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Suboxone Treatment Orange County

Suboxone Treatment Orange County: Muse Treatment Is a Top Option in California

When considering quitting heroin or opioid medication use, many people feel nervous about the possibility of experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Medication-assisted treatment programs in Orange County that use suboxone treatments can help anybody who is detoxing from opioids. It can reduce or sometimes eliminate uncomfortable symptoms like restlessness, pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, and drug cravings. Muse Treatment Center offers suboxone treatment Orange County residents can trust.

Receiving suboxone during MAT can give you the space you need to begin the healing process as you join rehab, get therapy, and regain your health. These types of treatments help you taper off the drugs in a slow, measured schedule without having to experience the pain or discomfort that comes with withdrawal symptoms. Suboxone treatment plans can last for weeks or months, depending on your unique needs and recovery goals.

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What Is Suboxone?

Suboxone is a synthetic prescription medication made from a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. It was developed specifically to help treat people with opioid use disorder (those with an addiction to heroin or prescription pain medications like fentanyl, morphine, Oxycodone, Oxycontin, Dilaudid, Percocet, or Vicodin). The buprenorphine part of the medication is a partial opioid agonist-antagonist, which partially binds to the brain’s opioid receptors to stop withdrawal symptoms. Naloxone blocks opioid effects so that no high is produced in the brain. This removes the discomfort of withdrawal while ensuring that no new addiction forms.

Suboxone on its own is not a treatment for addiction in Orange County. It works best when used in combination with evidence-based therapy, physical and medical care, spirituality, exercise and nutrition programs, and mental health care in an integrated medication-assisted treatment (MAT) program. Because of their effectiveness, suboxone treatment plans are usually partially or fully covered by insurance.

Learn about the side effects of Suboxone treatment here:

Side Effects of Suboxone

How Does Suboxone Treatment Work?

When you get suboxone treatment Orange County residents can use, you will be provided with prescription doses of the medication in a doctor-supervised schedule while you begin your addiction treatment program. You will receive it either as a tablet that needs to be swallowed or as a dissolvable film that goes under the tongue. The dosage is set by a doctor and will slowly decrease as time passes. It will taper down until opioid dependence Is no longer an issue.

Medication-assisted programs are important when it comes to overcoming opioid use disorders because discomfort, drug cravings, and anxiety are the main reasons that people relapse. MAT can increase a person’s chance of success in long-term sobriety. When it is used along with a relapse prevention program that includes therapy, behavioral health care, group and family therapy, and medical care, patients will have a much higher chance of staying drug-free.

Suboxone Treatment Orange County CA

8 Benefits of Getting Suboxone Treatment

Some of the biggest benefits of getting suboxone treatment Orange County residents may see include:

  • Medical oversight to ensure you stay healthy as you begin the recovery process
  • Helping you rest and stay comfortable, as the medications reduce pain, anxiety, and cravings
  • A slow tapering off can make it easier to quit using drugs and stay off of them long-term
  • Having connections to therapists, doctors, and the full continuum of care as you recover
  • A high degree of structure that will set a good foundation for the rest of your life
  • Dual diagnosis treatments may begin to help treat co-occurring mental health issues if needed
  • Peer support and new connections to a strong sober community, including 12-step groups and other community support
  • It reduces the chances of returning to opioid use

What’s the Next Step in Addiction Treatment After Suboxone?

Detox is only the first step in addiction treatment. Once you have begun your suboxone treatment, Orange County residents will begin a comprehensive treatment program that often starts with inpatient rehabilitation. At Muse, this is a 30 to a 90-day program that provides a combination of therapies and treatments like:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • One-on-one therapy
  • Group therapy, family therapy, and process groups
  • Educational programs and lectures
  • Nutrition and fitness plans
  • EMDR treatments
  • Life skills programs
  • Holistic therapies, art therapy, mindfulness, and spirituality
  • Dual diagnosis programming for co-occurring mental health issues
  • Relapse prevention training

After inpatient rehab, you can attend various customizable outpatient treatment plans, including partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient treatment, long-term outpatient care, and aftercare plans. All outpatient treatment plans use a three-pronged treatment approach that includes:

  • Case management services – we will ensure you have all the life skills to live a happy and fulfilling life. We can help you with job-searching skills, along with educational and vocational counseling
  • Therapy – we use a combination of group therapy and individual therapy programs to help you change your mindset, learn new healthy behaviors, uncover the reasons behind substance abuse, and gain coping skills you can use for the rest of your life. There is a wide variety of therapy options available at Muse Treatment that are designed to improve your quality of life and take back control as you overcome the underlying issues that may have contributed to your substance abuse issues
  • 12-step integration – spirituality and 12-step programs have been proven effective for millions of people worldwide. You can take stock of your life and regain control while incorporating a holistic healing experience into your recovery as you gain a new, sober, supportive community

You will work to heal the underlying causes of addiction as you regain your physical health and start down the path of mental health and wellness.

Addiction is not just an issue to do with physical dependence. Suboxone is just one part of overcoming addiction, so completing the full continuum of care will give you the best chance at long-term recovery. You can stay connected with doctors, therapists, peer groups, alumni groups, 12-step programs, and other life-long resources. This will ensure you have the consistent support and care needed to work through triggers and avoid relapse.

Call Muse for Suboxone Treatment in Orange County

For suboxone treatment, Orange County residents can come to the Muse treatment center. We are a fully accredited rehab center accredited by the Joint Commission. We are dedicated to providing customized individualized treatments to help patients meet their recovery goals. We offer expert care to each patient, ensuring your program helps you heal your body, improves your mental health and spiritual wellness, and gives you the tools you need to become the sober version of yourself you want to be.

At Muse Treatment Center, we provide all levels of care, leading you through inpatient detox and residential rehab, outpatient treatment programs like partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), and intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). If you are in a medication-assisted program, you can access all levels of care while receiving medication management and oversight, ensuring you are comfortable and helping you avoid the distraction of withdrawal symptoms. This will make it easier to learn, heal, and grow.

If you want to talk to an expert about addiction treatment, MAT programs, or the different levels of care and therapy we offer, please call us now at (800) 426-1818. You can immediately speak to an addiction professional to learn about suboxone treatment, verify your insurance coverage, and more. We can get you started on the path to healing now.

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