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Pet Friendly Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Finding a Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

People in Los Angeles love their pets like family, and there is no denying that. If this describes you, you will not want to be put in a situation where you need to leave your pet behind to go to rehab, and that is okay. You don’t have to miss out on the chance for help getting well just because you don’t know what to do with your pet. There are rehab facilities that allow pets to come along with you. The easiest way to find a pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles is to do an internet search. Once you have come up with a list of pet-friendly facilities nearby, you will then want to not only ensure your animal friend is allowed (that there are no size restrictions, for example) but also that the facility is a place that matches your values and beliefs, and provides the services you need in your remarkable recovery.

For example, suppose you are not a religious person. In that case, you may not want to go to a facility run by a church, or if you are about to quit using a substance with a complicated detox process like opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines (benzos), you will want to ensure they provide a medically assisted detox program to keep you safe and comfortable as you taper off these substances. During pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles, you may prefer a facility that offers Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, holistic treatments, or a luxury facility. These are all considerations to take as you do your research.

You can also call or email facilities that match your treatment preferences and speak with their admissions team to find out if they will accept pets as well. You may be surprised at how many will say yes to your request. Even if it is a challenge to find the right pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles, it will be worth it to know that your furry friend is safe with you as you enter treatment and to have their companionship and loving support as you detox and rehabilitate.

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Reasons Why People Bring Pets to Rehab

When a person makes the difficult decision to enter an inpatient detox and rehabilitation program, it is not something to take lightly. You will need to consider everything from how to step out of your job for a while, how to tell your family and friends what is happening, and you will have to make many other arrangements. For many people dealing with addiction, their support system may not be strong enough to have a trusted friend or family member who can care for their pet while they are away.

It may be the case that you do not have the money to be able to pay for a nice boarding kennel, and it can be highly distressing to say goodbye to your best friend for a long time, especially if you do not know how they will be treated while you are away. People need to know that their pets are safe and well cared for, and this is why bringing a pet to rehab and having them by your side can be a relief, as well as comfort.

Benefits of Pets in Drug Rehab Treatment

Pets can help us through the most challenging times in our lives. It is the case that animals are used for many types of therapy, including helping people recover from heart disease, cancer, and mental health disorders. Animals are introduced to people in long-term care facilities, people with dementia, people with schizophrenia, people on the autism spectrum, people recovering from a long illness or operation, and veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder to help reduce boredom, anxiety, pain, and depression. Sometimes pets are even brought into nonmedical environments like community programs and universities to help people during stressful times. Usually, dogs are used for these purposes, but other common animals are horses and birds.

With these facts in mind, bringing your pet into your rehab program makes sense. Knowing that your animal friend is nearby can be comforting and make rehab feel more like home. Some other ways pets can benefit those in drug rehab treatment include:

  • Providing a sense of responsibility and purpose to each day: They need to eat, go for a walk, and play, no matter how they feel. If you feel depressed and are unsure how to get out of that funk, take the dog for a walk or do something nice like clipping their nails. They will appreciate it, and you will feel a sense of accomplishment.
  • Lowering heart rates and blood pressure: This causes us to feel relaxed and can calm any anxiety we have about the day and help with physical discomfort as your body recalibrates itself. Having an animal around at a pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles will reduce feelings of fear and worry so you can relax and open yourself up to your treatment.
  • Providing companionship with unconditional love and joy: Animals are silly, loving, and all they want is to be there with you. You will always have a non-judgmental friend nearby that you can talk to, and you will feel less loneliness and isolation when your pet is by your side.
  • Increasing your physical activity and socialization: Taking the dog for a walk or playing with an animal will get your body moving, get you outside, and allow you to take a break as you focus on your pet’s needs. You can get to know others easier if you are out and about, developing behavioral skills with a cute dog nearby as an icebreaker.
  • Having a pet nearby can help make you feel at ease: This will enable you to be more receptive to treatment, healing, and growth.
  • For some people, having a pet gives them something to live for: The idea of providing a good life for their animal may be the one thing that helps them focus and work hard in their recovery.
  • Giving you their absolute loyalty when it may feel like others have turned their backs on you: Your pet will never reject you or make you feel unworthy of their love.
  • Providing you something else to focus on other than drugs and alcohol: As you deal with the cravings and discomfort of stopping substance use, it is good to have a distraction, and pets are always happy to entertain you or give you a snuggle when you need it.

Benefits of a Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

There are many benefits to a pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles. One of the most important things it does for our patients is it removes a barrier to entry. Many people simply cannot leave their pet behind, which can cause them not to seek out treatment for themselves.

Don’t let your fear of leaving your animal behind stop you from entering a rehab program. Even if you have the best intentions, the worse your situation gets over time, the worse your animal’s quality of life will get. They deserve to live the best life they can, and so do you. The first step you can take to improve both of your lives today is researching pet-friendly rehab centers in your area.

Muse Treatment Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

At the Muse Treatment Center, we are dedicated to meeting your needs in many out-of-the-box ways, and that includes making our facilities pet-friendly. Creating a pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles will ensure you and your pet are comfortable and cared for as you detox and rehabilitate in our care. Our rehab centers are specifically designed to accommodate pets, and we look forward to meeting your furry friend in person.

Our integrated continuum of care spans from customized medical detox programs to inpatient care and outpatient treatments, so you can rest assured that we will help you every step of the way as you detoxify and rehabilitate, with a continued connection to a supportive sober community for the rest of your life. We offer continued care that includes the option to schedule one-on-one therapy appointments and attend groups whenever you need it. You will maintain ties to our sober community, with continued medical and psychiatric care access.

At Muse Treatment’s pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles, our team is highly qualified and skilled in their positions. There is a 24-hour clinical staff, and experienced professionals administer all care. Our patients’ treatment plans are customized to suit their individual needs and include dial diagnoses, focusing on your goals, budget, and personal needs. There are multiple payment options, including payment plans, and we take most insurance. Contact Muse Treatment at (800) 426-1818 today to learn more about our pet-friendly drug rehab in Los Angeles and what we can do to help you stop using drugs today.

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