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How to Overcome Drug Addiction in Los Angeles

Struggling With Drug Addiction

If you were to ask any person struggling with a drug addiction whether or not they hoped for this type of serious condition as they were growing up, the answer would almost certainly be no. When you find yourself struggling with a substance abuse condition, you will quickly discover that every aspect of your life revolves around that addiction. Slowly but surely, you will recognize that you’re unable to do anything in your life if it doesn’t involve your substance of choice. This is why you must reach out to one of the treatment centers in Los Angeles, California, and learn more about the addiction treatments that are available to you. A Los Angeles drug rehab will help you address your addiction and assist you in putting together a treatment program that can help you live your life in a healthier and more fulfilling way.

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When Is It Time for Drug Rehab

Identifying when is the right time to commit to an addiction treatment program is critical for your overall recovery. However, there are several telltale signs that you need to take control of your life and your addiction for your own health and well-being. For instance, if you’re struggling to maintain your job or have lost your job due to your substance abuse, it’s time to consider committing to an addiction treatment program. Also, if your physical and psychological health is suffering from your substance abuse, then it’s time for you to take serious steps to tackle your addiction. The specific details of your addiction are something that you will be able to speak with your intake team more about when you initially reach out to them.

Drug Rehab Treatment Options

There are several different options that you have when it comes to treatment options to address your drug addiction. Regardless of whether you opt to commit to an inpatient or an outpatient program, you will participate in certain forms of therapy that will help you better understand the root cause of your addiction and help you understand what steps you take to maintain your sobriety. There are several forms of therapy that you may experience during your addiction treatment. For instance, group therapy can help you develop a connection with other clients working through their own addiction treatment programs. Having this type of interaction can help you recognize that you’re not alone in your treatment journey and provide you with a better foundation.

Another form of therapy that you may find incredibly helpful is family therapy. If you have had a falling out with your family due to your substance abuse, you may find that family therapy can help put your relationship back together. These therapy sessions will not occur until you come to a place in your relationship where you’re ready for it. It will only be done in a neutral environment to ensure everyone feels comfortable.

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What Is Drug Detox Like?

One of the understandable questions that many clients have regarding addiction treatment is whether or not they will need to go through a detox program before committing to an inpatient or an outpatient program. In the majority of cases, the answer will be yes. From the time you reach out to an intake team, they will go through a series of questions regarding the severity of your addiction. From there, your intake team will help you put together a detox plan. In most cases, you will need to spend approximately seven days in a detox program. You can expect to experience withdrawal symptoms within the first few hours of your time in detox, with the worst of your withdrawal symptoms developing within the first 72 hours of your time in detox. However, once you get toward the end of your week in detox, you will begin to feel more like yourself and be in a much better place to address the psychological aspects of your addiction.

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Drug Rehab

Many people think that the only option they have to overcome their drug addiction is to commit to a residential treatment program. However, any top-rated Los Angeles drug rehab will tell you that a substance abuse treatment program needs to come in many different shapes and forms. One of the most important decisions you will need to make regarding your addiction treatment is whether you will commit to an inpatient treatment program or an outpatient program.

If you need to work through a detox program, you may find it easier to navigate an inpatient treatment plan. An inpatient or residential treatment program will follow the same model as your detox program. You will have the opportunity to live on the campus of the treatment facility that you have chosen, which gives you the peace of mind of having around-the-clock care and treatment from your addiction treatment team. Also, you will be able to interact and communicate with other people who are also working through their addiction treatment, which can help keep you motivated and focused on the steps you are taking to work through your addiction.

However, if you cannot commit to an inpatient treatment program due to work or school, you would be suitable for an outpatient program. Any top-rated treatment facility will allow you to take advantage of an intensive outpatient program or a general outpatient program.

Aftercare and Relapse Prevention

It’s important to understand that while initially working through a substance abuse treatment program is essential, addiction recovery is a journey you will be on. This is one of the leading reasons why you must find a drug treatment center that will also provide you with the opportunity to commit to aftercare and relapse prevention options. This can include a general aftercare program, or it could also provide you with resources to locate local Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that you can attend.

How to Find the Best Drug Rehab

You can take several steps to ensure that you find the right addiction treatment center. Here are a few recommendations of the steps that you can take:

Ask about insurance

Many people are understandably concerned about the cost of an addiction treatment program. However, did you know that it’s possible that you may not have to pay anything or very little out of pocket if you have private insurance? Several treatment facilities, including Muse Treatment, accept private insurance coverage. This can help to offset the overall cost of your treatment program and, in turn, ease some of the stress that you may be feeling when it comes to any financial pressures. It can also help you focus on working through your treatment program instead of stressing out about money.

Reach out to the intake team

One of the best things that you can do when trying to find the right addiction treatment center is to take the time to reach out to the intake team at that facility. This process will allow you to ask about the amenities and programs for our rehab center. You will be able to ask any of your questions regarding what you can expect in treatment. Don’t forget that if you’re unable to make this phone call on your own, you can always reach out for help from a friend or family member. Muse Treatment Center, for example, is always happy to speak with friends or family members who are reaching out for more information about their loved ones.

Muse Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

At Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles, we focus on providing every client with the assistance they need to overcome their addiction and substance abuse issues. Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a combination of drug addiction and mental health disorders or you have been through the addiction treatment process before you and need to adjust your levels of care. You can take comfort in the fact that our addiction specialists will provide you with the tools you need to tackle your addiction once and for all. For more information regarding the levels of care we offer at our drug and alcohol treatment centers near Los Angeles, California, we encourage you to get in touch with us today at (800) 426-1818.

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Josh Chandler
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