

An aftercare program will put you on the right path when it comes to continuing to build on the tools you learned when you’re in treatment. Along with an aftercare program through your facility of choice, another excellent recommendation is to take advantage of some of the Narcotics Anonymous meetings in your area. These meetings will put you in touch with others working on their sobriety, providing you with an added level of support.

Thousand Oaks Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Unfortunately, countless people also suffer from mental illness and addiction issues. In many cases, these two conditions go hand-in-hand simply because a person turns to an addictive substance as a way to be able to cope with what they may be thinking or feeling as a result of their mental health issues. A dual diagnosis treatment plan addresses both your mental illness as well as your addiction, so one does not trigger the other going forward.

MAT Drug Rehabs for Thousand Oaks Residents

You may be surprised to learn that several medical tools are available to you when you commit to a recovery program. For example, you have the option to incorporate a treatment option called medically assisted treatment into your overall treatment plan. Several people think they should steer clear of a medically assisted treatment program, also commonly referred to as MAT. The reason for this is they mistakenly believe that developing a MAT plan means they will simply be substituting one addiction for another due in part to the fact that the medication that may be used during MAT can have addictive qualities.

However, during MAT, you will take this medication in a controlled environment under the watchful eye of trained addiction experts. This substantially lowers and all but eliminates the possibility of falling into another form of addiction. When you get in touch with your intake team, they will be able to walk you through the ins and outs of what you can expect during MAT and address any concerns that you may have.

Why Thousand Oaks Residents Turn to Muse in Los Angeles for Drug Rehab

At Muse Treatment Center, you can count on our team of addiction experts to always go the extra mile to ensure you have the tools and resources you need as you begin to make these critical changes in your life. We take the opportunity to get to know you personally so we can help you develop a comprehensive treatment plan that will help you accomplish the goals you have in your recovery and your life in general. For more information about what you can expect when you choose to come to Muse Treatment Center, please give us a call today at (800) 426-1818.

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Josh Chandler
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