August 12, 2021

California Alcohol Rehab While Still Going to Work

Find the Best Alcohol Rehab Program in California

Countless people reach out to us every day who are under the impression that they cannot commit to a treatment program because they need to work. However, when you partner with the Muse Treatment Center to develop a recovery plan, we will allow you to attend our alcohol rehab while still going to work and receiving addiction treatment.

As one of the best alcohol rehabs in California, our team consistently goes above and beyond to ensure you can manage both of these critical factors in your life. We work closely with you to make any adjustments to your treatment plan to truly make the most out of your time with us and achieve the goals you have for yourself and your sobriety.

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Can I Attend Alcohol Rehab While Still Going to Work?

One of the leading questions that we receive from clients thinking about coming to Muse Treatment Center to address their alcohol addiction is, “Can I attend alcohol rehab while still going to work?”

When you collaborate with the Muse team, the answer is absolutely. We recognize that many of our clients need to work to maintain their income and overall lifestyle. The premise of recovery is that you are supposed to heal and grow as a sober individual, and part of that process is being able to maintain your job. This is why we developed several outpatient treatment programs that can help you to do just that.

What Is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

One of the reasons many of our clients decide to enroll in our outpatient program is its flexibility. You have the opportunity to work or see to other responsibilities while still focusing on healing from the impact of addiction. Your treatment plan can last anywhere between 30 and 90 days, with the opportunity to extend it at any time.

The Importance of Professional Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

It’s critical to remember that overcoming your addiction to alcohol is not something you need to do alone. While we will always encourage you to attend 12-step meetings outside of the time that you are in treatment, we also recommend that you learn and rely on the guidance insight from our team of addiction professionals. Our team will teach more about the disease of addiction and what steps you can take to maintain your sobriety for the rest of your life.

Alcohol Detox, the First Step Before Rehab

While you may feel as though you want to jump right into your recovery program, depending on your substance of choice as well as the severity of your addiction, you may first need to work through a detox program. The reason for this is that within just a few hours of the time that you take your last drink, you may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms that could render you unable to care for yourself. It’s essential to keep in mind that withdrawal symptoms can also be potentially deadly and are highly unpredictable, so you must never attempt to detox unless you are under the care of a trained medical professional.

Benefits of Alcohol Rehab at Muse Treatment

With years of experience as addiction experts, the Muse Treatment Center team understands the chaos that is often associated with addiction. However, when you decide to work with the Muse team, you can rest assured that you will receive the individualized care you need to overcome your alcohol addiction.

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