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The Dangers of Shroom Chocolate Bars

Popular among various demographics, particularly youthful substance users, shroom chocolate bars are a dangerous drug masked by candy. A Shroom chocolate bar contains the drug psilocybin, a psychoactive substance. The body converts the drug to psilocin, which has mind-altering properties. Like other illicit drugs, shroom chocolate bars can pose risks to people, especially when they become habit-forming. If you have developed a dependence on shrooms, you need substance abuse treatment at a drug treatment center. Muse Treatment can help.

Muse Treatment is a leading rehab center that provides treatment for substance abuse disorders like illicit drug addiction and prescription drug addiction. If you or a loved one is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can rely on Muse Treatment for our support. Muse Treatment features medical detox programs, inpatient addiction treatment, and outpatient treatment. We also offer aftercare for people who have completed formal rehab treatment. Other core features of Muse Treatment’s offerings include dual diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted treatment. Muse Treatment leads the way in innovative addiction treatments with our combination of traditional, holistic, and alternative therapeutic options. 

A person who has a substance addiction has a chronic condition that cannot be cured in the traditional sense of the word ‘cure.’ However, such conditions can be effectively managed with abstinence. Muse Treatment can help you put drug and alcohol abuse behind you. If you feel dependent on a shroom chocolate bar or other drugs, you can depend on our experienced addiction specialists for help. 

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The Rising Trend of Psychedelic Edibles

Psychedelic edibles have been making a comeback among recreational drug users. Though legal in two states, psychedelic mushrooms have not been legalized in the greater part of the country. Some people believe they have spiritual or medicinal properties. Recreational users find them to deliver a pleasurable high with psychedelic properties. Unfortunately, a high can’t be predicted. Sometimes, the drugs cause unwanted side effects like paranoia. When under the influence of a drug, users can also experience accidents or injuries. 

Recently, drug producers have begun to add magic mushrooms to chocolate bars. The shrooms are known for their terrible taste. The chocolate helps mask the mushrooms’ taste, making them more palatable for users. When mixed with chocolate, the mushrooms may be easier for some to consume. That can be dangerous, especially if users ingest too much of the drug. 

What Are Shroom Chocolate Bars?

Shroom chocolate bars are chocolate candy bars that have been mixed with magic mushrooms. The shrooms are added to the chocolate and then formed into bars. These bars are typically packaged and then sold to recreational drug users. Magic mushrooms are not synthetic drugs. They are actual mushrooms that are grown like other mushrooms. The only difference is that they contain the psychedelic drug psilocybin. This is the drug that causes individuals to hallucinate after consuming the mushrooms. Magic mushrooms are classified as Schedule I drugs. They are addictive, so when a person abuses them, they can develop a dependence. 

The Psychedelic and Physical Effects of Magic Mushroom Chocolate

Shroom chocolate bars can cause users to experience hallucinations as well as other effects. When under the influence of magic mushrooms, users may experience:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Mouth dryness
  • Muscle weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Reduced coordination
  • Headaches
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Altered sense of time
  • Feelings of elation
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Visual hallucinations

Although some effects may be pleasurable for some users, others may be uncomfortable and dangerous. Also, shroom chocolate bars can become habit-forming, which can lead someone to develop an addiction to magic mushrooms.

Legal and Health Risks Associated with Shroom Chocolate Bars 

There are legal risks associated with shroom chocolate bars. Users may get into legal hot water if they are apprehended by law enforcement and have these drugs on their person. If shrooms are found in a person’s system after they’ve been involved in a vehicular accident, they can face serious legal consequences. A person may also experience health effects as a result of using magic mushrooms. Although not as dangerous, statistically speaking, as drugs such as heroin, they can be. Shrooms can cause an increase in body temperature and blood pressure, for example, which could trigger a medical issue in some people.

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Understanding the Dangers: Addiction and Unpredictable Reactions

Shrooms are not regulated drugs. Even regulated, FDA-approved drugs can cause a reaction in some users. People who take shrooms could experience unwelcome side effects or reactions that are far from pleasurable. It’s important to know that using magic mushrooms frequently can also lead to dependence. By learning about the dangers of shroom chocolate bars, you can more easily identify if you need help. If you have developed a dependence or full-blown addiction, you can rely on Muse Treatment for help. 

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The Misconception of Safety in Edible Form

Some people may not understand the dangers associated with magic mushrooms. Pairing shrooms with chocolate could send a false message that these products are fun and safe. In fact, they are not. Muse Treatment strives to inform the public about the dangers of these drugs. Drug abuse is never safe or fun. Our addiction specialists can help you if you’ve developed a dependence on magic mushrooms or other chemicals. We can help you safeguard your health and future with our personalized addiction treatment programs. 

Impact on Mental Health: A Closer Look

Taking chemicals like magic mushrooms can have both a temporary and permanent effect on your mental health. Often, using drugs causes mind-altering effects. In the case of shrooms, users might experience anxiety or paranoia. A person who habitually abuses drugs or takes too much of a drug at once can develop mental health effects that are more permanent in nature. A person with a drug addiction can, for instance, experience brain chemistry changes that result in a mental illness like anxiety or depression. At Muse Treatment, we treat dual diagnosis. If you have developed a mental health condition along with a substance use disorder, our clinicians can help. 

Navigating the Hype: Educating Yourself and Others

Magic mushrooms have been used, most likely, for centuries for one reason or another. Today, these drugs are largely used recreationally through the use of a shroom chocolate bar. Users desire to experience their hallucinogenic properties, but a person can’t control the high or other effects that may result from use. If you have developed a dependence on these or other drugs, you may need an evaluation. Muse Treatment can evaluate your condition and recommend the ideal course of treatment for you. Our licensed clinicians will help you develop a treatment plan that meets your unique needs. 

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Seeking Help: When Experimentation Goes Wrong

Call Muse Treatment to schedule an evaluation or to discuss our enrollment process. Experimenting with drugs like a shroom chocolate bar is dangerous and can lead to habit-forming behaviors and addiction. If you have developed an addiction to shrooms or other drugs, you need help. Muse Treatment can help you end your dependence on drugs with our comprehensive range of addiction treatment programs that include medical detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare. Our programs include therapeutic options that are traditional, alternative, and holistic, allowing us to treat each client’s mind, body, and spirit. Contact Muse Treatment today at 800-426-1818 to discuss your options. We look forward to helping you safeguard your health and future.

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