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How Long Does Drug Rehab Last?

Preparing for Drug Rehab

The courage and strength it takes for an individual to reach out and ask for help within an addiction center is a highly commendable action that should be met with support and encouragement from your loved ones. While you know you are ready to address your drug addiction, there are often questions and underlying fears about entering into the unknown environment of drug rehab. The Muse Treatment Center provides patients with transparent communication about inpatient treatment’s day-to-day routine and expectations to ease the anxiety and questions you may have.

Before you embark on your healing journey of inpatient drug rehab, there are initial preparation steps that you can take to ensure that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for what is to come. Take the time to prepare yourself and situate yourself to return home to an environment that fosters a healthy life in long-term sobriety and sober living.

If you have loved ones and pets that you take care of and are responsible for, you must begin to plan who will care for them while you are gone. Often, reaching out to a family member or close friend to ask for help to tend to your loved ones while inpatient treatment is met with open arms and willingness to support in any way possible.

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Patients often express concerns about what will happen within their current job and how rehab will affect their employment. Before you attend drug rehab, individuals are encouraged to speak with their employer to let them know that you need time to take care of yourself and become the best version of yourself. Most employers who appreciate their staff will want to do what they can to support you in obtaining your overarching goals of health and long-term sobriety. There are hesitations about the reaction or potential judgment from your employer; however, you are protected under the Family and Medical Act Leave to have 12 weeks of medical leave that will ensure that your job will be protected and maintained while you focus on your healing within drug rehab.

Preparing yourself by ensuring that any financial or legal responsibilities are taken care of before entering a drug addiction center will allow you to have the peace of mind to focus and engage in the addiction therapy program offered to patients. Ensuring that your bills are paid and up to date will allow you to come home to financial stability and not worry about catching up with bills or service disconnections. If you are experiencing legal problems, you must be open and honest with the courts and judicial system about how your addiction affects your ability to attend court dates or appointments. It reflects positively on you that you are taking the time to better yourself through drug addiction treatment.

Packing for drug rehab often leaves many wanting to pack everything that reminds them of home and brings a sense of comfort and joy. While you intend to provide yourself with the necessities of residence to be comfortable in your new surroundings of inpatient treatment, packing too many things from home can end up becoming a distraction or deterrent for being present in your drug rehab program. Packing only the essentials allows you to remain focused on your healing process within the residential treatment and engage in the various addiction therapy programs.

You are making a commendable decision to heal from your drug addiction. Before you prepare to enter residential treatment, allow yourself the time to connect with your loved ones who have been and are willing to be a positive support for your search for long-term sobriety. Knowing who your circle of support is will allow you to have individuals you can reach out to while in drug rehab and who you can turn to for help as you transition back home after addiction treatment. A positive foundation of support will ensure that you are successful within your newfound life of long-term sobriety.

Lengths of Stay for Drug Rehab

Your drug addiction is unique to you and has developed over time, usually due to your past emotional turmoil and traumatic memories. Just as it took time for your drug addiction to progress, it will take time to heal from the underlying causes of your substance abuse. Patients will have the option of choosing from a 30, 60, or 90-day drug rehab program. Determining the length of time you will attend inpatient treatment will depend on many factors, including your availability and flexibility within your own life and commitments. Whenever possible, it is always recommended to allow yourself to have a longer period within drug rehab to engage in the healing process of substance abuse treatment fully.

After completing your drug rehab program, your journey to sobriety does not end the moment you have completed your inpatient addiction treatment program. To create a long-lasting change for a healthy, stable life in recovery, you must engage in the aftercare of continuing care program. This can look like attending outpatient treatments programs such as intensive outpatient programs where you will still participate in the treatment center for addiction therapy program while receiving the support of addiction counselors as you adjust back to your newfound way of life in sobriety within your home environment.

For others, an aftercare plan may include attending support group meetings within the community such as 12-step or AA meetings or SMART recovery meetings. These community-based meetings support individuals by providing a space to discuss your history with drugs and alcohol addiction and overcome your drug addiction. Individuals can build a community of others living in recovery to become your support and allies within sober living.

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30-Day Drug Rehab

A 30-day drug rehab program is a minimum stay for patients wanting to address their drug addiction. This allows patients time to effectively and safely move through their drug detox within a medical detox environment. As you begin to heal physically from your drug addiction, you will gain the mental strength and stamina to address the emotional and mental dependency through evidence-based treatment methods. Research has shown that to make a long-lasting change; you need a minimum of 28 days to solidify the change you want to make. A 30-day rehab stay will give you enough time to engage in the various addiction treatment methods, and for some, you may recognize that you wish to have longer within drug rehab and want to extend your stay to a more extended period.

60-Day Drug Rehab

For patients who want an in-between option of short-term and long-term drug rehab, choosing a 60-day program drug treatment program will provide you with a sufficient treatment length to address your underlying causes for your drug addiction. Drug addiction is a multifaceted disease that often has multiple layers of emotions and behaviors that need to be peeled away to reach optimal healing for life in long-term sobriety. Allowing yourself to have longer within drug rehab will provide you with time to engage in comprehensive therapy programs that focus on healing from your addiction within your body, mind, and soul.

90-Day Drug Rehab

The longer you can commit to a drug rehab program, the more likely you are to set yourself for success in sobriety. While some patients may have commitments that they need to tend to, whenever possible, it is always recommended that patients give themselves the time they need to heal from drug addiction. Throughout a long-term rehab program, patients can take the time to dive deeper into what has been underneath their addictive behaviors, including emotional turmoils or traumas. Choosing a 90-day program within inpatient drug rehab will provide more time for you to participate in trauma therapy dual diagnosis treatment to address any co-occurring mental health disorders.

Drug Detox: How Long Will It Last?

Your drug detox program will be specific to your unique circumstances and history of substance abuse. If you have engaged in drug abuse for an extended length of time or used drugs and alcohol in larger quantities, your time in drug detox may be longer than someone who has just recently begun engaging in substance abuse. Patients entering into drug detox will often experience the onset of drug withdrawal eight hours after last using drugs. These symptoms will often be mild and will progress to moderate to severe symptoms within days two to five. Typically, patients will overcome their withdrawal symptoms within seven to 10 days.

Getting Help for Drug Addiction at Muse

Muse Treatment Center has developed a drug rehab program that understands and respects the complexity of drug addiction by providing substance abuse treatment that meets each patient’s individual needs. Our team is dedicated to getting to know your unique story and circumstances that have impacted your drug addiction to help provide you with an addiction treatment plan that is specifically designed to assist you in reaching your overarching goals for long-term sobriety. Contact Muse Treatment at (800) 426-1818 today to speak with one of our friendly addiction specialists who will get started on building you a drug rehab program that will empower you to find your passion for life and love for yourself again as you heal from drug addiction.

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