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Thriving in Recovery: Best Hiking Spots in Anaheim for People in Recovery

Hiking Spots for Anaheim Residents in Recovery

Anaheim is filled with fun and sober activities that you may not have realized were there when you were in active addiction. Once you begin to work through an Anaheim recovery program, you may be eager to try some of these new experiences. Something that is strongly recommended is that every person in recovery consider finding hiking spots for Anaheim residents to enjoy. There are plenty of hiking spots for Anaheim residents that are looking to experience something new and something that can help them remain focused on the goals they have for their overall health and sobriety.

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Benefits of Exercise While in Recovery

Many people begin their journey in recovery and believe that there is no way that they could ever enjoy physical activity such as hiking or working out in general. However, while you’re on your road to recovery, you will likely come to find that you will discover several things that you didn’t know about yourself. Enjoying exercise could be one of them because of the fantastic benefits associated with it. Here are just a few examples of the benefits of exercise while you’re in addiction recovery:

Provides a distraction

Unfortunately, many people suffer from cravings or thoughts of their addiction well after taking steps to help themselves. When a person sits and stews about these thoughts, they are more likely to give in to their addiction, which can cause them a severe setback in their recovery. Taking the time to exercise can provide you with the distraction you need to get rid of these cravings or racing thoughts. By the time that you’re done with your workout, you may be able to identify what triggered these thoughts in the first place and address them.


Fitting a workout into your day can help you to create balance and structure in your life. Typically, when a person has struggled with addiction, their life was out of control during that time. Incorporating a regular exercise routine into your everyday life gives you more of a structured day. You can opt to begin your day with a workout that could help you focus on the tasks you need to do for that day. Another alternative is you can decide to work out later in the day or at night so that you can relax at the end of a long day. Regardless of when you exercise, making it part of your regular schedule is something that will undoubtedly benefit you.

Better sleep

If you struggled with normal sleep habits when you were in active addiction, you wouldn’t be the only one. While it’s true that drugs and alcohol can make you sleepy, you will not experience the restful night sleep you need when you are in active addiction. Instead, you will wake up feeling worse than you did before you took your drug or drink of choice. This can lead to the false impression that you simply need to consume more of this substance to get the rest you want. When you substitute using these substances with exercise, you will notice that you sleep better at night. This comes with the added bonus of waking up feeling more alert and focused the next day.

Healthy digestion

Sadly, an addiction to alcohol or drug can have a direct impact on your health. Many people who struggle with addiction have lingering stomach issues long after taking their last drink or drug. Exercising regularly can help improve your healthy digestive function, which can help you feel more comfortable and confident in yourself on a physical level.

Improve your mood

Did you know that working out can help you to feel better both physically and emotionally? Think about the last time you worked out. Did you feel less stressed and more relaxed by the end of your working out? Exercise can help to remove stressful emotions. In many cases, this can help you think more clearly after your workout, or you’re able to recognize that something that you were stressed out about wasn’t as big of a deal as you may have thought. The improvement in your mood can also help reduce the possibility of relapse because you will feel more clear-headed and focused on your goals for yourself and your sobriety.

Increased flexibility

As you begin to work out, you will see specific changes in your body. You will see an increase in muscle mass, and you will probably see the scale begin to move in the right direction. Also, you will notice that you are more flexible. This is particularly helpful to those in recovery because your addiction may have harmed certain body functions. Remember, the more consistently that you work out, the more you will see these tremendous changes.

A chance to connect with friends or family members

While it’s true that you can go on a hike on your own, planning an outdoor adventure or a group exercise is a beautiful way to reconnect with your loved ones. While family therapy can help you begin to make these connections, planning sober-friendly adventures can help you work out your relationship with them in new and different ways.

Hiking Trails for Residents of Anaheim

When you’re ready to venture out on your hiking experience, there are several hiking spots for Anaheim residents that you can try, such as:

Anaheim Coves

Anaheim Coves is one of the most popular hiking spots in the area. This hiking spot opens as early as 6:30 in the morning, so you can quickly go there for a hike, walk or run before your day starts. You can also opt to do something later in the day since this location is open until sundown. If you don’t prefer to hike that day, but you still want to enjoy some time outside, you can always bring your bike with you and pedal around some of the trails.

Anaheim Coves Trail, Anaheim, CA 92806


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Black Star Canyon Trail

Are you looking for a way to make your hike an activity that you can bring your furry friend along on your walk with you? Black Star Canyon Trail is the perfect place to go. This pet-friendly trail can challenge both you and your pet along the way. Certain parts of the course can be complex for little legs to navigate. Don’t worry, though. There are plenty of places where you can stop and take a break. It’s recommended that you leave the little ones at home if you want to go on this trail.

11893-12247 Black Star Canyon Rd, Silverado, CA 92676


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Top of the World

If you’re looking for the most scenic hiking spots for Anaheim residents, you have to go to the Top of the World hiking trail. One of the best things about this hiking trail isn’t only the majesty associated with the course but the fact that you can start your hiking journey as early as 5 AM. Don’t forget to bring your camera with you as you will surely want to commemorate your time at the top of the world! Better yet, this site stays open until 1 AM, which gives you more flexibility to go on a hike around your unique schedule and when you may need to get some fresh air the most.

W Ridge, Laguna Beach, CA 92651


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El Moderna Open Space

For the best hiking spots for Anaheim residents, El Moderna Open Space is the perfect place to go. This location features a quick and easy hiking trail that will give you the escape you need on even the most stressful days. This hiking trail is also an excellent option for kids that are new to the activity of hiking.

300 N. Canon Street, Orange, CA 92869


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