Josh Chandler | October 17, 2022

Why Do People Sweat During Opioid Withdrawal?

What Causes Cold Sweats During Opioid Withdrawal?

When you’re under the influence of opioids, your body goes into somewhat overdrive. As a result, a person in active addiction may sometimes experience increased body temperature. When the effects of opioids begin to wear off, it’s not uncommon for a person to sweat. The body does this because it tries to adjust to a normal body temperature. For example, when you’re sick and running a fever, it’s not uncommon for you to sweat as the fever starts to break. The same premise is in place regarding your body adjusting to the lack of opioids in your system.

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Other Symptoms of Opioid Withdrawal

Over and above sweating, several other symptoms are associated with opioid withdrawal. Here are some additional examples of other opioid withdrawal symptoms that you may experience during the detox process:

  • Cravings
  • Shaking
  • Breathing problems
  • Stomach issues
  • Seizures

Medication-assisted treatment is something that we offer at Muse Treatment Center. Medication-assisted treatment, also known as MAT, is a treatment process that can help you navigate the withdrawal symptoms you may experience less traumatic manner. Through utilizing these medications, you will be able to continue to remain focused on the overall goals that you may have when it comes to your overall recovery.

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How to Cope With Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

The safest way to go through the opioid withdrawal process is to work with an addiction treatment facility offering detox services. This is because a detox facility will provide you with the care and support you need as you work through the withdrawal symptoms you may experience. A potentially fatal mistake that many people make is to attempt to go through the withdrawal process at home. Although taking this step is something that may make you feel more comfortable initially, the reality is that when you’re not under proper care, there is a greater chance that you could suffer from severe consequences.

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Safe Opioid Detox at Muse Treatment Center

At Muse Addiction Treatment Center, we focus on providing our clients with the safe environment they need as they go through the detox process. Our detox program lasts roughly seven days, during which you will receive the around-the-clock care and consideration you need. Our team is available around the clock to provide you with the guidance you need during these urgent times. We encourage you to get in touch with us as soon as possible to ensure you have the help you require.

Remember that opioid detox is not the end all be all when it comes to your recovery. Part of the reason so many clients collaborate with Muse Treatment Center is that besides our medical detox program, we also offer treatment programs that will help you physically and psychologically overcome your substance abuse. These plans include both inpatient as well as outpatient care. Inpatient clients will have the opportunity to live on our campus and have continuous care from our treatment team, while outpatient program clients will have more flexibility. Outpatient care is an ideal option for a person who may have work or school responsibilities or doesn’t feel comfortable with the premise of inpatient treatment and care. For more information about our opioid detox or the opioid withdrawal process, please get in touch with our intake team by calling (800) 426-1818 today.

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Josh Chandler
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