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The First 72 Hours of Drug Rehab: What to Expect

Preparing for Drug Rehab

You may have been wavering back and forth on deciding if you should take the leap of faith and address your drug addiction within a drug rehab program. Now that you have come to terms and accepted that it is time to confront your drug addiction finally, you will want to know what you can expect from your time within residential treatment. Going into an unknown environment often creates anxiety or nervousness as you prepare to enter a foreign place. Muse Treatment Center honors that commendable decision you have made to get yourself on the right path to achieve a life of sober living. We do what we can to make the environment within our addiction recovery program a welcoming and supportive place that fosters positive personal growth and self-discovery. Our dedicated team is specifically trained in the latest methods of safe and effective drug detox and rehab processes to provide each patient with the individualized care you need to address your unique underlying causes of addiction to ensure a long-lasting change toward addiction recovery.

The first 72 hours of your drug rehab program are essential for the team at Muse Treatment Center to get to know you better, including your unique history with alcohol and drug use, while understanding your personal goals for achieving sobriety. As we get to know your hopes for your future in sober living, our team will help you establish the commitments you need to make for yourself. We will help you identify the support you need within our addiction recovery center from our addiction counselors and establish the support you will require from your loved ones to help you remain motivated and on track for your addiction recovery program. It is important to remember that living a life in addiction recovery is a lifelong commitment that requires consistent work towards establishing and maintaining this new way of life. You will set clear intentions of your role in holding yourself accountable to your goals and understanding the support you will need to start motivated to remain sober. Muse Treatment Center will work with you and your loved ones to assist you in creating a plan for overcoming triggers and methods for relapse prevention that will ensure long-term sobriety and success in addiction recovery.

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The Drug Rehab Intake Process

When you first arrive at drug rehab, the first initial step you will need to complete is meeting with one of our counselors to complete intake documents and initial assessments. This is a time when our compassionate team will be able to gain an understanding of your unique circumstances with drug addiction, including how long you have been engaging in drug abuse, the amount in which you use drugs, the dosage and frequency that you use drugs at and which specific drugs that you frequently use. It is also vital at this time for us to gain an understanding of any familial history of substance abuse along with any pre-existing medical concerns. Collecting this information is intended to support our team in creating an effective, individualized addiction treatment program that will ensure your overall physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Our addiction counselors will be able to determine the proper specialized addiction therapy methods if needed, that will be added to your customized treatment plan, including addiction treatment methods such as behavioral therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, holistic therapy methods, and specific trauma therapy. Each person will have their own unique needs for treatment, and Muse Treatment Center is equipped to treat the many contributing factors associated with your drug addiction.

Before entering drug rehab, it’s also important to let your loved ones know your plan. Check out some tips in our guide below:

How to Tell Friends and Family You’ve Entered Rehab

What to Expect in Drug Detox

Each patient will be invited to meet with our medical team to complete an overall physical check-up to assess their overall health and level of physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. This process is essential for our team to ensure that your drug detox process will be monitored to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout your drug withdrawal. As you embark on your drug detox program, you will reside within our inpatient treatment center, where you will have 24/7 access to our on-site medical professionals and addiction counselors. They will be monitoring your progress along with your drug withdrawal symptoms.

As your withdrawal symptoms arise, our expert team of nurses and physicians will provide you with various detox treatments, including medication-assisted treatment to reduce the severity of your withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings. We also provide behavioral therapy to support you in working through the emotional and psychological side effects that arise. Our holistic treatment will provide you with healthy alternatives for managing unpleasant side effects that will enlighten you with new tools for relapse prevention for your future addiction recovery.

Medications Used During Drug Detox

Depending on your drug of choice, there will be a variety of withdrawal symptoms that arise that require specific treatments to mitigate the severity of the drug withdrawal symptoms, including specific medications. The most commonly used medications within drug detox are:

  • Methadone: Used to treat opioid addiction. Methadone is a long-acting opioid that supports patients in reducing opioid cravings and lessening the severity of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Buprenorphine: Also known as Suboxone, which is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone that supports patients in reducing their opioid cravings along with reducing the intensity of opioid withdrawal symptoms.
  • Naltrexone: Used to support patients in detoxing from an alcohol use disorder or opioid addiction. This medication works to bind the receptors in the brain responsible for opioid cravings, thus, significantly reducing the severity of your drug cravings allowing you to remain focused on your overarching goals of sobriety.
  • Benzodiazepines: Used in many forms of drug detox as these prescription medications support patients to feel relaxed and comfortable as they undergo unpleasant or troubling drug withdrawal symptoms, including seizures, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, and difficulties sleeping or experiencing insomnia.

Communication With Loved Ones Outside Rehab

Healing from drug addiction is most effective when you have a foundation of support from loved ones and peers around you. Muse Treatment Center will work with you and your loved one to develop healthy communication with one another through family therapy and couples therapy options. Your loved ones have witnessed the power of drug addiction and how it has impacted your life which has undoubtedly brought fear and concern to them as they wonder what would happen to you if you were to continue with your drug addiction.

Treating and healing from drug addiction not only applies to the individual drug addict, but loved ones also need time to recover from the emotional impact that it may have had on them. As each person heals individually, it is essential to reestablish roles within the family unit or friendship to help keep each other accountable to your sobriety goals and prevent a codependent relationship. Muse Treatment Center will work alongside you and your loved ones to develop an aftercare rehab program that will incorporate steps and therapy processes. You will continue to engage in these programs while also recognizing what each loved one will do to help keep you focused on maintaining your drug addiction recovery.

Setting Goals for Recovery

At Muse Treatment Center, we offer patients a whole-person integrated approach to addiction treatment, meaning that you will be the one leading your recovery journey through your own self-identified goals for living in addiction recovery. It has been proven that when you lead your goal setting, your motivation to obtain your dreams will remain strong. When you meet with our addiction counselors, we will help facilitate a conversation to help you create goals for your addiction recovery process. You undoubtedly have imagined what life would be like sober, including things you want to achieve, relationships you want to embrace sober, or milestones you want to reach within your life. Our counselors will support you in exploring your goals and assist you in identifying the steps you need to take to reach your self-determined goals.

What to Expect in Drug Rehab at Muse

At Muse Treatment Center, we recognize the initial transition into a drug rehab program often comes with a long list of questions and concerns about what you can expect once you arrive at our residential addiction treatment center. Our team is here to put your mind at ease and answer any questions you may have about drug rehab to help you reduce any anxiety or concerns. We want you to be able to enter into the individualized drug treatment program that offers you an opportunity to heal from the deep-seated causes of your addiction while supporting you in paving a new path towards a life in addiction recovery. Contact Muse Treatment Center at (800) 426-1818 today to hear more about the comprehensive, evidence-based addiction therapy methods offered that will support you in healing from your drug addiction within your body, mind, and spirit.

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Josh Chandler
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