Josh Chandler | April 22, 2021

Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

4 Ways Quitting Drinking Will Make You Healthier

Alcohol addiction can negatively change your life in countless ways. Once addiction takes control, you will quickly see that certain aspects of your mental and physical health will deteriorate. Although the process of recovery is never easy, there are many health benefits of quitting alcohol you will soon notice if you truly commit yourself to it. Once you make that commitment, your life will improve by leaps and bounds.

Health Risks Associated With Drinking Alcohol

When a person is in the midst of addiction, it may be challenging to comprehend the serious health risks associated with alcohol abuse.

Examples of the health risks of alcoholism include:

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive problems
  • Hearing loss
  • Depression
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Fibrosis

Of course, there are also potentially deadly health concerns connected with alcoholism: stroke, cancer, and cirrhosis.

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Health Benefits of Being Sober

There is a multitude of health benefits of quitting alcohol. Here are just a few of the reasons why no longer drinking will make a positive impact on your life, Thankfully, many insurance providers, including Aetna Insurance coverage, recognize the severity of alcohol addiction and often offer support for treatments. :

Improved sleep

One of the consequences of alcohol abuse is throwing off your body’s natural sleep rhythm. In fact, alcohol abuse can lead to insomnia, sleep apnea, or snoring. When you stop drinking during alcohol detox, you quickly notice a balance in your sleep-wake cycle which will go a long way in the quality of your sleep.

Increase in cognitive and critical thinking

An unfortunate consequence of alcoholism is the fact that it can reduce your ability to make informed decisions. As a result, you may take part in risky behavior that can put yourself or others at risk. For example, you may think that you are fine to get behind the wheel. Once you are no longer under the influence of alcohol for even just a few days, you will realize that your thought process is much clearer.

Healthier weight

Along with many other things, alcohol consumption can slow down your metabolism, which can cause you to gain weight. In fact, recent studies have shown that if a person indulges in binge drinking, it’s possible that they can consume up to 600 calories alone just from alcohol. Overcoming your addiction can help you to get to a point in your life where you can begin to focus on your nutritional and physical well-being so you can work toward a healthier weight.

Better looking skin

There are certain physical ramifications of alcohol, including dehydration, inflammation, and jaundice. Jaundice typically manifests itself as a result of long-term alcohol abuse and can result in the appearance of a yellow tinge in your skin. In severe cases, it can also appear in the whites of your eyes. As the alcohol leaves your system, you will slowly but surely see a marked change in your skin as it begins to become more hydrated and have a healthier appearance.

How to Quit Drinking

When you are ready to remove the influence of alcohol in your life, the Muse Treatment team in Los Angeles is here to assist with many treatment options. We work with you personally so you can come to a better understanding of the health benefits of quitting alcohol.

Whether you are interested in an inpatient or outpatient program, we can assist you in finding the best program for you that will help you accomplish the goals you have for yourself for your sobriety. Reach out to a member of our team today at (800) 426-1818. We can address any of your questions or concerns to feel at ease coming to our Los Angeles facility for care.

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Josh Chandler
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