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Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles

Evidence-Based Treatment for Substance Abuse in Los Angeles

Many people commonly believe that drug addiction or alcohol addiction is something a person knowingly chooses to have. However, the reality of addiction is much different. The truth is that addiction is a terrible disease that can cause any person to lose a sense of their true self. However, when a person commits themselves to a comprehensive addiction treatment program to address their issues with addiction, they will be able to overcome their addiction once and for all. Through participating in evidence-based treatment solutions for substance abuse, you will have the opportunity to completely change your life and become the best version of yourself.

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Signs of Substance Use Disorder

Signs of substance use disorder can be subtle, and several symptoms can be more evident. Here are some examples of signs of substance use disorders:

Struggling at work

When a person is under the influence of different addictive substances, they may find it impossible to complete the tasks that have been assigned to them, specifically at work. If you find that you or your loved one has either lost their job or put their job in jeopardy due to their drug and alcohol use, there is a strong possibility that there may be a more significant issue.

Issues with personal relationships

Addiction can cause a tremendous amount of stress and problems in your personal relationships. If you’re beginning to experience issues with your family members or loved ones as a result of your substance abuse, taking steps to address these problems may help you to put those relationships back together again.

Financial problems

It should come as no surprise that maintaining any type of addiction comes with a price tag. If you or your loved one are struggling to pay their bills and suffering from financial issues, there may be more of a problem with possible substance abuse.

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Treatment Options for Substance Abuse

Several addiction treatment options are available to you if you’re struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction. Before you can commit to any of these addiction treatment options, however, you may need to work through a detox program in Los Angeles County first.

A luxe recovery treatment facility will provide detox options in many cases. Working through a detox program from a top rehab treatment facility will give you the stability that you need during the initial days and hours of your time in recovery. Within just a few hours from the last time you take your alcohol and drug of choice, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that can make it all but impossible for you to care for yourself properly. However, when you take advantage of a specialized program at one of the detox centers that are local to your area, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you have the professional medical care you need through these trying times in your recovery. From there, you can focus on building your individualized treatment plan.

In most cases, you will be able to transition from one of the local detox centers into a specialized program on the same campus. You will have the opportunity to opt to work through inpatient rehab or an outpatient treatment program. Many people work through a program at detox centers and feel more comfortable committing to an inpatient rehab program. During inpatient or residential treatment, you can live on the campus of the treatment center you choose and enjoy the around-the-clock care and support you did while you were initially in detox. While you will participate in different forms of therapy during your time in drug rehab, you will also have plenty of time to relax and process what you have learned throughout the day.

Many are unable to commit to residential treatment for a variety of reasons. This is one of the reasons why the majority of rehab centers offer an outpatient treatment individualized treatment plan. This type of addiction and mental health treatment plan is ideal for a person with full-time or even part-time work or school responsibilities. Outpatient treatment allows you to see to those responsibilities while still receiving the drug addiction and alcohol addiction help you need.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment are similar in the sense that for you to overcome your substance abuse issues, you will need to participate in different forms of addiction therapy. This process will develop a better understanding of what may have led you to addiction in the first place and what steps you can take to avoid it going forward. Here are just a few examples of addiction therapy that you will experience during the time that you’re in treatment:

Group therapy

Group therapy will play a critical role in your addiction recovery because it will highlight that you are not alone in your recovery journey. You will have the opportunity to share the events in your life that may have led to your addiction and the steps you’re taking toward your recovery. In turn, you will listen to the experiences of others which can also help you in your recovery journey.

Individual therapy

During individual therapy, you can speak with your treatment team in a more personalized environment. There may be certain events in your life that you simply don’t feel comfortable discussing in a group setting. Individual therapy also gives you an excellent opportunity to review your addiction treatment plan to ensure you’re still on the right track based on the sober goals that you have for yourself.

Family therapy

Family therapy is a form of addiction therapy that can help you reconnect with family members that may have halted a relationship with you due to your addiction. This is a form of therapy that will only occur once you reach a point in your recovery where you feel comfortable. These therapy sessions are conducted in a neutral setting, so everyone feels comfortable.

When you initially reach out to your addiction treatment center, their intake team will be able to answer any questions or concerns you have regarding your recovery program. From questions about therapy to the daily ins and outs of treatment, your intake team will be able to put your mind at ease and encourage you to continue to take steps in your recovery journey.

How to Help a Loved One Enter Substance Abuse Treatment

Do you have a friend or a loved one ready to tackle their addiction but aren’t sure how? Here are some steps that you can take to help that loved one:

Be supportive

One of the best things you can do regarding your loved one and substance abuse treatment is support. You can be proactive in that support and interact with the treatment team of your loved one so that you can learn what steps you can take to offer that support.

Reach out for your own support

In some cases, the friend or the family member of the person working through treatment may feel resentful or overwhelmed by the progress that their loved one is making. Although the family member always wants to see their loved one get help, that family member must receive their own care and support as their loved one is healing. An excellent recommendation is that you find a local Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meeting. These meetings will be filled with other family members and loved ones that are healing as a result of the addiction of another.

Be patient

Addiction recovery is not something that happens overnight. In the same way that it took an addiction to grow and take hold of a person, it will take time for a person to be able to heal from that addiction. It’s critical to remember that as you’re helping your loved one to recover.

Substance Abuse Treatment in Los Angeles at Muse

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