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Navigating Inpatient Alcohol Detox Centers in Los Angeles

The growing need for comprehensive addiction treatment within a safe, accredited Los Angeles inpatient detox center may be due, in part, to the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most of America, the amount of drug and alcohol use in Los Angeles has skyrocketed since 2020. According to a recent report made by the Public Health Office of LA County, the number of alcoholic liver cirrhosis deaths is rising, and the tangible costs of alcohol-related issues to the county due to lost productivity, health care, and other costs is $11.4 billion per year.  

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The Growing Need for Inpatient Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles

Quitting alcohol is not a simple process, even if you have only been drinking heavily for a short period. The changes that drinking makes to your brain chemistry can cause serious side effects ranging from discomfort and anxiety to severe seizures and delirium tremens, and it is always recommended to enter a medically supervised detox program. Inpatient detox programs for alcohol use disorder in Los Angeles can help anybody struggling with addiction, and for some, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Muse Treatment is a Los Angeles detox center that offers safe, effective programming and a holistic approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction. At Muse, we aim to help every person who comes through our door heal their body, mind, and spirit starting with inpatient detox, followed by a range of personalized treatment options, to help each individual recover from addiction at their own pace.  

What to Expect from a Los Angeles Inpatient Alcohol Detox Center

When you arrive at a Los Angeles inpatient alcohol detox center, the first step is assessment. Every person is unique, and the doctors, nurses, addiction experts, therapists, and counselors who are going to treat you need to get to know a little about you before you begin. This involves a medical and psychiatric screening process, including an interview and a medical examination. They will ask you questions about your health, your history of drug use, and more. The more they learn about you initially, the better they can build a tailored treatment program that suits your needs. For example, if you have an undiagnosed mental health disorder like depression or bipolar disorder and an alcohol use disorder, you may need a dual diagnosis treatment plan to set you up for success.

Once you are ready, you will begin the Los Angeles alcohol detox and rehab process. This is often a very challenging time, because of the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms you may experience. Without medical care and treatment, alcohol withdrawal can also become dangerous to your health.

At Muse, our team will make sure you stay safe. We provide a medical detox program with 24-hour supervision and medical care so that dangerous withdrawal symptoms like high fever, seizures, and delirium tremens don’t become life-threatening. We can provide prescription doses of medications, among other treatments, to keep you well. There will also be therapy and counseling available to you to help with the emotional and psychological side effects that detox can have. There is no need to suffer unnecessarily.

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Key Services Offered by Los Angeles Inpatient Alcohol Detox Centers

Some of the key services that you can expect when you enter a Los Angeles inpatient alcohol detox center like Muse include:

  • A comfortable place to stay, in a shared or private room.
  • 24-hour medical care and oversight provided by licensed, experienced doctors, nurses, and addiction experts.
  • Prescription medications to help you stay safe and comfortable, tailored to your unique needs.
  • Psychiatric care, including therapy and prescription medications if required.

At Muse, we go above and beyond to ensure that everybody within our care feels safe and cared for, day and night. We provide healthy, nutritionally balanced meals, counseling sessions, holistic practices, and meditation to help you deal with the stress and discomfort that comes with alcohol detox. You are more than a physical dependency, and our programs integrate mental wellness, spirituality, and holistic healing practices with evidence-based therapies to give you a better chance of staying sober long-term.

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The Benefits of Choosing an Inpatient Detox Center in Los Angeles

Choosing residential alcohol detox (Los Angeles) offers many benefits that you will not have if you choose to detox on your own. These include:

  • Safety: Alcohol detox is not safe to do at home, and should always be done under medical supervision. If you choose not to go to a treatment center, you should detox in a hospital or another medical setting. An LA inpatient detox center will provide you with all the medical care you need, including preventative treatments that will stop seizures and other serious issues from occurring.
  • Comfort: Not only will you have a comfortable, quiet, and supportive place to stay while detoxing, but doctors in inpatient detox centers can provide you with medications and treatments to reduce pain, nausea, and anxiety so you can rest as your body purges the toxins from your system.
  • Expert diagnosis: Along with help quitting alcohol, treatment centers can also diagnose other issues you may be dealing with, and provide care you may not find elsewhere. Many people with substance use disorders also have mental health issues, or they may be dealing with trauma or pain that can be treated safely within a professional detox and rehabilitation program.
  • Rehabilitation options: Quitting drinking takes a lot more than a quick two-week detox plan. Alcohol use disorders stem from underlying issues which can be physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, social, or all of the above. A tailored rehab program can help you find new ways to think, act, and process the world around you while giving you the tools you need to live a happier, healthier sober life.

Personalized Care in Los Angeles Alcohol Detox Programs

Not only will your personalized alcohol detox program be based on how much you have been drinking, but it will also be created, taking into account any other substances you were using, your age, your overall health, your mental well-being, your insurance coverage, and your preferences. Your needs will be professionally assessed by a team of knowledgeable doctors and mental health professionals so that you will receive the full range of treatments needed to keep you healthy.

At Muse inpatient detox (Los Angeles) treatment center, we will work with you collaboratively to put together a comprehensive treatment plan that leads you from detox through rehabilitation and on into outpatient aftercare that can last you a lifetime. You will be a part of all decision-making, building your future how you want it.

Preparing for Your Stay at a Los Angeles Alcohol Detox Center

To get ready to go to your Los Angeles  alcohol detox center, some tips include:

  • Pack only the essentials, like a week’s worth of comfortable clothing, including fitness attire and pajamas, unopened prescription medication with medical documentation, ID and insurance information, and inexpensive personal items like a journal or books to read. Don’t worry, treatment centers will usually give you a detailed list of what is and is not allowed.
  • Make sure all of your work and family obligations are taken care of. This includes childcare/pet care, taking enough time off work, and telling friends and family where you are going. If you need to, notify the courts you are going in for addiction treatment.
  • Take care of the future by ensuring all rent and bills are paid or set up for automatic payments, clean the house, ask someone to water your plants for you, and remove all drugs and alcohol (and paraphernalia).
  • Try to stay positive. You are taking good care of your health, and doing what it takes to become a better parent, spouse, friend, and coworker to those around you. Even though it may feel frightening now, it is a smart move, and you will be glad you did it.
  • Avoid “one last party” as binge drinking before rehab can cause you to have to spend more time in detox, and it could make things more difficult as you enter treatment.

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Muse Treatment: Leading the Way in Los Angeles Inpatient Alcohol Detox

Muse is the top Los Angeles inpatient alcohol detox center, as we offer premiere treatment options to all our patients. From the moment we first speak to you during admissions, you will be treated with the care and respect you deserve. Our team provides the full spectrum of care in comprehensive, customized treatment programs designed to suit each individual’s unique needs best.

Muse is more than a detox center, offering intensive, personalized inpatient rehab programs and customizable outpatient programs, including the partial hospitalization program (PHP), intensive outpatient program (IOP), and outpatient program (OP), followed by long-term aftercare support. Each treatment plan includes medical care, several types of therapy, groups, mental health care, educational programs, nutrition, fitness counseling, and more.

To learn more about our treatments and services, please phone us at 800-426-1818. You can speak confidentially to an addiction professional about your options or begin the admission process right away.

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