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What Is Rainbow Fentanyl? Things You Need to Know

What Is Rainbow Fentanyl?

In a sinister stroke of innovation, illegal fentanyl manufacturers have started producing brightly colored fentanyl pills and powders that have earned the nickname “rainbow fentanyl.” Drug enforcement agencies believe that the goal is to mimic popular party drugs like ecstasy — which also come in colorful pressed-pill form — in a deliberate effort to drive addiction among young adults.

The emergence of rainbow fentanyl has sparked a renewed effort by the DEA to stop trafficking this form of deadly synthetic opioid.

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What to Know About Rainbow Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid used to treat severe pain and chronic pain disorders that is 50-100 times more potent than heroin and morphine. Drug cartels and other illegal drug distributors have begun making their own fentanyl and lacing it with other addictive substances to cut costs and increase the addictive quality of their products. Fentanyl is incredibly dangerous when not carefully regulated by medical professionals and is responsible for the exponential increase in overdose and overdose deaths over the past few years.

Rainbow Fentanyl has not been manufactured to be “safer” than other forms of fentanyl. The risk of overdose from taking these colorful pills is just as high as encountering it in fentanyl-laced counterfeit pills or other illicit drugs. However, the DEA wants parents to know that rainbow fentanyl is adding to an already existing youth fentanyl overdose crisis, not creating it.

Adolescents aged 15-19 have already been impacted by fentanyl-laced cocaine and counterfeit pills like Percocet before rainbow fentanyl gained traction. The party-drug culture has created a sense of false security among teens and young adults who assume that because they are not attempting to use heroin or other “harder” illicit drugs, they are safe from fentanyl-laced products. This is not the case. Law enforcement has seized and found fentanyl in every form of illegal drug available on the market today.

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Rainbow Fentanyl

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