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Flexible Treatment for Addiction Recovery in Santa Clarita

Finding Flexible Treatment for Addiction

An addiction to drugs and alcohol isn’t a condition that a person would ever knowingly ask for or want. However, countless people in Santa Clarita struggle with addiction and, therefore, need access to treatment centers that offer addiction recovery programs. However, it can be difficult for a person to commit to a recovery program unless they provide a certain level of flexibility. Drugs and alcohol treatment programs need to work in the person’s life working through that program; otherwise, they are more likely to revert to their addictive ways. When you’re considering different drug rehabs in and around the San Fernando area, here are some of the questions that you may want to ask to ensure you receive the flexible treatment for addiction recovery in Santa Clarita that you need:

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Do you offer a detox treatment plan?

Partnering with a treatment facility that offers a detox program can help you feel more comfortable with a holistic treatment plan. When you can simply transition into a treatment program immediately after detox, it can take some of the stress and pressure off the premise of addiction treatment.

Where are you located?

The location of your treatment facility is also an essential factor in your recovery plan. Many people feel more comfortable staying closer to home when it comes to their treatment journey. However, several more people think the only way to truly overcome their addiction is by changing the people, places, and things around them. Therefore, it’s essential to learn if your treatment facility of choice has more than one location to pick one that helps you feel more comfortable.

Do you accept private insurance?

Finances are often a leading concern when making decisions regarding a recovery program. However, since addiction is a disease, countless addiction treatment centers accept private insurance, which can significantly offset the cost associated with your treatment plan. A good rule of thumb is to ask the treatment center that you reach out to if they accept private insurance and if they accept your coverage. Suppose you aren’t sure about the terms of your coverage. In that case, you can always ask your intake team or friends and family to help you address these concerns to ensure you receive the flexible treatment for addiction recovery in Santa Clarita you require.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol

There are several reasons why a person may decide to commit to an outpatient treatment program for drugs and alcohol. One of the leading reasons so many people opt to commit to this type of addiction treatment is that it provides them with the opportunity to still work, go to school, or take care of their other personal responsibilities. The majority of rehab centers in Santa Clarita will allow their clients to address their substance abuse through either a general outpatient treatment program or an intensive outpatient program.

The leading difference between a general outpatient treatment plan and an intensive outpatient program is the hourly commitment you will need to make to therapy per week. An intensive outpatient program requires a higher hourly commitment per week than a general outpatient program. You can also transition into an available outpatient program after an intensive outpatient program if you want to continue your recovery journey.

How Does Outpatient Addiction Treatment Work?

Before committing to an outpatient treatment program, you may need to work through a drug detox program. On average, drug detox lasts approximately seven days, with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms manifesting within the first 72 hours of your time in this program. It will be nearly impossible for you to properly care for yourself during this period. You will receive around-the-clock care from your recovery team and have the comfort of knowing that if you experience any severe withdrawal symptoms, you will have a team of addiction experts there for you and with you throughout this stage of your treatment.

Flexible Treatment for Addiction Recovery

When looking for flexible treatment for addiction recovery in Santa Clarita, it’s important to note that regardless of whether you commit to an outpatient treatment program or an inpatient treatment plan, you should always work with a team that will provide you with the personalized level of care and attention you need and deserve. Many people begin their recovery journey in residential treatment primarily because they understand that they need some structure in their recovery. A residential program will provide you with the around-the-clock care you may need as you begin your treatment. However, just because you commit to an inpatient treatment program doesn’t mean there will be no flexibility in your recovery journey. You will still have the opportunity to select the length of your treatment plan, and you will also be an active participant in the framework of your residential program.

Benefits of Flexible Addiction Treatment

There are countless advantages of opting to work through a flexible treatment program. First and foremost, a flexible treatment program allows you to have more control over your recovery. Many people feel they cannot commit to a recovery program because they think they will be giving up nearly every aspect of their lives. However, a flexible schedule gives you more voice in your recovery. Regardless of whether you feel as though you would start better in an inpatient program or you need to jump immediately into an outpatient program, when you partner with a flexible treatment facility, you will always have the peace of mind of knowing that your needs will be paramount as you work with your treatment team.

The leading benefit of flexible treatment for addiction recovery in Santa Claritan is that it provides you with plenty of opportunities to address the root cause of your addiction. The primary way you will work through these traumatic events in your life is by meaningfully participating in different therapy forms. Some of the examples of therapy that you will experience during your time in treatment include:

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a vital part of your recovery journey because it allows you to connect with your treatment team individually. During these therapy sessions, you will have the chance to speak with your treatment team more about events in your life that you may not feel comfortable sharing in a group setting. Also, you will be able to review your treatment plan to ensure that you’re still going in the right direction when it comes to your recovery. If you want to request any changes to your treatment program, individual therapy is the best time to do it.

Family therapy

Your relationships with your friends and family members will typically suffer during the time that you’re in active addiction. When you get to a place in your recovery journey where you can feel as though you’re ready to begin putting your relationships back together with your loved ones, family therapy can help. These counseling sessions take place in a neutral environment so that all participants feel comfortable. Once you’re able to put work into these relationships, you may come to find that your loved ones can provide you with a tremendous sense of support and understanding. These renewed relationships can help you keep you focused on your efforts in recovery and help you continue to build and develop connections with your loved ones.

Group therapy

Group therapy is a beneficial form of therapy because it can help you connect with other people working through their recovery program. Often, when a person is struggling with addiction, they feel as though they are utterly alone in what they are thinking and feeling. However, during group therapy, you will come to learn that other people have had similar experiences and can provide you with a way to work through what you may be thinking or feeling. Group therapy is another example of counseling that can help you build a support system.

Muse Treatment Center’s Flexible Addiction Treatment Programs

At Muse Treatment Center’s flexible treatment for addiction recovery in Santa Clarita, our focus is on providing our clients with the individualized addiction treatment they need to make the most out of their time in our Los Angeles County facility. We have extensive experience assisting clients who have struggled with a myriad of substance use disorders. Whether you’re interested in committing to drug rehab or you’ve been struggling with alcohol addiction, you can rest assured that the recovery team at our Santa Clarita location is here, and we are ready to help you. If you’re interested in learning more about flexible treatment for addiction recovery in Santa Clarita, we encourage you to get in touch with us today at (800) 426-1818.

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