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In a world awash in addictive substances, alcohol is an unusual case in more ways than one. Unlike cocaine and heroin, alcohol is perfectly legal, and no one will face arrest as they go down to the local liquor store. Unlike meth and PCP, the use of alcohol is not frowned on, and in some circles, its use is even encouraged. And far from illicit, alcohol is widely advertised – on billboards, on full-page magazine spreads, and even on prominent websites and social media channels.

It would literally be impossible for residents of Anaheim and the surrounding area to get away from the enormous shadow alcohol casts in their lives, and that can be a huge problem for those experiencing alcoholism and other forms of alcohol use disorder. If you are struggling to get sober and want to stop drinking once and for all, you know how difficult the process can be, but you do not have to walk that path alone.


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Alcohol maybe everywhere, but so is the help you need to stop drinking and regain your lost sobriety. If you are dedicated to living a sober life, Muse Treatment Center is here to help – with the best outpatient alcohol rehab program in the area. When you work with us, you will be fully supported every step along the way, giving you the strength, the health, and the coping skills you will need to return back home with confidence.

Anaheim Alcohol Rehab Facility

What Is Alcohol Rehab Like?

If you have been drinking to excess for many years and are concerned your drinking has crossed the line into alcoholism, you may have tried to get sober on your own a time or two. Maybe you have even been successful for a few weeks, or a few months, only to fall off the wagon and back into alcohol dependency.

These failed attempts at getting sober are all too common among those who suffer from alcohol dependency and breaking that cycle of temporary success and seemingly permanent failure can be a difficult thing to do. That is why it is so important to work with professionals when you struggle with sobriety, and that help is exactly what you will enjoy when you work with Muse Treatment Center.

We will develop a course of alcohol rehab just for you, one that is based on your history with alcohol and other drugs, your previous attempts to get sober, and a host of other factors. Your journey to a better life begins with a single phone call, and we urge you to pick up the phone today and take the first step toward lasting recovery.

What to Expect During Rehab?

Not knowing what to expect can be a bit scary, and we understand that you may not know what to expect as you begin your journey to sobriety with Muse Treatment Center. That is why we work hard to provide you with all the information you need, so you can take this essential first step with confidence.

Your journey to sobriety will begin with a thorough evaluation, one that will help us understand where you are coming from, one that will assess your physical and emotional health, and one that will ready us, and you for the rest of the process.

Through it all, you will be supported by our caring staff, including our onsite medical team. You will also have access to additional support, including top-quality nutritional, detox services if you need them, and full coordination with 12-step programs that operate in the Anaheim area and the surrounding region. Our goal is your sobriety, and when you succeed we succeed.

How Long Is Alcohol Rehab?

The decision to go into alcohol rehab can seem like a monumental one, and in the end, it could prove pivotal to your future. But as you get ready to take the first step toward a sober life, you may have a number of questions, beginning with how long the process will last and what you can expect as you begin.

At Muse Treatment Center, we do not believe that there is a one size fits all approach to alcohol rehab, and that is why we design a protocol designed for every Anaheim area client we work with. Depending on your situation, the severity of your alcohol dependency, and a host of other factors, we will determine how long you might need to stay with us and what you will need to do to support your sobriety when you go back home.

We offer alcohol rehab options that are as short as 30 days, providing an affordable alternative to get your sobriety off to a great start. We also offer 60 and 90 days options, so you can stay longer and learn even better-coping skills as you move forward. But no matter which option you choose, we will work with you to make your stay as comfortable, and as affordable, as possible. We work with hundreds of insurance companies throughout the country, and that probably includes the plan you are already paying for. We do not want anything to stand in the way of your sobriety, and we look forward to working with you today.

Why Choose Muse for Alcohol Rehab

At Muse Treatment Center, we know that we are not the only alcohol rehab facility around, and we know that Anaheim area residents have a number of choices when it is time to get sober and put their drinking problems in the rearview mirror. If you are ready to get the help you need, however, we are ready to help, and we are ready to demonstrate the Muse Treatment difference.

That difference begins with our onsite medical team, continues with our professional counselors and strong aftercare, and concludes with our integration with 12-step programs and other programs in the outside world. Your journey to sobriety is our only business, and your personal path to recovery begins with a phone call to Muse Treatment Center.                  

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