Josh Chandler | November 19, 2021

How Quitting Alcohol Changes Your Appearance

The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

When you are amid your alcohol addiction, you often know the damages that are being done within your inner body. It is common knowledge that alcohol affects your liver functioning and can wreak havoc on your internal organs. However, most individuals don’t realize the impact and toll that alcohol can have on your looks and how quitting alcohol changes your appearance. As you are at the height of your addiction, you often don’t always see the physical signs of how alcohol use impacts your outer appearance. Alcohol can affect your physical appearance by causing you to gain weight, become bloated, and increase the onset of wrinkles. The diuretic components of alcohol can create a deficiency of vitamins being absorbed within your body, dilate blood vessels, and aggravate skin textures, leading to red, puffy skin and irritation within the skin. Often the more patients begin to feel the physical symptoms of alcohol abuse or start to notice differences within the physical appearance, patients will feel stressed and can lead to vicious loops of drinking to cope with the stress and unpleasant emotions patients are experiencing.

Taking the courageous step to remove alcohol from your life will not only positively impact your internal body functioning but will also regain your sense of youth and health within your overall physical appearance. The more sober time you have, you’ll see how quitting alcohol changes your appearance. Often patients who quit alcohol will notice that their physical appearance will change in the following areas:

  • Improved skin conditions
  • Weight loss
  • Improved eye health
  • Improvement in body odor
  • Healthier hair
  • Stable emotional functioning
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Decrease in bloating

As you begin to feel the positive change within your body, patients often find their motivation to remain in alcohol rehab in Los Angeles increases. Living with alcohol addiction usually affects an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. This can be due to the shame and guilt associated with your addictive behaviors but, often, patients recognize that their overall functioning skills and body have begun to show signs of decline due to their drinking. As your physical appearance improves, it often helps patients regain their self-confidence as you not only feel healthy on the outside but will begin to feel more like the person you want to be inside.

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1. Weight Loss

In modern-day society, physical appearance and looks have become the focus of mainstream media. This often perpetuates negative self-image and lack of self-esteem in many individuals. You want to feel good about yourself on the inside while having confidence in your outer appearance. Often, when we feel at our most vulnerable and lacking self-love for ourselves, it can be easy to turn to alcohol to subside unpleasant emotions and self-confidence issues. However, alcohol use can create a self-defeating prophecy as the more alcohol you consume, the higher risk you are for gaining weight and adding unhealthy, empty calories to your diet. The alcohol you consume turns to sugar and, ultimately, will turn to fat. Alcohol use typically targets the abdominal area causing an increase in weight gain.

When you regularly consume alcohol, it can change your metabolic functioning—often slowing down the metabolic rate, which will, in turn, leads to an increase in weight gain within the user. Heavy drinkers who consume more than seven drinks a week drastically increase their chances of weight gain.

An increase in weight gain impacts a patient’s physical appearance and affects your ability to function and maneuver through life without discomfort or pain. Excessive weight gain can cause pressure and stress on an individual’s joints, making daily functioning like walking challenging or affecting the internal organs.

Once you quit alcohol consumption, you will be able to free your body from the empty calories of alcohol and will begin to notice a difference in your body weight. As you lose more weight, you will see an increase in your ability to function in regular daily routines with increased energy.

2. Hair Growth

Regular alcohol consumption can deplete a person’s body of the vitamins and nutrients needed to function correctly. It is commonly misunderstood how proper nourishment and hydration can affect a person’s physical appearance, including hair growth. When you are nutrient deficient, it can create an increase in hair loss and shedding. Often, patients who have been consuming alcohol regularly can show a visible pattern of baldness. Patients with an alcohol addiction have commonly found that the volume and thickness of their hair decreases and becomes brittle.

As you go through alcohol detox and alcohol rehab, you will begin to incorporate a healthy diet, and exercise routine followed with proper, sufficient hydration. Your body will begin to replenish itself with the nutrients it has been lacking, which will, in turn, create sufficient hair growth and volume.

3. Clearer Skin

It is well known that alcohol creates severe levels of dehydration among alcoholics. Additionally, alcohol creates a depletion in vitamin E, which impacts the skin’s elasticity and functioning when paired with dehydration. This often leads patients to have an early onset of wrinkles, poor skin tone, and complexion.

Patients with alcohol addiction often experience red, puffy skin. This is due to a condition called “skin flushing,” which produces redness on the face, nose, and cheeks. Once you can remove the use of alcohol from your life, you will notice the inflammation reduce, and your skin will begin to repair itself to normal functioning.

An additional benefit of quitting alcohol will be your body’s collagen levels increasing. As alcohol is removed from your body, it will return to producing its own collagen, which will improve the skin’s functioning and appearance. Additionally, your body will flush out the toxins of alcohol, and your organs will return to normal, healthy functioning levels. As your inner body becomes healthy, it will radiate through your body and improve the look of your outer body and skin.

Getting Healthy After Alcohol Rehab

Quitting the consumption of alcohol is the first step in moving into a life of sobriety. While alcohol detox is the first initial step to begin rebuilding your well-being, making a lasting change takes time which is why we encourage our patients at Muse to enter into an alcohol rehab program to strengthen their skills and ability for sobriety. Through our comprehensive approaches to treatment, you will receive a multidimensional therapeutic program that will not only focus on your physical health but will place focus on psychotherapy, cognitive retraining, and relapse prevention skills that will be sure to help you maintain your life in recovery.

At Muse Treatment, we encourage our patients to take an introspective look within to find out how quitting alcohol changes your appearance to regain their passion for life again. By going through therapy sessions, themed sessions are available, and educational lectures, you will learn more about the nature of addiction and how it has personally affected you. You will gain insight on various coping strategies that will have you well equipped to handle the ups and downs of life that used to produce triggering feelings and responses. Our expert team of counselors will help you learn more about your emotional awareness and ability to emotionally regulate when in high-stress or uncomfortable situations.

We work with patients through our alcohol rehab programs to learn the benefits of incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. This works to improve your physical appearance and helps to aid in the body’s healing process from alcohol use. Getting your blood flowing and joints moving, you will dramatically increase your body’s level of daily functioning while improving how you feel about your physical health.

Additionally, our patients are offered the opportunity to learn the benefits of a proper, healthy diet. In the height of your addiction, it isn’t always at the forefront of your mind to eat three meals a day and drink plenty of water. Once you enter alcohol rehab, this will become your daily routine. As you integrate this way of life into your routine, you will notice an improvement in your overall physical health, emotional functioning, and well-being.

Our hope for our patients is that you feel like a brand new version of yourself when you leave our doors. Through our structured daily routine, we are working to provide you with the skills and knowledge of the benefits of incorporating a healthy, daily solid routine into your life that will improve your emotional health and increase your physical strength and abilities. If you want to learn more about the alcohol detox near me that Muse Treatment has to offer. Contact our friendly staff today at (800) 426-1818 to find out when you can start rebuilding and redefining the life you want by learning how quitting alcohol changes your appearance.

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Josh Chandler
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