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Drug Rehab While Still Going to Work in Beverly Hills

Who Should Consider Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab offers a supportive environment for individuals that are ready to put their history of substance abuse behind them. Each person engaging in substance use has their own unique history and experiences that are personal to you and your lifestyle. While some people may know for certain that it is time to access support through an addiction treatment program, others may be wavering on whether or not they need the support of an addiction treatment program. A drug rehab program can offer many benefits for anyone with an active substance use disorder. Choosing to seek support through an addiction treatment center is a commendable choice to make. When looking for a drug rehab while still going to work in Beverly Hills, you must determine the appropriate levels of care you need to help you safely and comfortably overcome your drug addiction.

If you have attempted to quit your use of drugs on your own but found that you have had difficulties maintaining sobriety, it could be beneficial to have the ongoing support and guidance of licensed and highly trained addiction therapists and medical professionals. As you experience any withdrawal symptoms, temptations, or struggles remaining focussed on your goals for sobriety, you will have the support of leading evidence-based therapy methods that will work to keep you on track with your road to recovery. A drug rehab program will allow patients to participate in addiction treatment methods while also gaining the knowledge and skills development for relapse prevention that will support them in being equipped to manage any triggers and foster long-term recovery.

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Can You Go to Drug Rehab While Still Working in Beverly Hills?

Many questions often come from prospective patients before they begin their healing journey. One of the questions that are commonly asked is if you can attend drug rehab while still going to work in Beverly Hills. Your intentions to attend addiction treatment are true but you also have commitments and responsibilities that need to be maintained. While some people can put their life on hold and enter into an inpatient rehab program, others may require a more flexible option for addiction treatment that allows patients to continue working while receiving the necessary support from an addiction treatment program.

Beverly Hills residents can participate in an outpatient treatment program that offers varying levels of care. Patients can choose from a partial hospitalization program (PHP) or an intensive outpatient program (IOP). A PHP will invite patients to attend the recovery center during the day for therapy sessions and recovery programs that will support them in healing from the underlying causes of their addiction while providing them with the ongoing support of addiction therapists. Patients in a PHP will attend the recovery center 6 days a week for up to 6 hours a day and then have the freedom to return home each evening. An IOP invites patients to attend the treatment center for 3 to 5 days a week for up to 3 hours at a time. Patients will engage in their individualized treatment plan of addiction therapy sessions and life skills development to foster long-term recovery and healing. No matter which form of outpatient treatment you choose, patients can have the flexibility to engage in addiction treatment while being able to maintain their work schedule and commitments.

Drug Rehab While Still Going to Work

5 Benefits of Going to Drug Rehab

Attending a drug rehab program offers patients several benefits that will support them in having long-lasting success in their addiction recovery journey. It is a courageous step to seek support for your substance abuse within a drug rehab program. That commendable choice will be met with compassionate professionals supporting you every step of your healing journey. Beverly Hills residents that attend drug rehab experience the following benefits in their healing journey:

  1. Having consistent support from licensed addiction therapists— While in drug rehab, you will have access to individual therapists and support staff who will be with you every step as you heal from your drug addiction. The team at Muse Treatment Centers is highly credentialed and trained in leading addiction therapy methods that will foster long-term success in addiction recovery and enable personal growth.
  2. Heal with other patients who share similar journeys towards recovery— While you are in drug rehab, you will be able to connect with other patients that are going through similar healing journeys within rehab. Patients will undergo group therapy sessions and engage in recreational and social activities that help patients connect with one another leading to long-term support systems that will continue even after you complete your drug rehab program.
  3. Access to effective evidence-based therapy methods— To heal from drug addiction, you must have access to treatment methods that address drug addiction’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual impacts. Through a drug rehab program, patients are offered a whole-person integrated approach to healing that utilizes various therapy methods to target healing from addiction within their body, mind, and spirit.
  4. Opportunities to develop life skills and tools for long-term recovery— A key component of addiction treatment is to develop the tools for relapse prevention that will ensure you can maintain your sobriety easily. Patients are provided with support for relapse prevention planning including skill development for emotional regulation, conflict resolution, and identifying behaviors and emotions that have previously contributed to their addictive behaviors. After completing drug rehab, patients can feel confident in their ability to overcome triggers and remain true to their overarching goals of living in sobriety.
  5. Support offered through a continuum of care— Patients in drug rehab are offered varying levels of care including drug detox, drug rehab, and aftercare planning that will support you in every phase of your recovery journey. No matter where you are in your recovery journey, the team at Muse has the appropriate treatment methods for you to gain long-term addiction recovery and overall healing within your body, mind, and soul.

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