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How to Prepare for Inpatient Drug Rehab Beverly Hills

Planning For Drug Rehab

You have made the courageous choice to enter into a drug rehab program and change your life for the better. But now, you are left wondering what the next steps are and how best you can prepare for these upcoming changes and drug rehab programs. While you feel ready to put your life of addiction and pain behind you, many still are unsure how they will maintain their lifestyle and commitments while entering into drug rehab. We know that coming into a drug rehab program doesn’t mean that you can put your life on hold and just walk away from your daily responsibilities. The compassionate staff at Muse Treatment want to help make your transition into drug rehab a smooth one by eliminating stress and barriers that may be in place. This process requires taking the time to prepare for your time in recovery properly and assuring that all your commitments are handled so you can free your mind of the stress of the outside world when you enter into inpatient drug rehab for Beverly Hills residents.

While it may seem like contrary advice due to the levels of stress or anxiety you may be feeling, it is best to try and relax the best you can before you come into treatment. This will help you stay focused on the present and the emotions coming up to help keep you calm as you begin to prepare for the next life-changing chapter in your life. Teaching yourself meditation methods and centering yourself will also be helpful once you enter into drug rehab. For many, coming into a new environment, such as a rehab center, may bring up feelings of fear or anxiety. As you work through your drug rehab program, you will have the self-regulation skills and methods of reducing stress to keep you present at the moment and focus on your recovery goals.

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Telling Friends and Family About Drug Rehab

There is an unfortunate stigma associated with attending a drug rehab program in modern-day society, which often leaves individuals to harbor shame and guilt for their addiction. Due to the feelings of shame, many don’t feel like they can be open with friends or family about the extent of their addiction. When it comes time to enter into drug rehab, many patients are left wondering how best to approach their loved ones with the news of your upcoming rehab journey. While you may have fears of their reaction, many are surprised by the level of support they receive from loved ones. It is common for those around you to have already recognized the depths your addiction has reached, and they want to see you be able to return to your old self. Inpatient drug rehab in Beverly Hills will provide you with family therapy options that will help improve the levels of communication and trust between you and your loved ones.

Some patients may be concerned about their children and who will care for them while you are away at an inpatient drug rehab in Beverly Hills. We recognize the immense level of care and concern you have for your children and that you want them to be in the best hands possible. We often suggest to our parents coming into our drug rehab program to look within their own circle of support for someone you trust to watch and care for your kids as you take the time to focus on yourself. Often people will turn to their spouses, parents, siblings, or trusted friends to keep an eye on their children. If these options aren’t available, our supportive team of men and women will support you in finding an alternative such as daycare or child care that will meet your requirements and financial needs.

Handle Work Obligations

We often hear patients’ concerns about maintaining employment and losing your job as you start your drug rehab journey. While we understand the fear associated with job loss and the need for financial security, this does not have to be sacrificed when you take the time to heal yourself from addiction within a drug rehab program. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, you are entitled to take 12 weeks off for health-related concerns, including addiction treatment within a drug rehab program. During this time, you can rest assured that you will have a job to return to as companies are obligated to hold your position as you take the time away from work you need to heal from your addiction.

Once patients are in drug rehab, it is often asked what employers need to know when they return to work. In short, your employer does not need to know that you have been focusing on yourself and removing addiction from your life. You can choose to share as much or as little as you want about your recovery journey.

Packing for Inpatient Drug Rehab

With patients experiencing fear and anxiety around their upcoming rehab stay, many will have the strong desire to pack themselves full of items that give them the comforts of home. While we want our patients to be comfortable, we also encourage them to bring what they need, not everything they want. This means getting the clothes, toiletries, and bare minimum for extra items. We find that when patients come to inpatient drug rehab in Beverly Hills with an excess of things from home, it often will serve you an injustice to your healing process as you become more consumed with the items from home rather than focusing on the emotional and mental work that goes into a drug treatment program. Learning to unplug from your electronics and extra luxury items will actually increase your ability to handle future triggers after you leave drug rehab without having to turn to drugs or other mood-altering behaviors.

Keep a Journal

Before you enter rehab and begin your drug rehab stay, an important tool to help you process your emotions and thoughts about ridding yourself of your addiction is keeping a journal. As you go through the many therapeutic models offered, you will undoubtedly have unpleasant or foreign emotions emerge that you will need to process. Taking the time to write down your feelings or even reflections from your day will allow you the time to release any uncomfortable emotions and help you to problem solve on your own about how best to proceed with your recovery journey while honoring what you are feeling in that moment.

Journaling is an effective tool for working through your own desires for achieving sobriety and your recovery goals. The more clean time you have, the more clarity you can gain on seeing yourself in this newfound sober lifestyle. Journaling can act as a self planner to help you identify how you want to achieve those goals.

Lastly, journaling provides you with a written paper trail that will help you document your entire recovery journey. Often as you get more sober time under your belt, you move further and further away from the negative memories associated with drug use. If you have taken the time to journal through your recovery journal, it can act as a good self-reflection tool to see how far you have come and the past you do not wish to return to.

Have a Plan for Aftercare

Many believe that to heal from addiction means that you need to enter into an inpatient drug rehab program, and once you complete your program, you will be healed of your addiction. In all actuality, inpatient drug rehab in Beverly Hills is merely the first step towards your newfound life in sobriety. The next essential piece of your recovery journey is a solid aftercare plan. This is the critical time when you take what you have learned in drug rehab and apply it to your everyday life. Whether you choose to participate in outpatient rehab programs, support groups such as AA or NA, or aftercare sessions with other alumni patients, there are many options to choose from. Aftercare will work to keep you focused on your recovery as you begin to incorporate the routines of your old life while working to maintain your new life in recovery. Through the support of counselors, you will have someone to support you as you navigate your way through the challenging moments that come up while also celebrating your success in sobriety.

Inpatient Drug Rehab at Muse

Beverly Hills residents that need support removing their drug addiction from their life in a safe, controlled environment will turn to the friendly, supportive staff at Muse Treatment. Our team works tirelessly to ensure each patient’s unique story is valued and honored. When you walk through our doors, we give you a completely individualized treatment program that targets your self-identified growth areas and goals for recovery. Through evidence-based treatment methods, you will complete your drug rehab and understand the underlying reasons for your addiction all along. With your new skill set, including emotional regulation, relapse prevention skills, and day-to-day life skills, you will leave our program equipped to manage the ups and downs of life while maintaining complete sobriety. Call us at (800) 426-1818 to learn more.

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