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Prescription Drug Rehab Anaheim

The Best Prescription Drug Program for Anaheim Residents

An addiction to prescription medication is something that can wreak havoc on the life of any person. In many cases, this type of addiction is something that can start quite innocently. For instance, if you recently underwent surgery or sustained some kind of an injury, then it’s likely that your doctor would prescribe you prescription medication as a way to allow your body to heal and recover. However, this type of medication is not meant to be taken indefinitely. You risk developing a severe addiction when it is taken past the recommended time frame or in a larger dose than what is prescribed. When this occurs, finding a prescription drug rehab in Anaheim becomes paramount. Prescription medication addiction is a disease that needs to be treated by trained medical professional addiction experts. Therefore, you must collaborate with a treatment facility team with extensive experience in the industry.

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What Is Prescription Drug Rehab?

Prescription drug rehab allows you to take a deeper look at the reasons why you fell into addiction. The reason behind addiction is something that can differ depending on the person. For example, many people develop an addiction to prescription medication due to some physical or psychological trauma that they sustained during their life. Traumas can include abuse or witnessing an event that left a lasting mark on them. Prescription rehab can help you heal from these traumas and understand how they impacted your sobriety in a way that will not re-traumatize you.

Commonly Abused Prescription Drugs

Prescription medication comes in many shapes and forms. Some examples of prescription medications that are known to be highly addictive can include:


Opioids are typically prescribed to a person that is in some pain. Examples of opioids can include oxycodone, fentanyl, and hydromorphone. Opioids directly impact how your brain processes pain and can help you feel incredibly relaxed. Opioids can be taken in various ways, such as snorting or injecting the substance directly into the bloodstream. This substance also takes hold of a person quite quickly and can result in addiction within a short period of time.


Countless people suffer from anxiety and sleep disorders throughout the Anaheim area and in the United States. The condition is often severe enough that they need to take certain depressants just to manage their day-to-day lives. Once again, these medications are not meant to be taken long-term. Examples of depressants can include Xanax, Valium, and Librium.


Stimulants such as Adderall or Dexedrine are often prescribed to a person diagnosed with attention deficit disorder or narcolepsy. They can help a person feel more alert and focused on the task at hand. While there are some good qualities about this type of medication, it can cause serious physical and neurological issues when it is abused.

Signs of Prescription Drug Abuse

There may be several signs that a person may be suffering from prescription drug abuse. It’s not uncommon for a friend or a family member to reach out to a prescription drug rehab for Anaheim residents to learn more about the signs that their loved one may be struggling with an addiction to prescription medication.

When you choose to reach out to Muse Treatment Center, you can rest assured that our treatment team will always be available to speak with you. This conversation can help shed light on the disease that is addiction and aid you in developing a better understanding of the approach you need to take when it comes to helping the person you love work through this disease. Here are some common examples of signs that you, your friend, or family member may be suffering from an illness to prescription medication:

Taking prescription medication that has not been prescribed to you

When addiction is in play, a person may be so desperate to get their drug of choice that they either steal medication from other people or turn to illegal methods to consume their drug of choice. This can be dangerous because you are not under a doctor’s care; therefore, you are more likely to overdose on this medication or cause yourself serious harm.

Frequently changing doctors

If a doctor begins to suspect that their patient has become addicted to prescription medication, they will either make moves to lower the dose of the medication or cut that patient or completely. As a result, the patient may try to feed their addiction in other ways, such as either changing doctors completely or seeing multiple doctors without any other doctors knowing.

Struggles with personal or professional relationships

Over time, prescription medication addiction will impact the personal or professional relationships that you have in your life. If you’re unable to keep up with your work responsibilities, or worse, you’ve been fired from your job due to your substance abuse; then it’s clear that you have a bigger problem that needs to be addressed immediately. Also, if you see that your friends and family members have distanced themself as a result of your prescription medication addiction, then it’s time to seek help.

Prescription Drug Detox

The first step in recovery for many people struggling with an addiction to prescription medication is detox. The reason for this is that you will likely experience some withdrawal symptoms as the drug begins to leave your symptoms and your body starts to crave more of it. Withdrawal symptoms for prescription medications are unpredictable, which is the leading reason why they are so deadly.

If you need to go through the drug detox process, you will need to spend approximately one week in this type of program, with the height of your symptoms manifesting within the first 72 hours. Once you get toward the end of your week, however, you will be able to make better decisions regarding your overall treatment plan.

Outpatient Prescription Drug Rehab

An outpatient program, also known as an OP, is the most flexible option for treatment programs, which makes it a great choice if you work or go to school full time. Although relapse prevention is a leading focus in every treatment plan, there will be a particular focus on relapse prevention in a general outpatient program because there is more of a risk of falling back into addiction since you may be continuously tempted by prescription medication on a more frequent basis. However, when you have the right treatment team helping you, you will learn some of the red flags associated with possible relapse and be able to navigate around them.

Inpatient Prescription Drug Rehab

If you have more flexibility in your life and schedule, it’s always recommended that you take advantage of an inpatient prescription drug rehab for Anaheim residents. There are several benefits associated with committing to an inpatient treatment program, such as:

  • Around the clock care
  • A structured schedule
  • A sober environment
  • Luxurious accommodations
  • An experienced staff

An inpatient program gives you the best opportunity to change the people, places, and things around you for some time. Removing these possibly negative influences from your life can help you remain focused on the goals you have set for yourself and give you a new mentality when it comes to the approach you take to your long-term sobriety. If you would like to extend your time in an inpatient program, you can do so at any time.

IOP Prescription Drug Rehab

IOP is an acronym for an intensive outpatient program. This type of program was designed for a person looking to transition into an outpatient program after completing an inpatient program or for a person who may only work or go to school part-time. Like our other treatment programs, you will have the flexibility to decide whether you will complete a 30, 60, or 90-day treatment plan. While you will still receive a high level of care, you won’t be required to live on our campus to take advantage of our IOP.

Prescription Drug Rehab for Anaheim Residents at Muse Treatment Center

At Muse Treatment Center, you can always expect to receive the high level of crucial addiction care that you need as you begin to make these changes in your life. With years of industry experience, you can rest assured that our treatment team will be there for you every step of the way. From the moment you reach out to our intake team, we will always provide you with the care and consideration you need as you begin to make these new changes in your life. If you would like to learn more about how coming to our prescription drug rehab for Anaheim residents can help you, please give us a call today at (800) 426-1818.

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