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Inpatient Rehab Burbank

The Best Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Burbank

Society sometimes tells us that having an addiction means you have failed somehow or that you have an inherent character flaw that caused you to turn to substance abuse. The truth is that anybody, given the right set of circumstances, can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is easy to tell yourself it won’t happen to you. Still, if you find yourself unable to stop using prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol, or other substances, you can reach out to Muse Treatment’s inpatient rehab in Burbank. Addiction is not shameful, and you do not have to hide it anymore.

Our inpatient drug rehab center in Burbank will help you face it head-on by offering a medical detox program to keep you safe and comfortable as you first quit using the substances. We will then help you move directly into inpatient rehab, where you will work on your underlying issues and gain new skills to help you remain sober long-term.

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Inpatient Drug Rehab Burbank

Inpatient rehab in Burbank is an essential step in addiction recovery once you complete a detox program. If you return home after detoxing, you will have the same mindset and be in the same position you were before, with the same people, environment, and stress, which will cause your risk of relapsing to be very high.

At our inpatient rehab in Burbank, we will work alongside you to customize your addiction treatment program to best suit your needs, preferences, and budget. This will allow you to set and meet post-rehab goals, deal with unresolved trauma and underlying mental health issues, and move on with your life without needing to use drugs or alcohol as a crutch.

In both short-term (30 days) and long-term (60 to 90 days) rehab programs, you will typically spend a few days to a few weeks in detox before moving into our inpatient facility. During the day, you will work on your sobriety through a multifaceted program that may include treatments like:

  • Behavioral therapy or other one-on-one therapy
  • Nutrition and physical fitness counseling
  • Educational programs and lectures
  • Group therapy and process groups
  • Mindfulness
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Life skills/vocational skills programs
  • Spirituality and 12-step methodologies

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Burbank

We can also help you with our inpatient alcohol rehab program. Your medically assisted detox will keep you comfortable as you stop drinking, with our medical staff ensuring you remain safe as the alcohol leaves your system. You will then move into a 30 to 90-day rehab program to ensure you have all the support you need as you get to the root of your alcohol addiction in a drug- and alcohol-free facility.

First Detox Then Rehab

There are several distinct phases in our inpatient rehab Burbank addictions programs. These are:

  • Intake: we will get to know more about you through a medical screening, a psychological exam, and an in-depth interview, gathering information so we can help you decide on the type of program and therapies that will best benefit you in your recovery.
  • Detox: After intake, our medical team, as well as counselors and therapists, will oversee and help you through your detox. Prescription medications may be given to help with any physical discomfort, and you will have full emotional support as the drugs/alcohol leave your system. We will ensure you remain safe, with 24-hour clinical staff available.
  • Rehab: After detox is over, you will transition into rehab, in which you will dig deep with the help of our experts to get to the root of your addiction, work on yourself and obtain new recovery skills that you can use for the rest of your life.
  • Aftercare: Once your time in rehab is over; you will have the option of outpatient treatment and aftercare programs. These are customized to your needs and the intensity and frequency of treatments that can evolve as your needs change over time.

Couples Inpatient Rehab

When you and your loved one find that using drugs or alcohol is the only time you can relate to one another, you may want to enter couples rehab. Couples rehab at our inpatient drug rehab center in Burbank is a specialized rehab program that will allow each of you to work on yourselves as individuals, but with the addition of couples therapy to help you gain a healthier and substance-free relationship. Alongside drug and alcohol therapy and counseling, you will work on the health of your relationship, gaining tools to focus on getting sober together and strengthening your relationship.

Pet-Friendly Inpatient Rehab

Muse Treatment is a pet-friendly facility, so you won’t have to leave your animal friend behind as you enter inpatient rehab in Burbank. On top of removing a barrier to entering rehab for many people, we believe having your pet around can be beneficial because:

  • They provide unconditional love, companionship, and emotional support.
  • They help with stress, depression and improve physical and mental states of being.
  • They can lower heart rates and blood pressure.
  • They provide a sense of purpose and improve feelings of self-worth.

Short Term Inpatient Rehab

When you first enter a rehab program, you will likely be wondering how long it will take. You will have to leave your home and probably take some time off work or school to attend inpatient rehab. Our minimum recommended stay is a 30-day program.

Inpatient rehab is beneficial because it gets you out of your old routines, locations and away from the people and situations that will cause you to relapse. In our 30-day program, you will have a month with full days of therapy, education, support, and medical oversight to ensure you remain safe as you work on yourself, surrounded by a community of your peers. You will have time and space away from stresses and triggers, and you will be able to assess more accurately what is essential to you in your life without outside influences.

Long Term Inpatient Rehab

Everybody entering rehab is different, with unique health issues, goals, and histories. Your ideal length of stay in inpatient rehab depends on factors like what drug or other substances you are quitting, your level of addiction, and your home life.

Many people require longer than 30 days to heal, and at Muse Treatment’s inpatient drug rehab center in Burbank, we have 60 and 90-day programs, along with extended outpatient and aftercare programs, so you can have help for as long as you need it. These more extended programs are beneficial for anybody with a dual diagnosis, a history of relapsing, or people who are otherwise resistant to treatment. The longer you remain in inpatient rehab, the lower your chance of relapsing will be.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

The benefits of inpatient drug and alcohol rehab include:

  • Access to a medical detox before entering rehab, which is the recommended detox method. It will keep you as safe and as comfortable as possible as your body recalibrates.
  • A minimum of 30 days in a safe environment away from your usual places, people, and triggers that may result in a relapse.
  • Good, quality time spent with peers who get where you are coming from and with whom you may create new, sober friendships.
  • Being surrounded by highly trained and professional staff who genuinely care about your well-being and will be there to help you physically, emotionally, and spiritually heal from your addiction.
  • A customized treatment plan specifically created to best suit you, target your specific needs, and help you get to the underlying cause of your addiction through individual and group therapy, counseling, education, physical activity, and meeting spiritual needs.
  • A variety of treatment options to choose from so you remain engaged and interested in treatment, and so we can best customize your program to suit your preferences and needs. These include behavioral therapy, art therapy, EMDR, nutritional counseling and physical fitness programs, relapse prevention training, vocational training, life-skills training, and family therapy to get to the underlying root of your addiction and help you move on with your life.
  • Proper psychological treatment is provided through dual diagnosis programs for those with a co-occurring mental health condition.
  • Access to our multifaceted and integrated continuum of care that will lead you seamlessly through detox, inpatient rehab, and beyond into outpatient programs, sober living homes, sober alumni groups, and other aftercare programs. This will last long after your rehab program is over; you will have continued connections to a welcoming sober community.

Inpatient Rehab at Muse Treatment for Burbank Residents

Muse Treatment’s inpatient rehab in Burbank program offers an integrated continuum of care that will help you create new habits that will stick, so your addiction won’t run your life anymore. We will lead you through detox into inpatient rehab, continuing into outpatient and aftercare programs for as long as you need them, and with our help, you will be able to heal your mind, body, and spirit. We will keep you safe as you work to find the underlying causes of your addiction through education, therapy, group work, self-expression, and physical activity. We even have family therapy sessions that can help you reconnect with loved ones and heal damaged relationships. Contact us today at (800) 426-1818 to learn more about our inpatient drug rehab center Burbank.

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