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What is Pink Coke?


Pink coke, also known as 2C-B is a dangerous drug that’s made up of a cocktail of ingredients that generally includes Ketamine and Ecstasy. Illegal and potentially deadly, pink coke is highly addictive. As a street drug, pink coke does sometimes include cocaine in its mix, but not always. Sometimes, drug producers even add opioids or other dangerous drugs to their mix. The drug looks like pink cocaine because of its strawberry flavoring and pink food coloring, which are added to enhance its ‘fun party image.’ Unfortunately, the reality of an addiction to pink coke is far from fun. 

At Muse Treatment, we treat all forms of substance addiction, including addictions to dangerous club drugs like pink coke. Our skilled addiction specialists treat illicit drug addictions, prescription drug addictions, and alcohol addiction. Since our drug rehab facility offers comprehensive treatment programming, we can meet clients wherever they are in the addiction recovery process. Muse Treatment features alcohol and drug addiction detox, inpatient treatment programs, outpatient treatment programs, and aftercare programming. Throughout the recovery journey, we can supply each client with the support level they need to achieve lasting addiction recovery. 

Muse Treatment has a reputation for individualizing treatment to suit the needs of each client. We also offer specialized treatments like dual diagnosis treatment and medication-assisted treatment. Clients will have access to a wide range of therapeutic options, including medically traditional treatments like various forms of psychotherapy, alternative therapies, and holistic treatments. Together, our therapeutic approaches target each aspect of the addiction, helping our clients build robust foundations for their recovery and healthy, drug-free lives. 

If you have an addiction to pink coke, cocaine, or any other substance, you can rely on the licensed clinicians at Muse Treatment for help. Our addiction rehab center in Los Angeles features a positive and welcoming environment where clients can immerse themselves in their recovery journey. With treatment, you can achieve the long-term recovery you crave. 


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Defining Pink Coke and Its Background

Pink coke has emerged as a popular club scene drug that gets its name from its resemblance to powder-form cocaine. This drug looks like cocaine that’s been colored pink. However, the drug typically is formed from Ketamine, a dangerous hallucinogenic drug, and MDMA, more popularly known as Ecstasy, a drug that causes a euphoric high. 

Drug makers dye the pink coke concoction a bright pink and lace it with strawberry flavoring in order to attract club-goers and partiers. Sometimes, they add other drugs like opioids or actual cocaine to the mix to create a more potent high for users. This potent drug, however, can be highly addictive. 

Moreover, users have no way of knowing what their batch of the drug actually contains as this is an illegal drug that is in no way regulated — or safe. People use this drug, also known as Tuci, at their own risk. Taking this drug is a risky prospect that can leave individuals in need of emergency medical care. Mixing pink coke with alcohol or other drugs can also heighten the risk of overdose.

The Composition of Pink Coke

Pink coke is made up of ketamine, MDMA, and additional ingredients like caffeine, strawberry flavoring, and food coloring, but it may even contain other additives depending on who makes it. Drug manufacturers may lace this chemical concoction with other ingredients to boost or change its typical effects. In some cases, drug makers may substitute cheaper ingredients, which allows them to use less of their more expensive ingredients. 

Drug users can expect to feel hallucinogen effects along with feelings of heightened pleasure or euphoria. They may experience symptoms such as:

  • Dilated pupils
  • More energy
  • Increased heart rate
  • An increase in sexual urges
  • Rise in body temperature

Taking too much of this drug can cause adverse health effects that require prompt medical treatment. Each person is different. A person’s unique chemistry can also impact how the drug is experienced. Taking other drugs with pink coke can have a dangerous effect on a person’s health.

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The Effects and Risks of Pink Coke

People who use this drug typically feel a euphoric high along with hallucinogenic effects. On the other hand, highs are not always pleasurable, depending on a person’s unique chemistry. This drug can cause overdose and substance addiction. Taking this drug is dangerous and potentially lethal. If you have developed a dependence on this drug, you should visit Muse Treatment for an evaluation of your condition. We can recommend the ideal treatment course for you.


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Pink Coke in Popular Culture and Media

Pink coke appears to be a pretty concoction with its bright pink coloring and cocaine-like appearance. Just as cocaine has featured heavily in film, pink coke is also emerging as a media darling. However, like other illicit drugs, it has a dark side that the media doesn’t seem concerned to portray. The ingredients in pink coke can be dangerous on their own. Together, they can be highly addictive and harmful to one’s physical and mental well-being. There is no safe amount to take. Pink coke is bad news and should be regarded as such. 

Legal Implications and Controversy Surrounding Pink Coke

Pink coke is an illegal drug. Although the drug may be easy to procure because of its prevalence in the club scenes throughout the country, it is an illicit drug. Making or selling the drug comes with steep legal penalties. Moreover, if you are caught selling the drug to an individual who overdoses and dies, you can be charged with manslaughter or worse. 

Addressing Pink Coke Abuse: Prevention and Treatment

The best way to avoid an addiction to this drug is not to use it. Pink coke, in its traditional mixture, contains addictive chemicals that can be deadly on their own. Together, these substances can cause a potent high but may also be deadly. 

If you have become dependent on or addicted to pink coke, you can get help at Muse Treatment. Our rehab center can help you develop the strategies you need to stop using this drug and prevent relapse after rehab. Muse Treatment is a renowned area addiction treatment center with years of experience treating substance use disorders. Our clinicians specialize in substance abuse treatment and can tailor treatment to suit your needs. 

Our treatment approaches target the physical, psychological, and behavioral aspects of the substance use disorder. We treat the mind, body, and spirit, helping people improve their health and lifestyle. It is possible to end your dependence on this drug or any other. Still, it’s always best to rely on an accredited treatment center like Muse Treatment where you’ll be in good hands and among caring clinicians who can help you manage your condition successfully.


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How Muse Treatment Addresses Substance Abuse, Including Pink Coke

Don’t wait to seek help for your pink coke addiction. The risk of overdose is ever present so long as you continue to abuse drugs. Muse Treatment’s clinicians can help you begin your recovery journey right away. Contact Muse Treatment Addiction Treatment Center online or call 800-426-1818 to learn more about our inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. We have a streamlined enrollment process and can help you get started right away. Let us help you put this drug in your past for good.

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