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What Does Benzo Withdrawal Really Look Like?

What Are Benzos?

Addiction is a serious disease that comes in many different shapes and forms. While many people struggle with the impact of alcoholism abuse, several other people also struggle with drug abuse in different ways. Although many people equate drug abuse to being addicted to an illegal substance, unfortunately, several people find that they take benzodiazepines, also known as a benzo, regularly for one medical reason or another. In fact, it’s estimated that doctors prescribe benzodiazepines to millions of people each year. Benzos patients are looking for help to handle a mental illness or another ailment better. For instance, it wouldn’t be outside the realm of possibility for a doctor to prescribe benzodiazepines to a patient that may have a general anxiety disorder, panic attacks, or sleep disorders. However, the issue with taking benzo is that it’s imperative that you only ever do so when you’re under the strict supervision of a doctor because this substance is highly addictive, which can lead to benzo withdrawal.

If you’ve come to a place where you’re struggling with an addiction to benzos, and you’re ready to tackle that addiction, you must partner with a recovery center that can walk you through the benzo rehab process. Benzodiazepine addiction is not something that should ever be taken lightly. There is a benzo rehab process that you should follow when it comes to the withdrawal and detox process and your overall treatment plan so that you can break free of benzodiazepine addiction once and for all. 

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Benzo Withdrawal Symptoms

Before committing to a substance abuse treatment program, you will likely need to go through benzo detox. The reason for this is that when you’re taking benzo, your body will become used to the drug being in your system. As a result, your body will go through a benzo withdrawal process as it begins to filter out this substance. There are several symptoms you may experience during your benzo detox. Some of the common symptoms include: 

  • Tremors 
  • Headaches 
  • Anxiety 
  • Sleeping problems 
  • Increased heart rate 
  • Nausea 
  • Seizures 
  • Irritability 
  • Depression 
  • Issues with concentration 

The Benzo Withdrawal Process and Timeline

On average, the benzo withdrawal process will last approximately seven days. Within six to 12 hours, depending on the severity of your addiction, you will begin to feel your initial withdrawal symptoms reasonably quickly, which is just one of the reasons why you should always reach out to a treatment team as soon as possible. Overall, you will experience the worst of your withdrawal symptoms during the first one to four days of your time in benzo detox. These symptoms could be potentially deadly, which is one of the leading reasons you should never attempt to independently work through the withdrawal process. Although detoxing at home may seem appealing because your thought is that you will be more comfortable, it could be potentially dangerous. 

Risk Factors of Benzo Withdrawal

There are several risk factors associated with detox from benzos. This is one of the leading reasons why it’s imperative that you are upfront and honest regarding the extent of your drug addictions when you initially reach out to any substance abuse facility. For example, if you have a more severe addiction, your withdrawal symptoms may set in faster, and they may also be much more potent than a person who has a less severe addiction. Another factor is the type of benzo that you’re addicted to. There are many different types of benzodiazepines including lorazepam, clonazepam, alprazolam and diazepam. It would be best if you told your intake team exactly how much of this substance you’re taking daily and how long you have been taking it so your treatment team can begin to put a plan together for you when going through benzo detox. 

Going to Drug Rehab for Benzodiazepine Abuse

Committing to a substance abuse treatment plan is one of the most significant decisions that you will make in your life. Finding the right recovery center is critical in your overall recovery journey. There are several questions that you may want to ask a treatment facility that you’re looking to partner with. Here are some examples of important information that you should know when you’re ready to get in touch with a top of the line treatment facility: 


Finances are often a leading concern among many people. Usually, a person doesn’t think that they will be able to commit to a treatment program because of the cost associated with the program. However, if you have private insurance, it’s possible that all if not most of your time in treatment could be covered through your insurance provider. A good rule of thumb is to ask the treatment facility whether or not they accept your insurance when you initially reach out. 


The location of your treatment facility is a crucial aspect of your overall recovery strategy. Many people don’t feel comfortable traveling further away from home where many other people realize that they are not in a good situation in the location that they are in. Therefore, they want to travel to a new location for treatment to focus on themselves and their care exclusively. Keep in mind that many top-rated facilities may have more than one location, so you may want to ask about that option when you connect with an intake team. 


It’s essential that you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to go to the treatment facility that you choose. You may want to take the time to write out a list of questions that you may have regarding the treatment process. If you decide to reach out to Muse Treatment Center, we will always take the time to address any of these concerns for you so you can begin your recovery with the peace of mind of knowing that you will be in excellent hands. 

Treatment Options For Benzo Addiction

Several treatment programs are offered through a top-rate treatment center to help you through your substance abuse. Once you have gone through the benzodiazepine withdrawal and detox process, you will have the opportunity to select a specific treatment plan that can help you tackle the real reasons you may have developed substance abuse. If you need to commit to a benzo detox, it may be in your best interest to seriously consider working through a residential treatment program. During a residential or inpatient treatment program, you will have the opportunity to live at the facility you choose and enjoy access and care from your treatment team around the clock. This specific treatment program offers one of the highest levels of care that a person may need when they are putting their life back together. Another advantage of this type of addiction treatment is that you will regularly interact with other clients at the treatment facility who are working their way through their own addiction treatment. 

However, some people cannot commit to residential treatment or an inpatient treatment plan due to their work or school schedule. If you fall into this category, you would be a prime candidate for outpatient rehab. Outpatient rehab is much more flexible in comparison to its inpatient rehab counterpart. During outpatient rehab, you will work closely with the team at your recovery center to develop a treatment plan around your unique work or school schedule. If you’re interested in outpatient rehab, you will need to make another decision: whether you are going to commit to an inpatient rehab program or a general outpatient treatment plan. The main difference between these two treatment options is the hourly commitment you will need to make to addiction treatment each week. An intensive outpatient program requires more responsibility than a general outpatient program. 

Drug Detox and Rehab For Benzo Addiction at Muse

If you’re interested in learning more about your options for drug detox or you’re ready to jump into the process of facing your benzo addiction, you can take comfort in the fact that the addiction experts at Muse Treatment Center are here to help you. We have helped a wide range of clients face their physical dependence on drugs and alcohol and guided them through the steps they need to take to live a healthier and more successful life. Get in touch with us today for more information at (800) 426-1818. Our intake team is always here, and we are always ready to help you. Don’t wait another day to reach out and take the steps you need to overcome your addiction once and for all. 

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