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Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

What Is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

When you’re ready to consider addiction treatment in Orange County, there are several things that you will need to factor in. For many people, the answer to the type of addiction treatment program they would like to commit to is clear. They simply don’t live in an environment conducive to drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Therefore, they decided to commit to one of the residential treatment programs offered through an Orange County rehab. 

A residential treatment plan, also commonly referred to as an inpatient program, will provide you with the around-the-clock care and support you need as you begin to work through your addiction to a drug or alcohol. When you pick a top-rated treatment facility, you can take comfort in the fact that their team will provide you with specialized drug and alcohol treatment along with a safe and sober environment where you will be able to recover and tackle your substance abuse once and for all. 

It’s important to note, however, that residential treatment plans are not the only options that are available to you when you’re ready to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction. If you feel as though you cannot commit to an inpatient program, you can always speak with your intake team about committing to an outpatient program which offers more flexibility in comparison to an inpatient program. Clients who work or go to school often pick this option simply because it will allow them to receive the care they need while still seeing to other responsibilities in their lives. 

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Is Inpatient Drug Rehab The Right Choice?

Substance use disorders are something that no person ever wants to struggle with. However, countless people in Orange County and worldwide are seriously impacted by drugs and alcohol every day. The question is not if, but when you’re ready to reach out to one of the luxury rehabs in the Orange County area, what type of treatment program would you like to commit to. 

For many people, the choice is clear. The only way for them to meaningfully and finally overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol is by committing to an inpatient treatment program through a treatment facility that will provide them with customized treatment plans to overcome any issues they have, not only with addiction but mental illness as well. There are several signs that you may have come to the point in your life where you’re ready to accept treatment in Southern California. Here are a few examples: 

  • You’ve become anti-social 
  • You have lost touch with your friends and family members as a result of your substance abuse
  • You’re struggling to maintain your job responsibilities 
  • Frequently changing doctors 
  • You’re suffering from serious health issues as a result of your addiction 

Without professional help, quitting alcohol or drugs can be extremely difficult. See how the process can harm your body here:

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What to Expect During Inpatient Drug Rehab

It’s important to remember that a top-rated treatment center will help you customize a personalized treatment plan to suit your needs. This means that another person’s experience during the time that they were in addiction treatment may be very different from that of another person. Therefore, you must be upfront and completely transparent with your treatment team regarding the extent of your addiction from the moment that you reach out. This will help your team put together a basis for your addiction treatment program so you have a better understanding of what you can expect during the time that you’re in recovery. Keep in mind that an addiction treatment program is fluid, which means that your treatment program may change as time goes on. Your treatment team will continue to check in with you throughout your time in treatment to ensure that you are still on the right track. 

How Long Is Inpatient Drug Rehab?

Like other attributes of your addiction recovery plan, the length of time you spend in an inpatient rehab program is up to you. Many people simply cannot commit more than 30 days to an inpatient program because of some of their responsibilities. Other people only spend 30 days in treatment because they are not 100% sure that addiction treatment is for them. Many other people recognize the importance of this type of treatment right off the bat. As a result, they are eager to commit to a longer 60 or 90-day treatment program. Remember, you can always extend your treatment program at any time. This means that you can begin with a 30-day program and opt to expand it into a 60 or 90-day recovery program simply by speaking with your addiction treatment team. 

Detox During Inpatient Rehab

One of the levels of care you may need to experience before committing to one of the luxury rehabs in Orange County is drug detox. Depending on the severity of your drug or alcohol addiction, it’s possible that you could experience serious withdrawal symptoms, which would make it all but impossible for you to physically care for yourself, let alone actively participate in addiction or mental health treatment. On average, detox is usually something that lasts approximately seven days. However, this timeframe may be something that could be extended depending on the severity of your addiction. Most people will experience the height of their addiction within the first three days of their time in detox. Toward the end of that week, you will be in a much better position to tackle the aspects of your addiction that are holding you back from living a more fulfilling life. 

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

The benefits associated with inpatient drug treatment are seemingly endless. However, if you find yourself on the fence about committing to this type of recovery option, here are just a few examples of why this could be the best option for you: 

Structured program 

When you were in active addiction, your life was probably incomplete and in total disarray. Unfortunately, chaos is one of the leading traits associated with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. When you’re in inpatient care, you will understand the critical impact that a structured schedule can have on your overall recovery. You will wake up at a set time every day, have different forms of therapy throughout your day, and understand the steps you have to take when you adjust back to life outside of addiction treatment. Of course, your team of addiction experts will be there with you and for you every step of the way. 

Removed from temptations 

Do you live with a person that is struggling with their own addiction? Perhaps you live in an area near where you used to purchase your drug or drink of choice? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, you could be more at risk for addiction temptation. However, when you remove yourself from these possibilities for some time, you’re more likely to focus on the steps you need to take to work through your addiction and overcome your addiction once and for all. 

Around the clock treatment 

One of the best advantages of committing to an inpatient treatment program is that you will enjoy the around-the-clock care and attention from your recovery team. When you select the right addiction treatment program, you will access your recovery team whenever you need them. Regardless of whether you’re struggling with something that you may have heard that day or you’re internally struggling with something that you may not have said to anyone else in the past, your addiction treatment team will help you through every aspect of your recovery journey. 

Muse Best Inpatient Drug Rehab Orange County

At Muse Treatment Center in beautiful Orange County, California, you can rest assured that our recovery team will provide you with the comprehensive and holistic level of care that you need as you begin to address your drug or alcohol addiction. We understand how completely addiction can take over your life which is why the team at our treatment center always goes the extra mile to provide our clients with addiction treatments that have high success rates. 

Regardless of whether you have struggled with a personality disorder or you have an anxiety disorder, as one of the best Orange County addiction treatment center options, we will assist you through all of the details associated with your substance use disorders. For more information about why we are one of the top rehab centers in Orange County or to learn more about our drug addiction treatment options, please get in touch with us at (800) 426-1818 today.

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