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Southern California Addiction Treatment Centers That Allow Couples

Finding Addiction Treatment for Couples

Living with an addiction is hard enough when you face it on your own and has a significant impact on your loved ones who want to see the best for you. Many will turn to their significant other for support as you try to navigate your way through addiction and into drug rehab recovery. When you and your significant other are both in active addiction together, it can create a new strain and challenge in the relationship. When you need each other the most, you cannot give each other the love and support needed as you are individually battling an addiction during drug or alcohol rehab. It is common for couples living with addiction together to have lost sight of what brought you both in the relationship to begin with. Couples rehab at Southern California Addiction Treatment Centers is an opportunity for both people to rekindle the love between each other and get back to the basics of your relationship. 

Some couples enter into addiction together, and some have had addictions before entering into the relationship. Regardless of when your addiction began, couples often want to make the life change of moving into sobriety together. Choosing a couples rehab at Southern California Addiction Treatment Centers will provide you both with the individual care you need to understand your own root causes of addiction while also shining a light on how a co-dependant addicted relationship has impacted your relationship. An effective couples addiction treatment program will help you heal from your battles with addiction while also providing support in healing from the effects of addiction within your relationship together. 

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Couples Struggling With Addiction

Often couples that have an addiction together will struggle with issues of co-dependency. As your addiction progresses, the more you turn to each other to continue to fuel your addictive habits, all the while losing track of the foundation of your relationship as the focus shifts to drug or alcohol use. The more your relationship becomes based on getting high or drunk, the more you rely on one another to keep going in your addiction, which often causes disagreements and puts a heavy strain on your bond. As you witness the impact of addiction affect one another, you begin to go to new lengths to try and take care of each other, even if it means risking your physical and emotional wellbeing. However, when you go to new lengths to support each other, it can often result in continuing on a dysfunctional path that causes adverse reactions and impacts for both of you in the relationship. 

A common struggle for couples active in addiction together is a loss of communication and connection within the relationship. As your obsession intensifies, your primary focus often shifts to feeding your addiction and obtaining more of your substance of choice. For couples, this usually means that you no longer enjoy time together doing one-on-one doing activities that once brought you joy but, instead, focus on how you can continue to restock your supply of drugs or alcohol. This can lead to distrust and feelings of insecurity in the relationship as you lose sight of the reason you entered into the relationship to begin with. Individuals in relationships can often begin to feel that the only way their partner can show emotion towards them is if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

When couples engage in the regular, frequent use of alcohol or drugs, domestic violence situations are higher. The influence of these substances can often lead individuals to exhibit behaviors that they wouldn’t typically have. As your ability to have effective emotional regulation skills becomes impacted by your drug or alcohol use, individuals often have an excess of emotions they do not know how to manage, which causes an increase in extreme emotions such as anger, jealousy, or sadness. When a partner becomes violent towards their significant others at the height of their addiction, it may feel even more challenging to leave as your relationship has entered into a level of co-dependency within your addictive behaviors. 

Substances Treated in Addiction Treatment for Couples

Addiction can present itself in many ways and through various substances. At Muse Treatment, we want to support you and your partner to find your way in recovery. During couples rehab, we provide addiction treatment for the following substances:

  • Cocaine 
  • Heroin
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Alcohol 
  • Opioids 
  • Prescription drugs, including stimulants and sleeping medications 
  • Meth 

Addiction Treatment Options for Couples

An effective addiction treatment program for couples has a unique structure that allows flexibility in working with each person singularly and as a whole. To provide optimal healing for each party during couples rehab, you will need a variety of therapeutic methods that will target healing your mind, body, and soul from addiction along with strengthening your relationship. 

Individually, you will participate in addiction treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and learn tools for relapse prevention. All of these methods will help you learn more about the thoughts, emotions, and situations that impact your ability to remain sober and trigger your substance use. Once you both can identify this within yourselves, you will have a better idea of how best to support each other when potential triggers appear within day-to-day life. 

Through your therapy sessions, you will learn new life skills that will enhance your success in a newfound way of life in recovery and teach you methods of emotional regulation and mindfulness that will help you handle any stressors that arise while keeping you focused on your recovery goals. 

As a couple, it will be essential to attend therapy sessions together to work through the emotional pains of both your addictions and learn how to regain the relationship you once loved again. You will both participate in behavioral couples therapy (BCT), where you will have a safe space to open up about your relationship and how addiction has impacted it. The focus of BCT is to assist both partners in supporting one another to a life of abstinence and developing the skills to foster this. Couples will learn communication methods to understand how the other person has been impacted by addiction and give you the tools to open up in the future and identify when something is creating a trigger for you. 

Couples are also encouraged to make a recovery contract that will help you both commit to one another that you are dedicated to staying on track to remain sober. Additionally, you will learn how to enjoy each other’s company again while sober. Often couples that engage in addiction lose sight of the things they used to enjoy doing together. Through therapy, you both will get to rediscover your passion for each other and life again by creating a new routine and ideas for enjoyment and fulfillment in your life together. 

Benefits of Attending Treatment As a Couple

When you and your partner enter into couples rehab together as a united front that is ready to conquer your addiction and reclaim your lives, it can be an incredibly empowering time with lots of opportunities for personal and relationship growth. Living in the depths of addiction can leave many feeling like there is no hope to get out of their addictive lifestyles. Still, when two of you come together and decide to conquer addiction together, it can be a genuinely uplifting, healing experience. 

A couple that engages in addiction treatment together experience these benefits:

  • Increased communication with one another 
  • Reduced risk of domestic violence 
  • Less emotional problems with your children (if you any) as they regain two healthy parents who are emotionally available to them again 
  • Increase in engagement with activities and hobbies that bring enjoyment both individually and together 
  • Stable financial situation together- eliminating the use of substances usually helps patients regain their financial security as they no longer spend money on substances. 
  • Increase chance for a prolonged relationship and lessening the opportunity for a breakup or divorce 
  • Increase in the sense of unity as you begin to support one another, not only in recovery but with all aspects of your relationship, including daily chores or tending to the children 

Muse Addiction Treatment for Couples

Muse Treatment offers couples the best addiction treatment for addiction due to the individualized programs we create for all of our patients, including couples. The moment you enter our treatment facility for couples rehab, we want to get to know you and your partner and understand your hopes and dreams for yourself and each other within your partnership. Couples will be provided with a continuum of care that includes aftercare programming that will ensure that you and your loved one will stay on track for a healthy, happy life in sobriety together. 

If you and your significant other are ready to rediscover the love you have for each other and put down the addictive substances that have thrown a wrench in your relationship, call our friendly staff at (800) 426-1818 today. We are waiting for your call to help create a couples rehab program that will have you both feeling the butterflies in your stomach again as you rekindle your love and trust for one another. 

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