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Whole-Person Care: The Muse Treatment Approach to Addiction Treatment

What Is Whole-Person Care?

There is no such thing as too much help, and whole-person care does precisely that. The best way to summarize whole-person care is in the name itself, as it examines the entire spectrum of the person in question. When seeking treatment, this method takes into account the mind, the body, the psyche, and every other facet of the human condition. It treats the underlying issues and not just a single element of the problem. It goes by many names, including dual diagnosis treatment in the context of someone with a diagnosed substance use disorder and mental health disorder, as well as integrated health — but whatever you choose to call it, we have seen its tangible and positive results. It is a way to heal the mind, the body, and the soul simultaneously, and it is at the heart of any successful treatment modality.

It is a relatively new deviation from more traditional health models. At Muse Treatment, we are well aware that addiction is only a small part of the problem; it is a parasite that does not always function alone. There may be repressed traumas surrounding the use of a substance; there may be neurochemical imbalances that predispose someone to addictive inclinations. Thus, utilizing this approach is paramount to analyzing the underlying reasons behind substance abuse.

It also encloses a more holistic approach to treating the real issue. This often involves variations of alternative medicine, including meditation and yoga. We cannot promise you an easy journey, but we can pledge a well-designed treatment program that can and will help you under almost any circumstance you are facing. Whatever the substance or problem, we are here to guide you to a better place.


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The Benefits of Whole-Person Care in Addiction Treatment

Acting as a unique methodology that borrows aspects found throughout the psychological spectrum, whole-person care considers more than just one variable of the patient; it considers all factors behind the addiction in question. By assessing the entire human spectrum, one can experience enhanced physical health, improved mental health, and enriched patient satisfaction. Though a lack of empirical evidence behind its effectiveness exists, it has shown beneficial results for those in addiction treatment and throughout the recovery process.

Often noted for possessing a “generalist approach” (indicating that any given population can benefit from whole-person care), it has seen successes in those with terminal illnesses, cancer, and AIDS. As a forthcoming new treatment method extends beyond just addiction, it is inspiring to see that more and more of these dual diagnosis treatment centers and holistic treatment facilities emerge, and Muse Treatment is proud to be one of them. We house a fully functional dual diagnosis program that can help people. This comprehensive approach helps people treat both substance use disorders and underlying mental health conditions simultaneously, addressing the whole person and their unique needs and backgrounds rather than just treating addiction. In this light, it treats the disease of addiction by revealing noteworthy motivations behind its faceless grin, facilitating growth and further introspection that leads to a positive outcome.


Physical Health in Whole-Person Care

Exercise improves mental health, releases endorphins and sheds toxins, improves sleep, and allows for better coping mechanisms. At Muse Treatment, we emphasize this aspect of whole-person care in our framework, believing that your first task is to start working out, maintaining crucial, albeit vital, nutritional care, cultivating new relationships, getting help from professional and licensed therapists, and focusing on overall wellness with things like yoga. This is part of the whole-person care process: you are not committing to trial-and-error. We have years of experience in this and have seen many arrive and leave as entirely different people. This shows what we are doing and how we are doing it is working. If you’re wondering how nutrition and exercise can aid addiction recovery, we can show you how.


Mental and Emotional Health in Whole-Person Care

When someone abuses a substance, there is often a reason behind it. A co-occurring mental health disorder can be a contributing factor behind addiction — and it’s important to address both the addiction and mental health issues for the patient to have the best chance at a brighter future. Twenty-five percent of those with depression struggle with substance use disorder, for example, and addiction can even be genetic. These are just a few subtle reasons why we treat the whole person.

We all face stresses, moments of despair, and the like, but some do not have the proper support systems to maintain a drug-free lifestyle in their wake. At Muse Treatment, we utilize the above-mentioned integrated treatment approach, as well as a dual diagnosis program for co-occurring substance disorders. We incorporate cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and individual and group counseling sessions designed to teach healthier coping mechanisms even long after treatment.


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Social Health and Community Support

To succeed in life, one needs social and communal support. In this form of care, a supportive network of positive relationships can provide emotional guidance, thus reducing stress and improving mood, leading to a better life. Other assets we often overlook, such as motivation and accountability, play a crucial role in providing a reason to a) avoid substance abuse in the first place and b) prevent it from reoccurring. When we lack motivation, we lack purpose, and substance abuse is almost the definition of having no purpose or meaning in life.

At Muse Treatment, we offer a range of group therapy sessions, family-oriented therapy (where families cooperate with the person in treatment to understand and address family dynamics and support structures), and peer support networks that provide guidance and someone to talk to. We know how important family involvement truly is in addiction recovery. The ability to talk your problems out with somebody else — whether a neutral party or a best friend — is an underrated part of everyday life and is necessary for the success of one’s recovery.


Personalized Treatment Plans

We understand how daunting and frightening the process of seeking help for addiction can be. That is why we ensure that each patient is given the best care possible as we develop an individualized treatment plan. The first phase of the treatment process involves a directive analysis that considers every possible variable needed for treatment. We assess what types of treatment must occur. This includes both short- and long-term goal setting, education, and support. These plans encompass the underlying strategy behind treating the patient, allowing us (and the patient) to understand the next step.


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Integrating Whole-Person Care with Evidence-Based Therapies

Whole-person care is just one aspect of the overall addiction treatment program. We know that everyone is different, and thus, every aspect of treatment is unique to the individual. We empower our patients with an evidence-based treatment program that goes hand-in-hand with whole-person care, where expression and the development of healthy, self-oriented relationships work in tangent with the integrated modality. Aftercare facilitates continued growth; if a treatment works, it furthers this process. Lastly, realizing interests and goals in life and therapy are fostered, creating an envelope of self-healing and growth.


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