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Los Angeles Holistic Drug Rehab: What You Need to Know

What Is a Holistic Drug Rehab Program?

A holistic drug rehab program focuses on the whole individual–not just their addiction. Even so, holistic programs may differ from one rehab to another. One holistic drug rehab in Los Angeles might offer acupuncture and yoga as part of its holistic treatment options, and another might feature nutrition, massage, and saltwater therapy. Many holistic treatment programs rely on ancient or natural therapeutic practices to promote mental and physical wellness.

Today, people who have a substance use disorder have lots of options when it comes to addiction treatment. Increasingly, more and more people are choosing to enroll in a Los Angeles holistic drug rehab for substance abuse treatment. Muse Treatment features clinically driven addiction treatment complemented by holistic therapies. These types of comprehensive treatment approaches provide clients with a solid foundation on which to build their long-term recovery.

If you are addicted to prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or alcohol, Muse Treatment can help with our treatment programs like medical detox, inpatient rehab treatment, and outpatient rehab treatment. We offer a wide range of treatment approaches, including evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and holistic treatments such as art therapy, life skills, and stress reduction.

At Muse Treatment, we feature holistic treatments and our medically sanctioned and traditional addiction therapies. Together, our treatment modalities provide a robust level of whole-person support that can help clients effectively manage their addiction. It’s helpful to remember that substance addiction is a chronic condition, and while there isn’t a cure for addiction, it can be successfully managed. Programs that feature holistic therapies provide clients with more tools and resources for managing their triggers, which is extremely important for transitioning back to their everyday lives.

Clients choose Muse Treatment because we offer a diverse range of therapies and various levels of care. We tailor our treatment to suit each client’s needs. Clients enrolled in Muse programs can expect to participate in individual and group therapy sessions. A holistic drug rehab in Los Angeles provides clients with the well-rounded support they need to manage their addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

If you’re suffering from a substance use disorder, enrolling in treatment now can help you safeguard your health and other vital aspects of your life. Let Muse Treatment help you end your dependence on drugs or alcohol and get your life and health back on track.

Addiction threads itself into most aspects of a person’s life, affecting their relationships, finances, jobs, and health. Traditional addiction treatments necessarily focus on the addiction itself–its triggers and stages of relapse. Still, holistic treatments provide clients with support for managing their triggers and rebuilding their lives and health.

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What Are the Benefits of a Holistic Drug Rehab Program?

Addiction treatment centers offering holistic rehab therapies can benefit clients in several ways. For example, holistic therapies provide excellent opportunities for stress reduction. Why is it essential to manage stress? Stress is a significant trigger for using drugs or alcohol. Relapse prevention strategies always include stress reduction as a means of managing triggers. Stress and negative emotions are facts of life, but it is possible to cope with them in healthy ways that do not lead to drug or alcohol abuse. Holistic therapies provide clients with healthy ways to manage their stress.

Holistic therapy supports both mental and physical health. Stress can detract from psychological and physical health in many ways, and Holistic support focuses on whole-person wellness. Clients learn to manage their stress better and get help for eating better, working better, and living better. A healthy life is a part of a strong defense against the triggers to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Managing all aspects of one’s life successfully promotes confidence and improved self-esteem. Holistic therapies target many different elements of a person’s life. When a person’s life is on track, they’re less likely to relapse. That’s important since relapse rates are high. Complete health involving psychological, physical, and even spiritual health leaves clients feeling more empowered and more able to protect their recovery progress.

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How Holistic Therapy Can Support Addiction Treatment

Holistic therapy isn’t typically a replacement for conventional, clinically driven therapies. Even so, many clients prefer holistic therapies and find them extremely helpful for managing their triggers and cravings. At Muse Treatment, our holistic therapies complement our evidence-based treatment programs like cognitive behavioral therapy, providing an excellent balance that results in more well-rounded support.

When it comes to substance use disorders, many interlinked factors drive it. Addiction can take over a person’s whole life, so it makes sense to target the entire person regarding treatment. Research has shown that clients are more satisfied with addiction treatment programs that offer holistic therapies in combination with traditional treatment modalities.

Moreover, many people continue with their holistic practices long after rehab to maintain their recovery progress. For example, having experienced the calming benefits of meditation during rehab, clients typically choose to continue the practice after leaving rehab because it helps them cope with their stress and other triggers to use drugs or alcohol. When clients feel good mentally and physically, they’re less inclined to turn to drugs and alcohol.

Los Angeles holistic drug rehab

Holistic Treatment Options at Muse Treatment Center

Muse Treatment has developed a full continuum of care that includes detox programs, residential treatment, and outpatient programs. In addition to conventional treatments like psychotherapy and medication-assisted treatment, we offer holistic treatments that support recovery. We treat the whole individual, supporting their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being as they heal.

Our holistic and alternative therapies, like art therapy and life skills, help clients develop new skills for improving their lives and managing their addictions. Substance abuse disorders affect the entire person, so it makes perfect sense to provide the support that targets the whole person too. At Muse, clients can expect to participate in traditional and holistic therapies, and this full level of support is conducive to recovery and relapse prevention.

If you are struggling with a heroin addiction, alcohol addiction, or other substance abuse problem, turn to Muse Treatment to get the help you need to end your unhealthy dependence on drugs and alcohol. Our clinicians and addiction specialists are highly trained and committed to treating clients with the dignity and respect they deserve. We’ve created a positive and safe environment where clients can find the help they need to manage addiction successfully.

By enrolling in our Los Angeles holistic drug rehab, you can take control of your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. Addiction may demand center stage in your life, but you can minimize its hold on your life with treatment. Our addiction treatment center features luxurious amenities and empathetic treatment specialists. We’ll support you each step of the way during your treatment programs.

Contact Muse Treatment at (800) 426-1818 to learn more about our holistic offerings and traditional treatments. We’ve streamlined our enrollment process to help clients move into treatment as quickly as possible. Let us tailor a treatment program for you to achieve the recovery you crave.

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